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  1. Cora Regina

    Need help with emergency snacks!

    Because if I'm at home, I cook food and eat food. If I'm NOT at home, I'd rather have "snack crap" that's relatively stable and can be eaten quickly than something unrefrigerated and perishable that I've been dragging around with me for god knows how long all day. Are you advocating that I leave home with leftovers every single day, just in case, instead of being able to stash something in my car that won't go bad and will be there when I need it? I mean seriously. As I mentioned in the post literally right above yours, the emergency snacks are kept in the car (where it gets very hot and "real food" would spoil very quickly). In other words, for when I am not at home, and for the purpose of managing the hanger and preventing me from passing out while driving or something equally bad, until I can get home and eat a proper meal. Some of us have medical problems that mean we NEED to have access to an appropriate snack, often on very short notice. I am one of them. I had a very bad episode of this earlier today and didn't have an approved snack available, which lead to a phenomenally bad experience for not only me but my entire family, so your snark is sitting particularly poorly with me right now.
  2. Cora Regina

    Need help with emergency snacks!

    I've considered making my own jerky. The problem is that I have three cats, and they, too, would absolutely LOVE it if I gave it a try. I can't do oven dehydration right now because it's so beastly hot and humid, and I don't really have anywhere to do other kinds of dehydration that they can't get at and into. (They're smart little buggers when they want to be.) I also have this weird fear about not getting it fully dehydrated and having it spoil, because I tend to keep the emergency snacks in my car, where it gets over 100 easy. I felt sick the last time I ate about a quarter of an Epic Bar, and I've tried a couple of different kinds. Some of them also have sesame in them, which hates me with a vengeance. But, the local co-op just might have some compliant jerky already made! I'll look into it and see what I can find. Also I will look for the Epic Bites and maybe try eating one with a whole lot of water to see if that dilutes it. It's weird, because I love salt.
  3. Cora Regina

    Need help with emergency snacks!

    I didn't even think of that! I've spent so many years actively avoiding drinking my calories that I think I forgot they're a thing. When I could eat almonds, I loved the bar types of things because they had a sugar that acted quickly, and nuts that provided some stability to get me through until I could eat properly. Maybe a juice box (100% juice of course) and a small handful of some non-almond nut would do the trick? It would certainly be easier than making bars, and since I'm not a caloric drinker I'm not tempted by juice boxes and so on.
  4. Cora Regina

    Compliant Coffee Creamer!!

    I've been enjoying homemade coconut milk (coconut + boiling water, soak, blend, strain) with my coffee, but it sounds like you might be wanting something with more body? Medowsweet is on to something with the canned coconut milk, if that's what you're hankering for. Although bear in mind, that thickness often comes at least in part from guar gum, a thickening agent, although there are one or two brands without it.
  5. I'm on Day 4 of my second Whole30 and finding it much easier this time around, although still not easy, of course. One thing I'm focusing more on this time is eliminating excess nuts and fruits from my diet, which was a problem for me last time and which I know can be an impediment to a successful experience. However, the reality is that I have blood-brain barrier hypoglycemia, which means my blood glucose will test perfectly normal but my brain isn't getting what it needs out of it all. It's a life-long problem that no amount of proper eating can take care of, defective physiology in other words. Sometimes I get flat-out HANGRY and need something to give my brain a kickstart, and prevent myself from verbally eviscerating people until I can eat a proper meal. I know that Larabars are permitted as emergency snacks for situations like that (I don't like having hunger rage, or passing out for that matter), but about three weeks into my last Whole30 I got back some allergy testing results: Turns out that I'm allergic to almonds, which are an ingredient in all Larabars. Are there any other compliant bars that I can buy, or can anyone suggest a compliant recipe? I'd almost rather buy them, so that I only have a limited number on hand and am not tempted by a pan of them. I looked at every single bar I could find today and they all had sugar in them, usually as the first ingredient! I did see in another thread that Epic bars are ok, but they're painfully salty for me and it's the carbs that I need. I also looked at RXBars, which were also mentioned, but they all had sugar (by any other name). Any suggestions would be very much appreciated! <3
  6. Cora Regina

    Why the emphasis on homemade mayo?

