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    Hey everyone!! Here's a board to keep us all together now that we've completed our Whole 30 together!
    Let the reintro/not reintro/continuations/whatever begin!
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    Hey Wendy, I'm sooo sorry I've been gone so long! It's been crazy... Rob and I broke up, and I've been moving my stuff out of the house and into my dad's, and it's just been so chaotic.
    On the bright side, yes, I did start the new job, and it is amazing!! I'm so excited to finally be a children's librarian!!
    I'm so happy your conference went well, too!! I hope everything else is going well for you, and for all the other fabulous ladies who may read this. xoxo
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    Well, my post-conference with my principal went SO much better than I had even hoped for!   I got an "accomplished" rating, which is the best (!), and he had lots of wonderful comments.  What a huge relief!  I am so relieved and it's so nice to feel validated that my administrator thinks I'm doing an excellent job.  I tend to have a lot of self-doubt.  I know how hard I work, but it's easy to feel unappreciated and depressed when you don't see immediate results with your students.  I'll just keep plucking away, doing my best daily, and hope that I continue to see improvement in their effort, attitude, and of course, their test scores. 
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    Thank you so much!!! I'm so excited too!!! I feel like such an adult!!! And so cool to know I'm starting on an already good day! I have a friend who has that birthday as well! So fabulous.
    Actually, regarding nailing the interview, I think I must have!! I thought, since I had worked in the department before, that I would have a leg up because they would know me already. But I found out from my new/old supervisor that they actually didn't have the final decision.  They could make a recommendation, but it was actually the person from administration who had interviewed me who made the final choice. So I really did well!! My first interview and I don't even have my degree yet and I got it!! I don't think I've ever felt so proud of myself!!
    I think the kitchen SHOULD be mostly done today and we can start getting back to normal living. We have a house appraisal today that Rob has been banging out all the work for, and he should at least be able to breathe once that's over.
    I'm so sorry that you've been stressed! My parents all work in the school system and they ALWAYS seem stressed by it. People ask me if I want to be an academic librarian and I always say no thank you! It sounds like NO fun at all. I have a lot of respect for people who care enough to do that kind of work anyway in spite of all the politics and stress. I really hope that you don't cry after your conference. It's so frustrating to not have anything to go off of!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
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    I am doing MUCH better, thank you! I made it to the gym (on lighter activity) twice this week, and I feel like I'm getting better! Which is good, because I also feel like I'm getting squishy from eating and not exercising! Lol. The weather getting colder definitely makes it difficult to get out there for walks - it's just so miserable when your skin hurts in the winter from the freezing air!
    That's awesome that you were able to sleep better!! And the difference in sweet tolerance is one of the things I totally love. I used to have SUCH a sweet tooth, but now it's like this crazy insane sensory overload when I eat something sweet. I had teriyaki sauce on chicken last night and was like, "this is like pure sugar!"
    And so happy to hear that you had fun with your friends!! It's definitely difficult to spread out as we all grow up and start our own lives in different places... I'm just starting to experience this myself and I feel lonely sometimes. But we will always be surrogate mom/daughter as far as I'm concerned! Do you have a Facebook? I just had to reactivate mine after not having it for a while.
    Also, I have SUCH exciting news -- I Have my first interview for a librarian position on Monday!!!
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    Congratulations!!! Wow, I can't believe you finished it already! It seems like you JUST started! Did you have any NSV's this time around?
    I can imagine wine was necessary for the debate, I couldn't bring myself to even TRY and stomach it! Lol!
    That is amazing that Larry has seen such enormous results!! Congratulations to him on the significant improvements, and also to you for being in good condition as well!! If nothing else, Rob and I have agreed that the Whole30 has definitely taught us a lot about our relationship with food and how it affects how we feel and everything. I've still actually only gained weight since beginning it, but I think part of this is just eating a reasonable, human amount of food rather than restricting and forcing myself to stay skinny. I'm starting to accept that I'm just not built to be "skinny" and I would have to literally starve myself to stay that way.
    Haha, I would go CRAZY if I had to procrastinate!! I am working on the last of my giant projects for this quarter already; I always have to work ahead of schedule because I just can't relax unless I know all my work is done! If there is still work, it will always be in the back of my head nagging at me.
    Thanks for asking about my groin! Lol! I am slowly, slowly, slowly improving, but I feel like I have to keep taking ibuprofen each night or it doesn't actually get better. I'm able to walk without limping sometimes now, but I haven't been able to really work out yet, and it's driving me crazy. I miss it so much and I can feel myself getting squishy!! Ugh. I had to skip the gym again today and my weekends were always a little more lax, because I'd go to the gym for like two hours, and not worry so much about calories and how much I'm eating because I knew I burned a lot. But now I have to be just as uptight with my food on weekends as I do during the week, and I think that was something Whole30 had tried to break me out of. Sadly, old habits die hard.
