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  1. katieblue

    Seasonal foods!!

    Karen, this pumpkin curry looks like it could be compliant if you switched out the butter for ghee or coconut oil! (PS, such a fabulous idea, pumpkin curry is AMAZING). Loen, hang in there. It's just one fall season. When your 30 days are over, you could always make your own pumpkin-y, apple-y, fall foods if you so choose to. But you chose to commit to this and you totally owe it to yourself to see it through. I know the temptation can be hard, but take it from someone who used to be in the same place as you - I was a PSL junkie and would always bake all kinds of apple cider donuts and pumpkin loaves etc. But I'm not on the Whole 30 currently, although I have gone through three of them, and the only thing I have had all season is one small apple cider. Everything else just isn't tempting anymore; you can do so many compliant and healthy things with pumpkin/apples/fall flavors that I don't even think it's "worth it" to eat most of those foods. You will be in such a better place to make a decision about whether it's worth it for you or not if you stick it out for 30 days. Hang in there!!
  2. katieblue

    Your 2 Favorite/most used Condiments?

    This ketchup! I eat, like, a cup of it every time I have a burger or baked "fries". It's amazeballs. Also, this BBQ sauce. I've made it with peaches, blueberries, and strawberries, and it's fabulous every time! It's great on ribs and chicken. Obviously, I don't use the honey, and I sometimes add some cinnamon, allspice, and/or chopped dates to change up the flavor a little. I also only use maybe 1/4 the onion and garlic because it can get really overpowering! Both of them take a little time to make, but I just double the recipe and keep them in mason jars for 2-3 weeks until I eat them all!
  3. katieblue

    Non-Food Rewards?

    Definitely second the spa day! I gave myself a mani/pedi treat, and also some new tank tops to show off my Whole30 arms!
  4. katieblue

    Kombucha Observations

    Definitely worth experimenting with (and you do recall correctly - some FODMAPS definitely get my tummy agitated). Thank you, as always, for the advice.
  5. katieblue

    Kombucha Observations

    Could definitely be possible! I feel like I am sensitive to fruits but I also am not sure how much of that is psychological "bad girl don't eat sweet things" nonsense. It was just very interesting to me to see such a drastic change!
  6. katieblue