    I've only ever seen one commercial mayo that was Whole30 compliant (all the others have soy, canola, or both), and it's incredibly expensive. Homemade is so much better, I literally just finished making THE best mayo that I have ever had in my life. Took all of 30 seconds, no muss and no fuss, and it was way cheaper than a jar of even the worst of the worst bad-for-you store mayo. It cost maybe $1 to make. Plus, I know that it contains exactly five compliant ingredients and nothing else: extra light olive oil (avocado and I are not friends), salt, egg, lemon juice, and mustard powder. Give it a try, if for no other reason than you know exactly what you're getting, and that what you're getting isn't garbage. I feel you, though, I really do. I kept thinking about how little ketchup I use and how one or two tablespoons a week of my favorite organic brand isn't going to hurt. But it has cane sugar, and sugar is a no-no! So, I make my own, although with much less success than the mayo.
  7. Cora Regina

    I need to eat HOW much fat?!

    Unfortunately, I have major textural issues with both of them that I can't get past (plus I can't stand the taste of avocado). I'm fine with olive oil, but I can't stand the weird resist-then-squeaky-spongy-chewy thing that olives do I might be able to do avocado oil if I could hide it in something.
  8. Cora Regina

    I need to eat HOW much fat?!

    I will do! I was perusing the linked thread about gallbladder issues and saw that mentioned. I have an appointment with my doctor in three weeks, and will talk to him about it. The only reason I want to wait until then is because he already has me on a number of supplements, I expect to be put on some more and hopefully have my Armour dose raised (he's a naturopath and I have thyroid problems), and we're also waiting for a ton of tests to come back, so I just want to make sure it will all work nicely together. In the meantime, vegetable fats seem to treat me better than large influxes of animal fats. So, I think I will try adding some almond butter or coconut milk to each meal, or some nuts, and gradually beginning to replace portions of those servings with the animal fats until I find a happy equilibrium that I can maintain until a supplement can be worked into my regimen.
  9. Cora Regina

    I need to eat HOW much fat?!

    Sorry it took me so long to reply! I made bone broth the other day and ended up in bed with a whanging great headache. I suspect that I'm sensitive to free glutamates, because that laid me flat out (and happened the last time I made the stuff, too). Also left me unable to eat the four servings of leftovers I have because the dish used the broth; I tried a few bites earlier and ended up with another headache almost immediately. I seem to do ok with coconut. Animal fats seem to be the worst these days, for some reason, at least in those quantities. When I still had my gallbladder I never had issues, but after it came out, there seems to be this threshold that I just can't go over. The fact is that my body can no longer produce the appropriate scenario for optimal fat digestion, so I will definitely speak with my doctor about a supplement to help me manage the situation. I wasn't aware that supplementation was possible! I did a forum search for "gallbladder," but for some reason that post didn't turn up. Thanks for the link!
  10. I'm not afraid of dietary fat. I've got a good relationship with it as a nutrient, and understand that healthy fats are critical for my body to operate properly. Making my own ghee is a process I look forward to, and I love cooking with animal fats. The problem is that I don't have a gallbladder, which means I can't digest the stuff properly anymore since I can't concentrate bile. I'm only on the second day of my very first Whole30, and things have been... interesting. I spent the entire morning tapering into the late afternoon in what we can politely refer to as "gastrointestinal distress." Anyone who lacks (or knows someone who lacks) a gallbladder will know exactly what I'm talking about. My question is, do I really need to be eating the full amount of fat recommended in the program, i.e. both cooking fat AND 1-2 additional servings at every single meal? My body literally cannot handle it. This happens anytime that I eat a large amount of fat in one sitting, and has ever since 2007, when I had the organ removed. (When I had my gallbladder, it wasn't a problem.) Has anyone with the same lack of gallbladder found less problematic fats? The taste and texture of avocados are absolute anathema to me, so that option is off the table, as it were. I also avoid sesame oil, because for some reason my digestive tract REALLY hates that one.