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    Hi ladies!

    I’ve been really enjoying not having to be glued to the laptop all week now that I don’t have homework to do every day… sorry for not being around here as much! I’m thinking of you, though!

    Colleen, I agree with Wendy, your MIL sounds like she’s very self-centered and narcissistic. I feel so bad that you have to interact with her so regularly. Not only is it bad enough to try to give soda to Chase, but to try and sneak it while she knows you wouldn’t want her to? That’s so ridiculous.

    As far as kindergarten, I don’t know too much about young children, but after taking my children’s lit course this summer and studying their development at early ages, I agree with Wendy on that, too. I think that 4 is young to comprehend the sorts of things that they would be focusing on in kindergarten. I think it would benefit him more to have some more room to learn and grow in his own way. But again, I’m certainly no expert on kids, having never had any of my own!

    Bushkill Falls was amazing, thank you for asking! We got there right as they were opening and NOBODY was there, we had the trails and waterfalls virtually to ourselves. It was so gorgeous and relaxing, and we just hung out for the day! That’s so funny you grew up so close to there, it’s such a small world!

    I don’t have the 3 weeks off from work, so don’t be TOO jealous, it’s just a vacation from school!  I still have the 9 to 5 grind every day (except Thursdays it’s 1-9). But I think it sounds like you need to take a few days off and recharge!  

    Wendy, I’m sorry your students didn’t respond the way you hoped! But you definitely have a point about it being the first day, I feel like all kids are rowdy before they get settled back into the routine again. And I think you’re right that older kids get embarrassed, it’s not “cool” to be complimented at that age, it might make them seem like a nerd! Lol! I think just give it some time for them to warm up to you and you will be fine.

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    Thank you so much! You really do know how to make me smile, Whole30 Mom!
    I actually had a cool moment where a customer was SO rude to me (she called me stupid AND told me she was disgusted with me -- how do you even TALK to another human like that??) but SO many of my coworkers jumped to my defense! It was actually really nice!
    Have you gotten to work with your students yet?
    Sorry I've been a little MIA! I've been feeling crappy all last week with a headache that finally blew up on Friday and I was all achy and feverish so I finally went to the doctor and I've got a sinus infection. So I just lazed around all weekend, which was AWESOME. I needed it, and I need more, I was so not ready to go back to work today!! Haha. I can't wait until next summer when I don't have school for the first time in my whole entire life -- I will save my vacation time for the summer and make sure I get time to relax!
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    I'm glad to hear many of your co-workers are getting nicer.  I felt sure once they got to know you, they would love you. And if they don't, that's their problem, they are probably just miserable people who are bitter about life.  (Unfortunately, the field of education is not immune to that problem).  That's great that you can start applying for librarian jobs so soon!  
         Your vacation plans sound fun and relaxing!    Two weeks isn't very long, but sounds like you'll be making the most of it.  
    I'm glad my Pinterest board offers some entertainment!  Some of the teacher things really crack me up, too.  I can relate to so many of them.  I bet your stepmom gets them, too!
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    Fingers crossed that this plan works! I'm really working myself up and giving myself anxiety over this. I went to bed at 9 and woke up at 10 totally wide awake and there's no way I'm going back to sleep for a while... so here I am!

    Sadly my break will only be for two weeks, but we are going to Chincoteague, VA for three days so that will be a really nice break! And I'm going to the Poconos for one night by myself so I can hike Bushkill Falls and be alone in some gorgeous nature. So I'm trying to make the most of it!
    Thank you for asking about people at work! Many of them have gotten a LOT nicer. Some of them are still cranky old ladies, but it's easier now that I have some friends and allies! I still don't like the job, but it's getting closer and closer to when I can start applying for librarian jobs! (Looking like end of October now!)
    Ugh, spreadsheets definitely doesn't sound like much fun, especially for someone who is a teacher! You probably have way more fun being creative and engaging with students than sitting at a computer making boring worksheets. But I guess there is some benefit to a slower ramp up to the actual teaching rather than diving right in! Lol!
    Also, you post so many funny things on your Pinterest about teaching! I have actually sent a few to my stepmom because she's a teacher, too! Lol!
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    Colleen, that totally blows! I am in the habit of always writing up my responses to everything in a Word document and then copying and pasting, mostly from being in grad school and having to make discussion posts every single day. I like to see them written out to make sure they’re long enough for that purpose, but I usually do it for emails and our posts here, too, just out of habit!