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    I did some googling and I can definitely see the difference between satin paint and regular flat paint! I bet it looks pretty! What do you have planned for the bedrooms?
    We have not started the kitchen remodel just yet, but we are in the prep stages, and there are counters and cabinets in boxes all over the house. I'll definitely have to show some before/after pictures because (Rob's been doing all the planning) I think it's going to be an AMAZING transformation. I'm super anxious about not having a kitchen for a few days, but luckily two of the four days where we will be without a stove/burners are the weekend so I can always pop over to my dad's to make myself breakfast and lunch. For the other ones, I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'll have to get a little more comfortable winging it. It'll probably be good for me, really, to let go a little bit! Lol. Of course, I better be able to exercise by then, so I don't have to worry too much about what I'm eating...
    Speaking of, though, thank you for asking - today is the first day I am able to walk again without pain!!! I still can't bend down or lift anything too heavy, but at least I can walk! I worked out my arms today because I was going insane but I didn't do any core stuff and so far, it's not gotten any worse, so hopefully I was able to figure out a way I can exercise at least a little without involving the stupid groin tendons/muscles/nonsense. And maybe soon I can go for at least some light walks, if I can't do my powerwalking/jogging, at least it's something. I'm being careful not to push it though, I don't want to make it worse. Not being able to walk was AWFUL, I felt so incredibly useless.
    Haha, it was 46 degrees outside this morning, and it was SO crowded when I went to the beach to watch the sunrise again! So apparently a lot of people have the same idea as you and me and just get bundled up and go! I think if I could be walking the boardwalk I would be more willing to go when it gets really cold, but just standing there I was freeeeezing.
    I hope you were able to finish your school project!!
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    The painting turned out really well, though I kind of wish I had gone with a slightly darker version of the same color.  I'll try to post some pics soon, though I am not good at that kind of technologically advanced stuff (lol).  Satin paint has a very slight gloss to it, and is recommended for high traffic rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, and living/family rooms. Our house had flat paint throughout when my husband bought it, and flat paint does not wear well with kids, pets, etc.  It is very unforgiving as it does not clean well.  We have slowly tried to transition to the satin paint as we have painted the halls, kitchen and bathrooms in the past year.  Now that the living room is done, next up are the bedrooms.  
    How is the kitchen remodel going?  That's exciting!  You need to post some pics, too! Good job on getting lots of homework done!  How is your injury healing?  I loved your video!   That looks so gorgeous!!! I'm so jealous that you live close enough to the ocean to enjoy it whenever you want.  I would totally visit it year-round.  I'd be out there in my winter coat and boots walking whenever I could!  
       I finally started on the school project I've been putting off for the last month!  (It's due Thursday).  Now that I have a good chunk of it done, I'm going to go for a walk with my dog, then try to finish it up this afternoon before going to the band competition.  
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    You will have to share pictures when you're all done! I would love to know what the final product looks like. I don't actually know the difference between flat and satin paint. Although Rob probably does, as he's been all about home improvement since he started working on the kitchen remodel! Lol!
    Redoing the bedroom sounds super awesome, too!! (Especially the new mattress part... *dreamy sigh*)
    I definitely have been using this time to work on homework! I have two more major projects to do this quarter and I've been chipping away at them the past two days. Unfortunately I am at a point where I have to just wait for my ILL requests to come in so I can read some more articles before I continue, so maybe that will force me to actually relax. Also I went to the beach and watched the sunrise the last two mornings and that was kind of amazing. I froze my fingers off this morning, but it was worth it! I took a video so I can listen to the ocean when I feel stressed out and see if it will calm me down! I don't think there's anything more relaxing than being alone in front of the ocean and just listening to the waves.
    Good luck with the school project! (I know how they go).
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    I'm trying to decide between a few colors, "Autumn Blush, Artisan Tea, Sienna Dust, or Pumpkin Seed,"  all neutral tannish colors from Behr.  The wall is already a similar color, but it is flat paint, and we want satin paint, and I want it slightly warmer looking, if that makes sense.  I love painting, too. We already got new furniture in the living room a while ago, so this is just the finishing touch.   Next we are going to redo our bedroom, which excites me more, since we'll be getting a new mattress and comforter, and painting the walls, and finally putting up some paintings I inherited from my mom.  That will probably be a Christmas break project.  