    Kombucha Observations

    It does have fruit added, sometimes, depending on the kind I get. Always make sure there's no added sugar. MeadowLily, I'm not sure I'm following you, I'm sorry!
  7. I discovered kombucha during my second Whole30 back in April, and had been having an 8oz serving each morning with breakfast since then (because it's amazing, and was totally helping with bathroom regularity - sorry if TMI! :)). Anyway, since that time, I have gained a fair amount of weight, despite a third Whole30 that closed out in mid-July and eating generally compliant (save the occasional salad dressing or condiment with some sugar - avoided legumes, soy, wheat/grains, and dairy like the plague). I stopped the kombucha a few days ago because I ran out of it, and didn't have the money to restock on it quite yet. But I've noticed that since that time (less than a week) I have a lot less bloating and my body looks a lot more defined, I get hungry by lunchtime (which I hadn't been, even when eating breakfast at 7:30 and not having lunch break until 1pm). I never noticed a conscious discomfort from drinking kombucha, but I'm wondering if there might be a reason for the change?
  8. Ahh, Jenarra, that's awesome, I'm so proud of you!! Isn't that such a great feeling!? Congratulations, everyone, we completed a Whole30!!! How about listing some NSV's?!
  9. Congratulations, TripleG!! Do you have other NSV's?! I'm a huge Bryan Cranston fan, too, I'll have to put that one on my list for when I'm not a student anymore and have time to watch movies. As for the rest of us -- it's our last day!!!! How are we all feeling?!
  10. Jenarra, way to go passing up the bagels!! I feel like once we hit this point, it's always easier to ignore the cravings because we are SO close, it just wouldn't be worth screwing it up this late in the game! We deserve to go all the way through. TripleG, congratulations on completing your Whole30!!! Don't stress too much over your decision to continue or to take up that promotional offer; if you go off the rails and decide you don't feel good, you can ALWAYS jump back on the Whole30 train. (I've done 3 in 6 months!) It's all just about choices and knowing that YOU are in control, not the food!
  11. Ahh you're so close to being done!!! How awesome!! As far as reintroductions go, I have botched them both times I did this in the past by eating too many new foods in one day to determine just what made me feel crappy. Make sure to just take it one thing at a time. Plan to reintroduce one of the food groups that you took out with each meal on one day, and then give it two or three days to see how you feel after that before reintroducing another. Don't do like I did and have a piece of carrot cake on Easter that had sugar, grains and dairy, or BBQ sauce that had soy, wheat, and sugar, or go out anywhere that you don't know what's in the food still! Just be patient. DAY 26 - 5 MORE DAYS!! How is everyone doing?!
  12. I actually have today as Day 25 - did I miscount somewhere? That would mean that Friday will be our last day, not Saturday. I can definitely understand the desire for some more variety - Rob and I were trying to go out to dinner the other night, but our options were limited to the one Paleo restaurant near our house or Chipotle. I don't mind eating the same few things over and over, especially since being in school I don't have much time or energy to seek out and experiment with new recipes right now. But I do miss trying new and exciting things sometimes. My first round of Whole30 I found so many awesome recipes, though, so I don't think you need to have food boredom - there is plenty of opportunity to try new things if you want! But it could definitely be hard to get a 15-year-old on board. I honestly think it's totally up to you. Some of us think that we can just have a small bite of things occasionally, but then find out that we really don't have as much control as we thought we did. I know I'm an abstainer, not a moderator - I don't understand the meaning of "just one bite". One always turns into two, three, seven, etc. and I get out of control really fast. I do better just saying, "No thank you." But some people do well with just having small amounts. But the thing is, you're thinking about this in a great way. You have the perspective that you are in control and you are able to make choices and it's entirely up to you - and that's really the "food freedom" that the Whole30 is about!
  13. Jenarra, nice to hear from you!! I’m so happy to hear that you’re feeling so good and thinking of going for longer than the 30 days! Good for you! Libby, that all sounds absolutely amazing!! And way to go for staying strong in the face of that cake – it can definitely be hard, especially in the first round before I realized how crappy I would feel once I ate cake again! And the smell is the hardest part! I think you’ll be glad that you do the reintros and discover what are triggers for you, to be honest. You could always go back on a Whole30 again if you find yourself feeling bad (clearly, I am in favor of this, as I’m on my third! Lol). TripleG, it’s so funny you mention cheese, because my boyfriend and I did the first Whole30 together and we both agreed we missed cheese more than any other food, and it was the first thing we reintro’d! He eats it now still, but I got serious bubble guts from it and really don’t miss it at all anymore, except occasionally I will wish I could have some on a burger. But when we make things like tacos or salads, I no longer want to pile on the cheddar or feta or anything. I hope that you don’t have a bubble gut reaction to dairy like I did! I’m proud of you for handling the holiday weekend parties so well! I’ve found that social gatherings are always the most challenging parts of being in a Whole30. We went to a baby shower last weekend that was catered by our local MexiCali chain and it was sssooo hard to sit there and smell it but not have any! But it feels like such a victory when you get through it! I’m the baker in my family and friends, too, and I have made several rounds of baked goods while Whole30ing – and that’s hard, too, if you know you’re damn good at it and it would totally be delicious! But, you can always make another one if you want to – only I think you will find that you don’t always want to so badly anymore! You all rock.
  14. katieblue

    Can fruit make you depressed?

    Thank you, ladies. I really appreciate your insight. I'm on my third round of Whole30 in a continued attempt to fix my relationship with food - looks like I still have a ways to go in understanding how to be kind to myself. But I won't give up!
  15. katieblue

    Can fruit make you depressed?

    There might be something to that, for sure. I know I don't "need" fruit, so it's definitely possible I'm being hard on myself for eating it as it's unnecessary.