    Also, I’m glad to hear that you ladies have the same issue with buffets. I’ll try to keep you in mind next time that I have this and think of our group power and how much we’ve learned and maybe it will help motivate me! We have another BBQ that we are hosting on Saturday because one of my oldest friends (we met in middle school), is home from his job on the Disney cruise line, and we only get to see him three or four times a year. So we’re getting the old gang together to hang out for a while, and of course it has to be based around food (why do we always do this??). But I talked to Rob and we decided since it’s a much smaller gathering than the 4th of July BBQ we had, we will just keep the food inside (under the guise of “out of the heat”) and have people go in to make plates rather than leave it sitting out where I can see it and will be tempted to go back and make 3,000 plates. Hopefully this will deter me from gorging too much!! Also, we are having an ice cream bar for dessert, but since we are having it at our house, I can make sure to get some dairy free ice cream for me and maybe not feel so yucky afterward. And this is the last thing we have scheduled for the future, so for several weeks I can make sure I’m eating well.

    I’m also wrapping up another quarter at school and will have a break very, very soon!! I’m so excited; my mind is, like, totally fried. The homework load is lightening up quite a bit and I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel; I only have two more quarters to go after this!! The Fall is going to be killer, because I had to jump back up to three classes again, but I am SO motivated to get freaking done!!

    And I saw the endocrinologist today! She’s sending me for an ultrasound and bloodwork to check out why I’m not getting my period/gaining weight so rapidly. She seemed to think my other doctors had not acted efficiently to find out about this problem because she looked at the most recent bloodwork I brought with me and went, “This doesn’t tell me anything.” So hopefully she will lead me to some answers soon!

    Wendy, I hope that you get to get started working with some students soon! Do you have any idea when you will get to see them?

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    I would definitely recommend those collards, especially if you like spicy! And I think, as long as you aren't on a Whole30, the amount of sugar in bacon is negligible. I know a few people who eat paleo and they will buy regular bacon, but do like you, and pick the one with the smallest amount of sugar. They aren't going and buying the maple flavored or anything, but I don't think it will hurt to have a little tiny bit. I only found compliant bacon at Whole Foods, and it was like, three times the price of regular bacon, which already isn't cheap!
    That is a really interesting observation about the asthma and smoking... and also really sad! I don't know how people can smoke around others, let alone the health impacts it has on yourself, because where is your sense of responsibility? I know that in our parents' generations they may not have known better, but now? The kids in your classes should totally not have smoking parents, they know what it will do to their children if they smoke around them.
    The book is awesome, I always just read a little at a time and giggle and then come back to it at a later time when I want a little pick me up!
    I'm not sure I could talk to my clothes, either... although I sometimes want to yell at them when they don't fit.
    I had never been to a pool party wedding, either, but luckily, hardly anyone went in the pool, so even if I had a bathing suit that I liked, I probably wouldn't have gone in anyway. I didn't know anyone besides the bride and groom and her parents, so Rob and I just kind of sat around awkwardly and drowned in our own sweats. I did eat WAY too much, but I knew I was going to... this is my biggest challenge, is not knowing when to stop when it comes to food. I really feel like I overeat every single night and just don't stop until I'm stuffed and uncomfortable, and it's worse when it's buffet style and there's all this stuff that's set out in front of you and it's stuff you can't have everyday and I just eat all of it and keep going back for more. I tell myself I will have only one plate, or I will stop when I'm actually full, but I never do it, in the moment I just lose sight of everything except there is food there and it's good and I want it.
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    You are SO right that moving improves your mood! I feel like if I skip the gym and go three or four days without exercising, I start to get really depressed. It's just where will I find the time?! I wake up at 4am to make time to go to the gym - I certainly don't have any time after work because I come home, eat dinner, and do homework until I crash and can't do any more. I know you must understand this because as a teacher, you always have homework, too!
    Do you still have the asthma? Or has it gotten better as you've gotten older?
    The collard greens recipe I found for him is this one, which is Whole30 compliant if you use compliant bacon (which we didn't). They were actually very spicy and delicious, but I think I'd put maybe half the onion and garlic in them! I think I just like going out to eat because it means I don't have to cook, but if he's going to be helping me, maybe I won't feel the need! I get so much anxiety over going out, too, and have to plan in advance what I want to eat to make sure it will be as healthy as possible...so a break from it might not be so bad.