    Sorry to hear you hurt yourself working out!  That's a bummer.  At least you can hopefully catch up on homework?  It was a little chilly for my walk this morning (55 degrees), but now it's sunny and 60's so hopefully I'll get a walk in later before it gets dark.  
    Well, I should be doing a school project I keep putting off (I keep finding other things to do like look at paint colors and do laundry!) 
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    Ooh, what color are you painting? That's exciting to me, I love painting, and changing things up around the house.
    Is it still warm down by you for those walks, or is it getting chilly? It's actually gorgeous out today by me, I think it's hit 70!
    I hope your daughter kills it in the competition!!
    I can't believe you're almost done with the Whole30 already! It feels like you just started! But I guess like you pointed out, this season always flies by really quickly. (I'm happy about it, though, as I'm on Week 4 of this gnarly quarter already!)
    Also, I think it's amazing that you are able to see your best friends annually like that! I can't imagine how much things must change over time, and it's so important to make time for seeing friends. Especially the kind where you can just pick up right where you left off!
    You know, I didn't beat myself up, per se, but I did go too hard at the gym while trying to work them off. So I've now pulled a groin muscle, and I'm not allowed to go to work presently because I have to baby it. And forget working out. So I am just lazing around doing as much homework as my tired brain can manage so I can take advantage of the extra time when I would have been working. But good lord, this is so frustrating!!
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    Ooooh, lucky you having the four-day weekend! That's awesome! Do you have anything planned, or just taking it easy and relaxing? 
    I'm trying to get a better attitude about that self-control. I so often feel like I have to not partake in food at all to have control, because it's a domino effect. Just last night, we went out with my dad and stepmom and we got this massive plate of nachos and I ate sssooo many, I'm literally still full now waking up the next day. I'm about to go to the gym and run for like an hour to try and work them off because I feel so crummy. I know it was all the cheese; I know what dairy does to me, but nachos are my weakness. I went into it thinking, "It's fine, I'll just have a few" but before I knew it I'd eaten like half the plate! And then once I was through with that I kept on eating, I was going for my boyfriend's fries, my stepmom's chips, etc. because I was just in that zone. It totally felt like I was out of control, whereas if I had just said no, thank you, to the nachos, I would have been fine. I'm now trying not to beat myself up TOO badly... Lol. 
    I do feel bad that you have that chocolate sensitivity, but it's probably not too awful, all things considered! Lol! At least you can still have your pumpkin! Speaking of, we tried that paleo PSL recipe on Sunday and you're right, it was SO yummy! I've actually found that many paleo/healthier desserts are actually incredibly good, and actually have some nutritional value to boot!
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    Hey Ramonax!
    So happy to hear from you again!! 
    However, not so happy to hear you went off the tracks. I'm sorry you had a hard time with the W30 restrictions. But it's excellent that you've found a nutrition coach and haven't given up! Best of luck to you in figuring out what works for you. We'll be thinking of you. <3
    Wendy, wow, if that PSL was that good, I may have to make one for myself!! In fact, it might be a really great thing for today, since it's so yucky and rainy out! Decaf coffee, though, or I'll be up all night.
    It sounds like you've got a really good handle on things, too, and your decisions are conscious rather than cravings that control you, which I think is ultimately the end goal. Did you start reading Food Freedom Forever yet? I didn't get a chance to yesterday, but I hope that I can finish my homework in time today!
    I am SO jealous that Larry doesn't have a sweet tooth - I just don't understand that, and I wish it was the case for me! How easy would life be if you were just 'meh' about sugar!? Like to be able to say, "No thank you"  to a dessert?? I think the guilt is also a HUGE factor. Sugary things and desserts generally have little to no nutritional value, so I know so many of us feel 'bad' about eating it, and I think that stress weighs on us sometimes worse than any physical effects. 
    I think I want to expand on my food, I want to stop fearing it and feeling bad about eating things. I'm not saying I want to eat cake every day, but I want to be able to say, hey, I think I want some sliced up pear on my salad today, and not have to freak out because I'm scared that I'm going to want more, more, more. And maybe then when I do have a piece of cake or something, it won't be such a big deal and make me feel like I have to keep shoveling it in my mouth, because it won't be like, "Well, this is the ONE TIME you get to have this then you have to go back to boring food." I don't consciously get food boredom, but I think there must be some level of subconscious, because I still find myself wanting things I don't normally have. 
    Of course, I'll still stay away from gluten and dairy, because I know both of those make me feel awful... 
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    That's okay that it's 10 years away, because I have to work for a while and get my feet under me anyway, so we'll reconvene in a decade and see where we're at!
    Hmm, I'm sorry you're still in the food rut, but to me it seems like, if you're still craving it, that's probably a good reason to stay away from it! That sugar dragon is so connected to carbs, it's unreal. And they say the only way to put it to sleep is not to feed it! Are you eating enough starchy veggies? Now is a great time for them, I understand, you can do things besides sweet potatoes like regular potatoes, turnips, beets, parsnips, carrots - all excellent Fall veggies! I totally hear you on not having the energy to cook, though. We made two big dinners last weekend and restocked the freezer and now this weekend I'm like, "No. No cooking. I'm done. We are grilling burgers and nuking steam-in-the-bag broccoli." It's very tiring, especially when you're so busy! And I believe no matter if you're a student or a teacher, school is just something that really sucks all the time and energy out of your day. 
    I got a copy of Food Freedom Forever, too!! I'm really hoping to have some time after I get done with homework today or tomorrow to read a little of it, because I do the same thing as you! Food isn't a reward; we aren't dogs! We're people! And putting some junk into our bodies might be really awesome on our tongues for a few minutes, but it's so not good for the rest of our bodies a few moments later. But there's a serious metal training there that totally gets in the way. One thing that helps me to remember when I get frustrated is that it's NOT our fault. Society has shaped us to think the way we do. Now it's up to us to build a healthy relationship with food, however we want that to look.
    Interestingly, I saw another nutritionist on Monday evening. She specializes in eating disorders, and my sister saw her for several years while she struggled with one, and my therapist suggested that perhaps I should see her as well because she might be better suited to help someone who thinks the way I do than a traditional nutritionist. She really seemed to 'get' it, and she completely disagreed with the Whole30. She thinks that while in concept it might work for some people, it's dangerous for others because it's so restrictive (I did tell her that they do specifically address eating disorders and for the individual to decide if this program is right for them or not). But she thinks that we all have an intuitive sense of what food we want and what is enough for us, and that by eliminating foods completely, we are stifling that intuition. She thinks we should totally be able to have some sweet things or dessert and know when we're good, and that she anticipates many people binge after such serious restriction. She said she would personally get really bored eating the way that I do! So I guess she would empathize with you, Wendy! I just thought it was fascinating to hear a seasoned professional's take on it, and I'm still processing what she said. She suggested that if I decide to work with her (I just had a consultation), she would want to challenge me to incorporate more sweet (not necessarily unhealthy) things and vary my diet more and feel safer and more in control of my choices that way, rather than by restricting. 
    Thank you so much for the support!! I can't wait to get out of the job I'm in and get into one that I will love!!
    You're right; this quarter is definitely going quickly, THANK GOD. Probably because there is just so much business going on with holidays coming up and all of that. I'm already starting to think about what I can make us for Halloween (last year I did pancakes in ghost shapes with chocolate chips for the faces for breakfast, sweet potato chili for lunch, and sloppy-joe stuffed peppers with jack-o-lantern faces carved into them for dinner!). I LOVE making/planning holiday food! This year I was thinking maybe ribs with a tomato-based sauce that will look like blood....
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    Katie, you can come live with me in Myrtle Beach someday and cook up all your Whole 30 dishes!  Larry would definitely agree with that!  Unfortunately, I'm sure that is probably 10 years away, but we can dream!  And Colleen is close enough to MB to visit regularly!
         Thank you for that pumpkin spice latte recipe! I'm going to the store later and planning to get the ingredients so I can try the W30 adapted version. I am definitely still in a food rut, as I'm finding some of the foods I liked during the previous W30's I am now sick and tired of, such as sweet  potatoes, eggs, salad, etc.  I haven't had the energy or desire to really cook except on the weekends, and even those have been so busy that all I have time to do is one big meal. Last Sunday I made the spaghetti squash and tomato meat sauce, which we love. I always double the recipes so we have lots of leftovers, but after I've eaten it for 2 dinners and 4 lunches, it's hard to get excited about.  Larry has been great about helping to cook, and when he is off that day he'll cook some meat on the grill and veggies, but for some reason this time I am really craving carbs, like bagels and pretzels.  The other day a teacher beside me in a meeting was eating an everything bagel, and I was almost salivating it smelled so good!  Last night we went to the HS football game (my youngest is a freshman in the marching band), and even though I wasn't hungry, I was definitely aware of all the people walking buy with junk from the concession stand, like the soft pretzels (yum!), candy, and nachos.  I announced to Larry that I already have plans on the first day after this W30 to stop at Starbucks on the way to work for a  VENTI pumpkin spice latte, and eat WHATEVER I want for lunch, then stop on the way home for a BOX of wine. He just shook his head and laughed.  In other words, I plan to self-destruct post w30?  I was partially kidding about my plan, but I guess the arrival of my pre-ordered book "Food Freedom Forever" yesterday was timely!  I have always been one to reward myself with food.  "If I exercise today, I'll reward myself with ice cream later." "If I get all these tests graded, I'll have a glass of wine."  