    It definitely is a plus to have all summer off! I was just thinking about how I haven't been in a pool once this summer because if I'm not at work, I'm doing homework. Last summer, even though I worked two jobs, I would have Mondays off when I worked Saturdays, and I would often work from home with my one job so I was over my dad's in their pool at least once or twice a week!
    I am familiar with that book you're talking about! I actually have a parody of it sitting on my coffee table right now called The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck, which is absolutely hysterical! But the author references the Tidying Up book many times, and I was actually really interested to see what she has to say. I'm a fan of crazy and radical ideas, because I like things that change up the normal!
    We have a pool party wedding today to go to, and I'm really having a hard time with it. I want to go in the pool (it's 96 degrees out) but I am SO self-conscious about my stomach and cottage cheese thighs. I have been thinking about this all summer and how I would be confident and feel good by the time this came around - and here I am and I'm heavier than ever, and more self-conscious than ever. If I don't go in the pool, I think I'll get depressed and feel like a failure... but if I do, I'll be self-conscious and get depressed anyway when I compare myself with everyone else (which I know I will do... I know I shouldn't, but it's easier said than done). I'm afraid the anxiety will make me eat like a crazy person. I can't wait for this day to be over.
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    Sorry that you had to go back already, Wendy! That seems so short to me; I never started school again until after Labor Day! But I guess things are different in different regions. Good luck in the next few days with the last of your prep!
    I think the fact that you got a chance to declutter by moving to a new space is awesome. I have such a hard time with that myself. When I moved out of my dad's and into my boyfriend's, I kept SO many things that I really don't need. When I'm finally done with grad school I can't wait to just get rid of a lot of it. Excessive stuff just equates to baggage, IMO.
    So the nutritionist went well, I really liked her and she was very perceptive and understanding. She is familiar with the Whole30 and she completely understood that I don't want to incorporate grains, dairy, soy, sugar, or legumes back into my diet (except legumes, I feel like I have been okay with them every time I've had them. A little gassy, sometimes, but no excessive discomfort, so I'd be open to having them sometimes as I don't really have to pay for them). She said I actually don't weigh as much as I thought I do (I asked her not to tell me the exact number anyway), and that I am on the high end of the BMI, I'm not actually overweight for my height and body type. So she supports me losing a few pounds because I want to, but actually cautioned that let's take it slower and only do a few at a time rather than jump for a big number loss. So all of that was good to hear! Honestly, I really don't care about the number so much as I want to just fit in my clothes again and feel like I look good. I could weigh ten pounds more than I do right now if I felt like I was toned and strong and I wouldn't care, you know what I mean? It's more about this level of squish that just keeps padding over the muscle I work so hard to build!
    Also, she confirmed that I am in fact eating really well, the only thing my diet is lacking in is calcium because I don't eat dairy, so she said to just increase my supplement and eat more leafy greens and add in fish like salmon (gosh, twist my arm!! :P). But I am eating actually on the low end of calories for someone of my activity level and age and weight and all that, so I should be losing weight. So while I was hoping she'd say I was eating too much and I should fix it, it is also good to know I'm not crazy and I have been doing things right. Unfortunately, it was kind of a challenge for her to come up with ways I could lose weight. She suggested maybe adding in some exercise like a light walk or yoga on the days I don't go to the gym, because I have 4 days a week where I'm highly active, and the other 3 I'm completely sedentary, so my body might be getting confused. She also said that really, if I want to lose just "the last 10 pounds" kind of weight, then I really shouldn't have things like carrot cake even as an occasional thing, because this is where it really matters. That one piece of carrot cake can undo all the work I did the rest of the week because my calories are already so low. She said the same thing applies to eating out because we really can't know how much or what we're actually eating, so I should eat at home, at least until the weight comes off. Rob and I had been going out about once a week to give me a break from cooking and just so we could make time to get away from homework and work and everything, but he is totally supportive of eating at home (he's actually been helping quite a bit with cooking - he made some amazing collard greens the other night!!) for the time being.
    So just a few small tweaks, and I feel very encouraged that I am doing things right, so I have a newfound motivation!!
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    Wow, Wendy, you really are the expert on all different kinds of school options! I'm so sorry that your kids had to deal with bullying anywhere, but that is definitely interesting that it was worse in the Christian schools.
    I love that the school you work in is so proactive in helping the students who are lower income; I think that's really important because they have to struggle in ways that other students might not understand.
    Also, I think it's absolutely beautiful that you work so hard to make a difference... I think just by being such a caring, compassionate person, you have touched more lives than you probably realize.