         The hot tub was fun, and we plan to do it a lot more now that the weather is getting cooler.  In fact, we will probably do it tonight.  Thank goodness for Lacroix, as we always like to take a cold beverage out with us (usually wine for me and beer for Larry).  But we both really like Lacroix, and it seems more of a treat than plain old water.  
       Katie, let us know how the job search goes.  I think you will be an amazing children's librarian!  I really hope you get that job you applied for!  And I'm sure these last six months of school will fly by!  I can't believe that we are nearing the end of the 1st quarter in school already!  The fall always flies by from Sept.-December.  It's just so busy and so many fun things going on.  Today my daughter who's a junior is going to homecoming, so of course we have to go get hair done!  She's just going with friends (no boyfriends yet, thank goodness!).
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    Oh my gosh, if you move to Myrtle Beach, I am so moving in with you! Don't worry, I'll pay my way by cooking nice Whole30 dishes for you!
    It's crazy, isn't it, how our tastes change so much based on the sugar we consume?! I feel like every time I have a desserty anything now, my taste buds like explode from the sweet! I used to put two packets of Truvia in tea, and the other day I tried putting one in, and I gagged and dumped it out, it was too sweet! 
    On the other hand, the more I've let sugar sneak back in, the less amazing other foods taste. Sweet potatoes definitely aren't as thrilling as they used to be. This is actually unsettling me and I really kind of want to cut sugar out again just so everything will taste as amazing again. I remember that being one of the biggest non scale victories of my Whole30s. I really want to do another one because I can feel myself spiraling, but with the kitchen remodel coming up, we have a lot of takeout in our future, and I'm too nervous about not being able to stay compliant. But maybe as soon as that is out of the way I will kick into another one - as long as I can be done in time for Thanksgiving, anyway!
    Most of the pumpkin spice latte recipes I've found, even the paleo ones, use some kind of honey or maple syrup for a sweetener. But I think pumpkin might be sweet enough on its own if you're Whole30ing! This one had a review that said they adapted it for W30 and it was delicious. I haven't tried it myself, but it might be good? 
    Also, that pumpkin chili was BANGING. The pumpkin made it SO creamy, it was amazing!! And the zucchini noodle lasagna was a great success tonight as well - the meat sauce was absolutely astounding. We did wind up using regular cheese, but we used less than the recipe called for. But now I've got the bubble guts and I feel horribly, uncomfortably full, so I told Rob he can have all the leftover lasagna and I will have all the leftover chili. Haha. I'd like to try it with no cheese at all, I don't really think it needed it! And I would love to try it with eggplant rather than zucchini, also!
    Wendy, I am really proud of you for staying strong and refusing to give up. I know that being in front of a room full of people who it feels like don't like you or respect you must be absolutely horrible. I can't even imagine it, actually. And kids can be so intimidating. But you stuck it out and I'm SO happy that it's turning around for you! You deserve it, and I just know they'll love you!!
    Oh yes, how was the hot tub?? I used to house-sit for my old boss and she had one, and she was happy to let me use it while they were away. I remember it being fabulous, especially when the air was chilly out!! 
    Also, I am super super excited - October means I am six months away from getting my degree, and I can start applying for actual librarian jobs!! One of the children's librarians at my branch is leaving, so I just applied for her job. I have no idea if other people are interested or what kind of shot I might have, but I can't wait to find out!! I can hardly believe that I will FINALLY have my actual career starting in the next few months, assuming I can snag a job, of course!
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    Happy birthday, Chase!  And I forgot to thank you for the link to the Myrtle Beach boardwalk, Colleen!   We will definitely check that out next time we go.  Larry is still looking for places online for us to buy in Myrtle Beach.  Not that we plan to do it anytime soon, but he likes to keep an eye on real estate prices for good deals.  
    Katie, I know what you mean about everything tasting way too sickening sweet now that we're used to no sugar.  Before this W30, I had a pumpkin spice latte from McDonald's, and at first it tasted ok, until I got to the bottom where all the sugar settled, and couldn't even finish it.  One time this summer, I also asked for a iced tea with "half the sugar," and it was still WAY too sweet.  If you ever find a compliant pumpkin spice latte recipe, please post it!  