    All the best in moving into the new space!! xoxo
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    I requested both of you on Goodreads!
    It’s so frustrating to have to struggle with weight! It’s honestly less about the number and more about the way I look and feel… all my clothes are tight and I’m getting that ‘spare tire’ around my middle and it’s just not attractive and I want it off! If I weighed as much as I do now but felt like I looked awesome, I don’t think I’d care nearly as much about the number. I’m sorry to hear you ladies have the same sort of struggles… I wish we didn’t have to!
    All the classic rock you mentioned is fabulous, too, Wendy! I’m with Colleen, I love all kinds of music! The more you like the more you get to enjoy! I used to HATE country but then I heard Cruise by Florida Georgia Line and it was so damn catchy it was my gateway song!
    However I’m not a large fan of indie rock, although Rob really is so I may have heard some of your favorite bands you listed and just not know who they were.
    I think a concert venue where you can bring your own food and drinks sounds amazing! Normally they are SO expensive to buy anything at, we just tailgate in the parking lot! (Even though I don’t drink anyway)
    You did not mention the Wildwood vacation! That’s about an hour and a half south of me, down at the very bottom of Jersey. But if you ever do come up again, please let me know, because I would definitely make that drive to see you!!
    I am a Pinterest junkie – I’m gonna have to follow you on Pinterest, too!! Those zucchini noodles look to DIE for, actually. We just tried salting zucchini noodles before we ate them and honestly it made all the difference in the world, it was JUST like regular pasta!
    I feel like grilled fruit is the best thing in the whole world. We've tried grilling pineapple and watermelon, too. Watermelon is crazy, I don't know if you've ever tried it but it totally changes its taste completely! I want to try grilled peaches, next. Peaches are my favorite fruit!
    Which reminds me, actually, we have spent all this time discussing food and never have I asked you what your favorite foods are!!
    Also, Wendy, thank you for the hug!! I’m glad we’re all connecting on other social media in case we drop off of here due to busy life and all that nonsense. Haha.
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    I am SO happy to hear that you think of me when you hear Wasted Time - that's such a fantastic song to be associated with! Haha. You will definitely have to give details about the concert!! I wanted to go see him but seeing as my free time is so limited, I only bought tickets for a handful of concerts this summer, and my country concert is going to be Luke Bryan. Keith Urban seems to tour every year, so I figure I can try to catch him next year, but Luke Bryan almost never plays in my area.
    I've never heard of Urinetown (but I bet Rob would know it; he and I are the reverse of you and Larry on this front!), but it's great that you guys liked it! Your daughter sounds so busy, but I hope she's enjoying herself!
    I think there is definitely something to be said for the difference between boys and girls academically (as a generalization). It has to have something to do with both our culture teaching boys that they need to be "big strong men" who don't need to be doing "girly" things like reading books, whereas for girls it's totally acceptable to do less physical activities and be quiet and study. And I think it also has to do with boys maturing more slowly than girls.
    But, that being said, if it's any comfort to you, I slacked like crazy in high school (I never did my homework, never studied, I was way too busy talking to my friends until 3am ). And now in college I'm super proactive and I do all my work up front and never wait until the last minute. I think my turnaround had something to do with the fact that I'm paying for it all on my own so I figured I might as well make it count. Something about responsibility for yourself as a semi-adult. I hope your son is good on his word!
    I'm ssssooo exhausted today, I'm running on about three hours of sleep. Stupid anxiety!! Definitely going to up the Natural Calm intake. My mind was racing all night long.
    I was just thinking, as I have only three days left in my Whole30, it's interesting that this is the first time I'm not seeing any major NSV's so far. And I think it's because I have the most stress and the least sleep in this one. While I wasn't changing jobs, I'm still in the middle of a job I can't stand, and just the micromanaging nature of the whole place and culture of high tension and "you HAVE to be right where you're scheduled to be every second of the day OR ELSE YOU'LL HEAR ABOUT IT" has my anxiety so cranked up. It was bad enough already, but it's gotten way worse since I started this job. I feel like the longer I'm in it, the worse it gets. And it's just so much harder to do grad school while working full-time, even only going to school part-time this quarter. I feel like all I do is homework in my spare time, and I get to go out to do something fun probably once a week, but it's always at a cost because I have to scurry to catch up when it's over or get ahead before I go out. Rob and I couldn't have a date night this week as we try to have one each week because I have a dentist appointment after work this week and there goes the one night a week that I can take off from homework! Ugh.