    Katie, thanks for all your encouragement regarding my students.  I'm so relieved they are coming around, too.  I guess testing the teacher is normal at first, it just seemed liked the testing period lasted way too long!  We had a really great motivational speaker (for once!) on one of our professional days before school started, and one thing he said has really stuck with me.  He was talking about how difficult students are used to teachers and other adults just giving up on them, and to be that teacher that just refuses to give up on them.  Last Tuesday, I was so upset I actually considered calling off on Wed., then remembered I am NOT giving up.  Plus, it just wouldn't be fair to the majority of kids who really do want to learn and are respectful.  
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    Oh, Colleen, that looks FABULOUS, thank you so much for thinking of me and sharing!!! I can't WAIT to make that! 
    So happy that you had a great girls weekend in VA! Girl time is totally unreplaceable.  When I was younger I was such a flirt that I never really had girl friends because they all thought I was "easy" or whatever (which was totally not true, but that's beside the point!). So I grew up thinking  girls were really mean, and now that we're older and we're (mostly) more mature than that, I like cling to all the ladies I can find because I love female friendships so much! Haha. 
    Thank you for the compliments on the tattoo!! I have to go back and get a few lines touched up that got a little thin while it was healing, but it's mostly held together really well, and I spend SO much time looking at it! Haha.
    I'm so proud of you for getting into the habit of working out! And I love the smaller challenge, it's less of a commitment than 30 days but still all about taking care of yourself! I have actually found myself slipping a lot into bad habits, like I had some cough drops because my throat hurt, but now I've started going for the little mints and other hard candies that are always at work, and then when I'm home I start poking around for some sweet things because the sweet potatoes and other stuff that used to be sweet just isn't anymore compared with the sugar... it's a slippery slope! I miss when good food tasted better, though, so I think I'm going to have to cold turkey cut out the candy/desserts again. It's just breaking that habit, which is insane how easy it is to get into it and how hard it is to get back out! 
    I forgot that it's Chase's birthday soon!! What's the date again? That must be exciting!
    We found some fabulous-looking paleo recipes for a chili and a lasagna that we are planning to try this weekend!! 
    We're still debating whether we want to try the cashew cheese or just use a little regular cheese on the lasagna. I just feel like cashew cheese sounds like it wouldn't be good, but considering what it's made of, it probably would be! If it was just me, I'd totally try and make it, but Rob is all "but lasagna has cheese" so I'm being swayed!
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    Happy Birthday, Chase! I'm sure everyone will miss your MIL!  All that food sounds like a recipe for a stomach ache for me, haha, even though it sounds absolutely delicious!! I've realized I totally can NOT eat cheese any more; I have one piece and I'm totally stuffed and uncomfortable! Dairy just really knocks me out now if I have it after cutting it out cold turkey!
    I totally agree with both of you, pumpkin anything is fabulous!! Rob bought a massive can of pumpkin so whatever we don't use in the chili he will use in oatmeal, and I am only slightly grouchy that I will not be partaking. It took me a VERY long time to stop longing for oatmeal! Haha. 
    The lasagna definitely seems like a lot of steps, which is intimidating, but we should be able to freeze it and have leftovers for a while, which was the goal. As much as I love simple cooking, it's going to be too cold to use the grill soon, so it will be good to have some warm things to heat up from the freezer when we need convenience! And when the kitchen gets knocked out on October 22, we will DEFINITELY need convenience!! 
    Wendy, congrats on making it so far!! You're almost halfway there! Have you ever tried making your own pumpkin spice latte? We tried to make one last year before I discovered Whole30 and it just didn't come out right. But now, if I have a Starbucks drink, it just doesn't taste right! Some kind of chemical or something, I think, and way, WAY too sweet. 
    I am SO happy to hear that your students are showing some compassion now! I'm so sorry that you had to cry for it to happen, but I love that they are coming around and learning that they should be as kind to you as you are to them. I feel like there could be a movie made about this whole thing! Lol!
    I actually don't get emails anymore when you girls reply, either. I just check in every few days to see if there are updates! 
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    Colleen, it's good to hear from you again!  Your girls' weekend sounds so fun. I hope Chase's birthday is fun.  What a shame your MIL can't come.  Thanks for the pumpkin chili recipe.  I'm with you, I adore pumpkin anything, esp. this time of year.  I've already decided that the morning after this W30, I am stopping at starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte!  This is day 13.  I'll be done a few days before Larry and I go to meet 3 of my college friends and their husbands at WVU (my alma mater) for a football game and overnight stay.  I can't wait.  