    I hope you get a ton of that reading time!! I will be reading my children's novels for class and thinking of you when I do! Lol!
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    Aww, after all this time, I finally found my real mommy, and she has amazing taste in music!! Haha! Have fun at the musical!!
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    I promise if I am ever in Columbus I will definitely visit both the zoo and you!! In fact you should show me around the zoo and educate me on bonobos! I had no idea that they were the most similar to humans as far as DNA is concerned - that's so fascinating! I know they look really human and I learned in a nonverbal communication class in my undergrad that they can show and feel emotion, which is something not many animals do. It's crazy to think that if things had gone a little differently, would bonobos be sitting here typing to each other instead of humans? Haha.
    You guys do have so much going on, I'm all excited for you!! How was the wine tasting? And when is your birthday!? Keith Urban is an AMAZING birthday celebration, I'm so jealous!! I just got Ripcord and it is absolutely killer, Wasted Time is such a spectacular summer anthem!! And isn't he touring with Brett Eldridge this year?! I am so in love with him.
    I bet Elton John and Billy Joel together was fantastic!! I am so very jealous of your concert-going experience around your birthday! But that's a perk of having a summer birthday, for sure. In May, I usually get a good superhero nerd movie that comes out for mine! Haha.
    I definitely don't hate you for your job, just envy the time off! Lol! I would certainly not be able to do the work myself; young minds are great but in small doses. I think I'll be much better suited as a children's librarian, I admire your patience and persistence that it must take to deal with them constantly!
    I worked my first Saturday as a circulation department member yesterday, and it wasn't bad. I now get comp time for 8 hours, which is great, because with homework and stuff time is SO valuable right now!!
    Today I'm doing homework, but luckily I'm at a point where I can't do any more writing of papers or anything until I do some more reading, so I'm about to go move outside and do that in the sunshine!
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    Hey ladies, thank you again so much, as always, for all the support and positivity. I really just need to vent sometimes and get it out because it gets SO frustrating!! I actually have an appointment with an endocrinologist next month to get checked out because my doctor can’t find anything wrong with me. I mean, I haven’t had my period or anything close to a sex drive (sorry if tmi!) in well over two years at this point, but all my blood work always comes back normal and nothing seems to be out of the ordinary besides that. Their idea of fixing it was to put me on birth control, but I don’t think that taking a daily medication is the way to go… that’s’ why I was trying the Whole30. I don’t want to just create a dependency on something else to put a band-aid on my problems and pretend it’s not there. I want to fix the root cause of it, which I suspect was my chronic under-eating for so long. But we did our first Whole30 in February, which means we’ve had six months of eating this way, and I haven’t gone back to restricting in between! But I guess it could take longer… 
    Which zoo did you go to, Wendy? I love zoos and I feel like I’ve been to all of the ones around me, so we keep an eye out for when we go away. And bonobos are an interesting choice for a favorite animal! Haha. They’re definitely really cool, though!
    And a baby polar bear!? They are like, THE cutest animals ever!
    Also, before I switched to the drums, I played clarinet, too! Trumpet is challenging, with all the lip-buzzing and whatnot, I definitely respect the trumpet players!
    And Larry’s job giving you guys the tuition discount is amazing, I feel like that much money would be worth doing a few long shifts!
    Colleen, so happy that the wedding went well!! I’m glad that you really like the rest of Drew’s family and it’s just your MIL who stresses you out. It would be so hard if you had to put up with that passive-aggressive garbage from all of them!  AND it’s great that you get to see your own family so much more now… sounds like overall you’ve got a pretty good situation going on!
    Except, of course, with Drew being the mama’s boy… sorry about that! Well, we will definitely give you some empathy when he doesn’t!
    I did have a Whole Foods cake once, because they do make some gluten free, and it was awesome! I bet the regular ones are even better. What kind did you get for him? I think cake will always be my weakness, no matter how healthfully I eat regularly! I hope you guys have a blast at the pizza place!
    And thank you for the zoodle recipe!! You have shared so many delicious recipes! I’ve been too busy to do much cooking lately; we just keep grilling burgers and making ribs or something that I can stick in the oven for hours and walk away from, and that will give us leftovers for a few days after. I haven’t really felt the energy to try something new. But we’re doing spaghetti squash and meatballs tomorrow, after all this talk about them! Haha.
    Overall, I’m definitely feeling a little better. I had a good cry on Thursday which helped a lot! I always get so busy I forget to actually feel my emotions because I don’t have time for them – but then they grow and grow and I’m so anxious and stressed that I’m snapping all over the place! So it was good to get it out and get kind of refreshed. J
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    Jen, I wish I had the willpower to be able to put away food that I was too full to finish!! I feel like that is my Achilles heel when it comes to changing my mindset around food. I always just eat until it's gone, even if I'm stuffed. I feel like my mind overpowers my feeling full and is just like "FOOD...EAT!"
    Those fries would especially be FWNB... sweet potato and guacamole, not even fair!!
    Wendy, you ladies look absolutely lovely!! So glad you enjoyed your Mother's Day/graduation BBQ - how did you feel afterward?!
    And I also want to hear about the Whole30 miracle babies!!
    I had "normal" ketchup from a bottle yesterday at my mom's, but it was organic and the only "bad" thing in it was sugar, no corn syrup or that nonsense, and I also had "normal" bacon that was cured with sugar at my dad's, but also organic with no nitrates or anything added to it that was funky. I know sugar technically doesn't have to be its own reintro because the effects are mostly psychological, but I feel fine today! Of course, I had only the teeniest amounts, but still good to know I can have ketchup and bacon without waking up the sugar dragon.
    Tomorrow I'm having dinner at my dad's, and he is making my favorite dinner from my childhood, sauerbraten!! If you've never had it, it's a German pot roast marinated in vinegar and spices and served with ginger snap gravy. So, I'll be introducing non-gluten grains tomorrow, because I did request the gluten-free ginger snaps. We usually have it with egg noodles, green beans, pickled red cabbage, and carrots that cooked along with the meat. So I'll skip the egg noodles but see how I do with the gravy. I am SO excited!!!
    Also, my stepmom is the most amazing woman on the planet. We went there for breakfast yesterday and I made her this frame with seashells that I glued onto it and I put a picture of us from their wedding in it and I worked really hard on it all week in between homework. (I'm not really crafty, I never do things like that, but I just adore her). And we were just sitting around talking and I mentioned that I had seen these Iron Maiden Vans (you remember how I feel about Iron Maiden!!) but they were really expensive so I was debating if I wanted to get them for myself as a non-food-celebration of the new job. And she just goes, "How much are they?" and takes out her check book and said she wanted to buy them for me because that is what moms do, and I am just SO happy and I was blubbering like a child and I ordered my new sneakers today and I just had to gush about how amazing and spectacular she is!!!
    And seeing her and feeling that kind of love in the morning made it WAY easier to tolerate my birth mom at dinner...
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    katieblue said:  "I really do love the way this has changed the mentality about "treats" because they really aren't, if we have to pay for them later…"
    katie . . . this is a huge NSV!!  I'm finally starting to realize this too and thank you for saying it so well!
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    I so much miss Mexican food!  It's my favorite and was a regular for lunch dates prior to W30.  While perusing Pinterest, I came across this:
    Sounds like a winner for tomorrow night's supper! 
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    Katie, congratulations!! I'm really proud of you too. You stuck with it through the chaos in your life, and look at all those great NSV's you have to show for it!  It is super inspiring how your commitment to take care of yourself is paying off.    
    I'm glad that Blueberry BBQ sauce turned out for you!  
    I can't believe how fast this round went by for me.  I lost almost 5 pounds, and at least an inch off most of my measurements!  
    Here are some of my NSV's:
    - Instead of living to eat, now I also eat to live.  I used to choose my food based only on how much (short-term) pleasure it would give me.  Now I feel like the choices I have been making are not only crazy delicious, but are ultimately beneficial to my health in the long run.  
    - My relationship with food has drastically changed.  If I do snack, I am very mindful about it.  I will wait 20-30 minutes, have some water or tea, and decide if I still need something.  When I do snack, it is something like a HB egg, some fish, or a few slurps of coconut milk   and I don't need to keep coming back for more!
    - I don't miss the sugar high at all.  Or the sugar crashes for that matter.
    - I have been making 1-3 sugary treats a week, and have been able to resist them no problem.  Even batter/dough on spoons, my old favorite!
    - My husband has been analyzing how food is affecting him.  He is realizing how much more energy he has when he doesn't consume a bunch of bread or ice cream.  All with no preaching from my end, just feeding him compliant meals, with non-compliant components when he asks for it.  Now he is savoring a single serving of ice cream instead of going back for a second or third giant bowl.