    Katie, I hope your night off with your work friend is fun.  You deserve a night off!  You work so hard.  One thing I've learned as I've gotten older is to try to be kinder to myself, and cut myself some slack now and then.  I work hard all school year, (even on evenings and weekends), so I don't feel lazy anymore in the summer when I just don't do much.  I also don't feel bad taking a night off from school work now and then during the year.
     The school year is starting to go better.  I had a few really rough days last week and earlier this week.  In fact, I was in tears one day after school, and despite trying to hide it, a few of the 5th graders saw me with tears in my eyes.  To my surprise, they looked mortified, and one of the girls even started crying herself she felt so bad.  The next day, one of the boys who saw me cry (who's normally not so well-behaved himself), announced to the class as they were walking in, "Hey, y'all, when you step in this door, YOU BETTER BE GOOD!!!"  They have been much better the last few days, and I am actually really starting to enjoy both my 4th and 5th grade classes.  Some of the kids really seem to be coming around, and two of the girls who told me earlier in the year that they "hated reading" now say they like reading and love my class. That made my heart smile! In fact, a few 5th graders that I don't have as students keep asking me if they can join my class.  
    Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  Larry and I are doing the hot tub tonight for the first time in a while.  (We don't use it in the summer).  
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    Haha, most of my Whole30's consisted of the same few foods, too! I still eat the same breakfast and lunch pretty much every day! I keep hoping someday I will have the inspiration/time to get creative again, but we'll see.
    I'm so sorry that you had a hard day on Tuesday. That boy sounds like a little jerk - I'd like to give him a good swat! Nobody talks to my Whole30 Mom like that! I sincerely can't believe that they have that kind of nerve. I really feel like there is no sense of consequence at all for kids now. If I had talked to someone like that, my mom would have ripped me a new one! I see the same sort of thing in the library with moms just letting their kids run all over the place, and I'm thinking, man, if I was acting like that, my mom would have dragged my butt out before that scream even came out of my mouth! It's kind of amazing to see how parents let their kids get away with things. I hope that the 3rd graders are still somewhat sweet!
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    I'm so glad that you had such a good time at the wedding!! I love that they are always happy occasions (although I understand there can be some drama when you're really involved...).
    We are actually going to one ourselves today, and it's outside at a park but it's sunny and supposed to be about 77 degrees, so they really did get a perfect day! But Rob is part of the wedding party, and he has been running around like a chicken with his head cut off, and I don't think I'll actually get to see him until the reception! Lol!
    Best of luck on your Whole30 in a few days! You're starting yours right when I start classes again!! I think it's awesome that Larry is on board to do another one with you!
    Our vacation in Chincoteague this week was AMAZING. We biked all over the island and it was so good to be outside and be moving so much!! We had awesome seafood and there was actually a little roadside shack that made crab cakes without any bread crumbs or anything for filler, so they were gluten free! Overall I think we ate relatively well, with the exception of ice cream (they have a version of moose tracks that is called pony tracks which is my second favorite ice cream I have ever had in the world, DEFINITELY "worth it"!) And we woke up to watch the sunrise over the marsh both days and I slept like a baby both nights. When we got home, I totally just started to cry - three days is just so short, I wasn't ready to come back to reality yet!!
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      Your tattoo is lovely, and I'm glad you did something for yourself!  That's exciting!  You're brave! I would never have the nerve to get one, and if I did, it would probably be tiny, and somewhere where most people couldn't see! 
    I wish I had more girlfriends around me to do fun things like girl's nights out, or a girl's weekend.  I do keep in touch with 3 of my college friends, and we are doing a couples get together next month at our college for a football game weekend.  We did it last year and had a blast.  Most of my friends at work still have younger kids, and just can't get away much.  
         My step-brother is getting married today (second wedding) to a wonderful lady, and it's going to be a fun family event.  I'm so happy for them.  We've had a lot of unhappy events the last couple of years, as our dad passed away in July 2015, and his bride just lost her mother earlier this year.  So it's great to be getting together for a happy event for a change!  I love weddings.
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    Colleen, so happy to hear that you've been having a better weekend, too!! A girls weekend sounds like so much fun! My sister is asking me if I want to come and drive home with her from school in the Spring and make a road trip out of it, and I've been contemplating asking some of my girl friends if they want to come along and we can just make a big road trip out of it. There is definitely something to be said for spending some time with just the ladies! it's something I wish I had done more of when I was younger, but alas, I was too boy-crazy.  Especially the older we get, I think the more we get caught up in life and we forget the really important things like our girl friends! I write for a local magazine and my August article was actually about making time for your best friends! 