    - A few years back, I started this thing where I would make something I've never tried before at least once a week.  It quickly became a reason to eat lots of sugary treats.  Now I've been experimenting with lots of new savory flavors, with new experiments a couple of times a week.
    - I feel like I am setting up a great foundation not only for myself, but my whole family.  My son loves to watch me cook, and sits with us during meals and watches us like a hawk.  Now that he's about to start eating food too, I want to lead by example and teach him good habits.
    - I have more mental clarity.  I have started several sewing and knitting projects, whereas before I could not commit to anything on account of feeling overwhelmed and foggy headed.  While I've always been fairly organized, I'm more likely to tackle things head on.
    - I can't remember a time where I've felt more confident overall.
    - I can't believe how much energy I have. No more morning/afternoon/evening slump, reaching for another cup of coffee or sugary treat.  I caught myself drinking more coffee at one point this round, but have since cut it back to occasionally a small cup with breakfast, or savoring a cup with my husband on Sunday mornings.
    - I am so amazed with how satiated I feel between meals, I want to continue to eat this way as much as possible.  I realize that as I start reintroducing different foods, I may struggle to not revert to old habits.  I will remind myself of how amazing I feel after these 2 rounds of W30.  This is the beginning of a long journey.  My sugar dragon may awaken again someday, but now that I know that it is possible tame her.  Looking forward, I know what steps I need to take in order to quiet the beast.  
    - I have never given myself this much respect.  The best way to take care of my family is to start with taking care of myself. 
    I know I will likely think of more NSV's later, like in bed or the shower.  
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    It's May 1st!! Congratulations, Ksea! We did it!!!!
    I'm so excited, we completed our second Whole 30!!!
    Me - the former depressed, restricting then binge-eating, self-destructive sugar addict. I managed to take really good care of myself and turn so many of the patterns around for sixty [nonconsecutive] days. That is awesome. AWESOME! I feel PROUD of myself. Especially because during this one I had such a crazy upheaval of changing jobs into full-time employment and full-time school demanding constant attention and somehow I still managed to make it through.
    Curiosity did get the better of me, so I did get on the scale when I woke up... and I lost two pounds this round! By eating as much good food as I wanted!! My body must be starting to regulate itself and get used to having enough food again, which is a HUGE NSV, and brings me to my list:
    Non-Scale Victories:
    - Got into an almost automatic routine of cooking prep with real life, including schoolwork, and found it is totally manageable [albeit difficult, it can happen!]
    - Swallowed my pride and asked my boyfriend to help with food shopping, and he was happy to [read: improved my trust in him/our relationship]
    - My boyfriend and my therapist both agreed that my mood has completely stabilized - I haven't had a "down" day in so long, in spite of all the stress!
    - No snacking whatsoever. Not once.
    - I only had one night where I felt cravings to binge, and I didn't do it!
    - Control over my [occasional, fleeting] cravings. What used to be daily sugar cravings has become maybe once or twice a week, and they are so brief. I don't miss sweets or want dessert. It's my birthday on Friday and I don't want a cake. The dragon is sedated!!
    - I discovered kombucha, and that when I have it with a meal it does not affect the sugar dragon, and it is DELICIOUS!
    - On that note, I also found several more amazing, easy recipes that will go in the rotation and kept the freezer stocked!!
    - I stopped counting calories!!! Even in my head. I have no idea how many I eat in a day. And that feels so freeing!!
    - I didn't even want to get on the scale after the first week or so. I really, sincerely have stopped caring what I weigh.
    - A sincere, heartfelt desire to continue eating this way and caring for myself.
    - Even with allergy headaches and no sleep and anxiety over everything, the rest of my body physically feels great!!!
    - Confidence!!! Not only do I feel strong and capable because I managed to do this twice, but I FEEL like I LOOK good, too!! I actually took a picture of my "after" results and sent it to my gym buddy. I haven't let anyone see my stomach in I can't remember how long!!
    I am so glad we did this for another round!!
    I will be eating Whole 30 until Wednesday, when I will reintroduce corn in the form of tortilla chips at a restaurant, and we'll see how my self-control is with this former FWNB while in a happy birthday gathering at a Mexican restaurant with my boyfriend, my good friend and her husband. I don't think I want to try corn tortillas or anything, I just want to eat a few chips and see how I feel, and I think if I only have them when I go out to dinner occasionally and they don't affect me in a negative way, that would be a totally "worth it" happy medium. I think I can do it!!
    Please share your victories, too!!
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    Wow I can't believe day 23 already for Katie and ksea! Go girls! You've got this! I've been trying to get back into post vacation back to work mode. It's been challenging and I've not been eating whole30 ish at all! I'm off the weekend and plan to at least plan dinner thank make leftovers for lunches that are either whole 30 or include nongluten grains as I've found I really don't have a problem with them!
    Thanks for all the congratulations, everyone! I'm still in disbelief myself. CG, I'm feeling OK except I'm getting tired earlier in the day. But honestly I don't know if that's pregnancy or the fact I've been eating junky the last week! I'm 36, so I'm considered older too. Oh well!
    Galaxigirl glad your dinner went well! I've never heard of lularue, I'll have to look it up!
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    Congrats on the NSV, Katie! Those cupcakes sound delicious.
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    Ooh, if he's already interested in food, maybe he'll take after his mom! And someday be one of us! Haha. I've never seen the show, but I definitely think there is something that you either intuitively have, or you don't, when it comes to cooking. Kind of like musical talent. You can practice and get better, but if you don't have that sense for it, it's just never going to be second nature to you. But I think with a mom as into it as you are, he's going to be so immersed in it, he'll probably be a natural!
    What's his name? (And I realize, too, that I don't necessarily even know everyone's names on this board, I just revert to screen names! Lol).
    I'm going to do some research on Whole30 and temperament types, now. I'm going to stalk the boards and see if I can evaluate what everyone's letters are. Haha. I would venture there would be mostly introverts seeking out an online board... 
    That's sort of scary, about the chlorinated water, because isn't all of it at least slightly chlorinated? But if you really think about the things we consume and what they can do to us on a daily basis, I feel like I personally would never come out from under a rock haha.
    It's funny you point out the link between diet and - well, just about everything. It was my last day at my second job today and I work at a chiropractor's office, so they are very forward thinking as far as health/diet. They had a video playing in which adopted children in a study all developed the same health problems as their adoptive parents, even though there was no biological link. So it all had to do with lifestyle/diet. There is DEFINITELY a lot of benefit to the psychological aspect of this, I know that much, but there are probably 3000000 great physical benefits we aren't even aware of yet.
    I had a big NSV tonight, everybody!! So last time I baked a cake was the carrot cake for Easter, and I totally housed, like, half the frosting while I was putting it together. Well, tomorrow is my last day in the children's department (I start my FT circulation job on Thursday!!), it's also my coworker's birthday, and my other coworker is getting married this weekend, so I made a batch of red velvet cupcakes. They're full of gluten and sugar and butter so I obviously won't be eating any of them, but I wanted to do something nice for them on my last day because even though I'll be in the same building, I won't see them nearly as much. So I baked them AND frosted them without having even a single lick of frosting!! And it was cream cheese frosting, which, as is evident from the carrot cake debacle, is my total favorite. But I held strong! I think it's the last proof I needed to know I function best as an abstainer, not a moderator. But I'm so proud, I think this is the first time I ever managed that!! I just hope that they turned out okay since I couldn't taste test the frosting and had to rely on Rob's commentary to get it right!
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    Hello everyone! I'm back from my vacation from real life and the internet. Please forgive me right now as I have so much catching up to do with all the posts I've missed, but this post is going to be a selfish one....
    I have a HUGE new NSV! I'm pregnant! This is so amazing, you really have no idea.... My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for over 7 years now. We've seen doctors, has procedures done, I've had surgery. I was only ever pregnant once with medical intervention and it ended in an early miscarriage. NEVER in my life have I had a positive pregnancy test from trying "the old fashioned way" until this weekend!!! I am in shock at this miracle that has been given to me. I truly credit the whole 30 with this miracle baby. Still in disbelief after seven years of "no" and so so so so so excited!
    CG! We'll be buddies!
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    katie, thanks for the encouragement!  One good thing . . . thanks to the kiddos, I already have about a dozen allergy cookbooks on my shelf.  I have plenty of gluten-free recipes on hand for when I need them. 
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    Jen, thanks for the pep talk!! Haha you girls have me all pumped up.
    I'm sorry that the wheat made you feel so crappy! BUT I can tell you, as someone who has been largely gluten and wheat free since 2010, you won't have to miss it as much as you think. They have really made a LOT of really good gluten-free substitutions for wheat products. There are lots of yummy pasta and bread options, both for home and when eating out! You'll be okay. And at least now you know.