    Wendy, my mom would totally agree with you about the kids testing you on the first few days! She always used to come home exhausted from trying to pretend to be "tough" the first week or two so the kids didn't think they could get away with anything. As much as she and I clash, she is a really nice lady in general, so it was so hard for her to be like that, and I imagine it would be hard for you, too! I do think it is getting worse though, as you said kids really are a lot bolder, because  there are so many rules protecting them they know you can't really do anything to punish them. My dad went to Catholic school and he used to tell us about how the nuns would smack his knuckles with a ruler if he misbehaved - can you imagine that now?! You would NEVER work in a school again! 
    I didn't realize it was the heat that made coffee so acidic, either, but it makes sense! I never get the shakes or anything from iced coffee, but I definitely get it from hot coffee. I guess maybe because cold coffee is watered down a little, it isn't as harsh? I hope that you can find a way that you can have it! I've found that if I have it with breakfast, rather than before it, the effects are much less harsh. I hope that dairy isn't the problem for you, so many good foods are dairy!! I know on our first Whole30 the one thing I missed more than anything was cheese!! Now I really just avoid it altogether for the most part, but it took a LONG time to stop missing it. 
    Here are some of the articles I've been looking at about dairy/gluten and their effects on our brain. So interesting! 
    And there are all sorts of personal blogs and discussion boards with people talking about it, too. I have to check out my school's library of scholarly journals and see if I can find any studies on it or something! I definitely notice that when I have dairy, I get REALLY hard on myself for a few days after until it's out of my system. When I don't eat it, it's a lot easier to be nice to myself!
    Also, I have some exciting news! I got a tattoo!! I've wanted one for years but never could afford it, and finally I was like, you know what, I am working SO hard on school and everything, I deserve to do something great for myself. It's gonna make the budget really tight this month, but I can afford it now. So I did some research, asked around where people had had theirs done that I thought were great, and I went down and made the appointment. On Wednesday, I went and now I have a magnolia on my shoulder!! It's beautiful and I am SO excited, I love it so much!!! And I can never self-sabotage or take this away from myself, it's there forever.  

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    Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a hard time with the students! I know I could tell you not to be hard on yourself, like you said, but that's logical and emotions are never logical. It definitely can be discouraging to see them being rude to each other, but I think that's just the reality of that age group. I remember lots of rude comments my way when I was in 4th and 5th grade, and I remember being the one making rude comments in middle school. I just spent all summer studying growth and development of children as it pertains to literacy, and I know that around this time is where they're starting to break away from what they knew and try to find out who they are and who they want to be as opposed to just listening to mom and dad. So the fact that some of them said your class was their favorite is a really good thing, because they are being sometimes brutally honest all the time as they deal with the changes that are starting to happen cognitively, socially, emotionally, etc. (Said the scholar who has never actually raised children of her own... but trying to stay positive here and apply what little knowledge i do have!)
    I definitely have had similar issues with coffee in the past. I think it's a combination of the caffeine content and the acidity that can create problems, especially if you aren't cutting it with any kind of milk. It definitely also gets worse after having cut it out for a while, as your body's tolerance has gone down since it hasn't been experiencing it for a while. I had an ulcer after taking steroids for a dislocated shoulder and they told me to stop drinking coffee cold turkey because it can be such a stomach and gut irritant. So I cut it out (TOTALLY awful detox, oh my goodness) and didn't have it for a very long time, but once I started having it again I definitely noticed shakiness, higher anxiety, and a lack of appetite on the days that I had it. It's some really powerful stuff!
    As for chocolate... I am SO sorry to hear that!! I forget, did you do reintroductions after the last Whole30? I know chocolate has caffeine, so if that's the irritant, it might make sense... caffeine in tea is usually gentler, for some reason. But chocolate can also have milk and soy, both of which I know are totally irritating to a lot of people. Maybe do some experimenting? How sad, having to eat different kinds of chocolate...
    We went to a baptism over the weekend and they had these tiny little cake pops that were so adorable, I figured just one wouldn't hurt me, even though I knew there was gluten. But today, I have this massive rash on my stomach, and I can't imagine it being from anything else! So insane that just a ping pong ball-sized chunk of gluten could cause such a reaction now that I never have even a tiny bit of it!! I also have a zit the size of Saturn growing on my face, which is probably also a result of this. No more gluten for me, even a tiny bit! The rash doesn't itch or anything, but it's really ugly to look at - thank god my shirt covers it!