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  1. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Hi all- I'm still in CA, but my weekend away with my husband was AMAZING!! First day I stayed pretty well compliant... breakfast day two was too difficult! We were in a small dinky town, most restaurants were closed, and we went to the two that were open to look for something compliant... literally there was NOTHING!!!! I settled on spinach tomato feta croissant ... i was SO bummed that I couldn't get anything! For dinner, we went someplace with a group. We had no hand in choosing the restaurant. Imthe waitress was not at all accommodating of any changes to menu items and anything somewhat maybe compliant (paleo) would have been $35/entree. Too rich for my blood at this time. I had mostly roasted brussel sprouts with balsamic but also two slices of wood fired pizza. In essence, I said, "the hell with it" after my breakfast experience. We had a mini frige in our room, so I just bought cereal and ate it with almond milk in the AM and a Greek yogurt too-- if nothing I can find at a restaurant/bakery is going to be compliant, I might as well save the money and eat cereal at "home"... I also was sick, and on my third round of antibiotics. Besides that... I had a wonderful time and today is a new day and I've been compliant thus far today. I have a plan for thanksgiving to stay compliant, and taking the spinach artichoke dip and a yam for myself. I feel more bloated than I have been feeling, but with my sinus infection continuing, I just feel headachy and yucky so I can't figure if it's food or me being sick. I am headed home on Friday, so if all else fails, on Saturday, I'm in my own house, my own kitchen and I can manage my food choices better. Gotta chase the kids at my moms house... I hope you're all well
  2. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    My fat pants do up now! The big-rig-sized spare tire, however, isn't a good look.... but..... they've done up! So here's to keeping on!! I had a totally non compliant lunch yesterday, but it was a "worth it" meal and I got right back on track. Ive had those paleo chocolate pumpkin muffins on my counter and haven't eaten them, because it's getting that sugar dragon awake. They literally taste like moister costco chocolate muffins. It's really just a bald cupcake. I hope my husband eats them all up! Two days til I leave for CA and 4 til the weekend starts! Hope you're all well!
  3. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Y'all! I felt like crap yesterday! Run down, blah, no energy! I had two cups of coffee at 4 pm (rarely do that, especially since whole30!)... AND I was ready for bed at 930... now day 1 of my period usually takes it out of me... but I did fine last period on whole30... I also slept til 7 today! I've been getting up at 5/530 all week feeling alive and ready to tackle the world! Now I wish I knew if it was the 1)dairy 2)corn 3) the additional sugar, even in honey form or what I think really is 4) I didn't eat enough protein and fats for dinner at friendsgiving and so I had no fuel for Saturday. Perhaps TMI, but the trips to the bathroom have been quite effective and the "paleo poops" have been a far cry from what my normal BMs were not on whole30... and of course yesterday and today... not as ahem, satisfying. Funny how my previous "normal" is so not ok now! I really feel like I've turned the corner... food, like the It Starts With Food book says, either is adding something to your body and your life, or its detracting. Yesterday I wanted to go out to eat and have a glorious delicious burger. And if hubby was home, I might have. I settled with In N out, and brought my own thousand island to enjoy on my PROTEIN style burger. I ordered it correctly! 3 of us ate for $8, so that was good! But I still needed a veggie or something else at home! heres to more food prep and planning this week! I'm going to CA by myself with the kids on a Wednesday and then Friday leaving for my weekend away! My husband will join me on saturday:-) woo hoo!! @mdraeger i hope you nip the cold in the butt and rest well!
  4. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @Betsie_n that pulse test sounds really interesting! And I agree that camping is masochism so Im impressed @halfpint_aggie Stuck with it and lived to tell the tale! @mdraeger... great that you empowered your hubby to do his timeline and his program... ownership of oneself is important!!! I have had SO much energy! I've been getting up at 5 or earlier every day. I drink my first cup of coffee hot, mess around on my phone, read a mini devotional, and shower before the kids get up. Yesterday I took them 45 minutes to the Fort Worth Science Museum for several hours, tackled costco and traders and home. Today I spent time taking my 2 year old's picture with hopes of getting something good for Christmas cards, while my 4 year old was at school. Nature walk in the mud with a 2 year old... what could go wrong?!? Then the library and back to get 4 year old. I made creamed corn, apple dumplings and paleo chocolate pumpkin muffins for friendsgiving tonight. Literally, I just came back from Friendsgiving where I ate what I wanted... and I had 3-4 bites of creamed corn (that I made)... and a bite of some hash brown casserole... and a paleo chocolate pumpkin muffin. I took a half butternut squash and ate that all up. Totally lacking in protein but the kids were such I couldn't even get up to get a knife to cut my turkey. I have a headache already and my tummy is iffy. I can tell sugar rush and sugar crash that was just from the smidgeon in the creamed corn and the honey in the chocolate muffin. It's so much easier to stay whole30 it seems... I didn't even want the creamed corn, just that I made it and it was there and the other option were.... eh... need PROTEIN!!! i don't know if the start of my period is affecting my head and tummy more than the food-- I generally always get migraines on day 1, so could be a waaay light version or could just be in a VERY echoey room with 25 preschoolers up past their bedtimes could also be headache enducing! I hope that what I've learned and discovered sticks--- i looked around and nothing was lacking or missing... I didn't waaant anything I couldn't have. I wasn't missing out. Potlucks are generally mediocre at best, but still. I much prefer my protein and veggies than to have a processed roll or Mac and cheese. Wine would be my cheat... and that muffin was pretty darn good! But it's all just crap that detracts from the awesome, kickass way I've been feeling these last two weeks!!
  5. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Hi all! Ive been staying compliant minus a couple glasses of wine in the past week. I am continually motivated to stay on track... temptations abound, but my motivation to be healthier and hopefully someday expand our family outweighs the "loss" of tortillas, sandwiches etc. Ive determined whole30 is expensive, but we would be more likely to go out to eat and now it's so hard for me to find something that it's just not worth it to go out anymore... and I can cook some darn good meals! Ive attempted treadmill a couple times which is good for me to make the time... I took today off because I had a physical therapy appt. I shoulda done PT long ago, but I'm thankful I get the opportunity to do it now. I really wanted junk/sweets/wine tonight because "I deserve it" "my husband is gone" "I'm lonely/bored"... so I made tea instead... @halfpint_aggie your camping trip sounds .... interesting! I think it's nice your mil made chili without beans for you! Your poor hubby... I feel for him... lol @Betsie_n I'm still not 100% but still taking the antibiotics for a couple more days. My mom went home last Friday and my husband got home on Sunday. He just left again tonight. Busy few days scrambling to get my 4 year old in preschool.... and catching up from back to back guests and back to back sickness...Ive not done/folded/put away so much laundry as I did today! Between that and dishes ... lol
  6. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    I have been craving dairy... like ice cream and cheese to a lesser extent. I've ordered out 1x this weekend and asked questions and made it as compliant as I could. I kinda have my "must haves" list of restaurants for my weekend away, and if it still sounds just as amazing, I likely will partake. You all are right... if i can compromise and enjoy items without fries/loads of cheese/rice I will likely feel better for it. I'm going to try corn and dairy in small amounts because we have our mops Friendsgiving and I signed up to bring creamed corn... but I will make it gluten free-- deviating from the family recipe. my husband expected whole30 to be "over" so I could go to this amazing-looking burger place... but I politely declined. All in good timing though! @halfpint_aggie are you back from camping?
  7. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    Most of my pants are size 10, I can't wear them, and haven't for a long long while. My goal with whole30 was to get into them, even if snugly.... I can't even squeeze into a 12:-/ I have one pair of "fat pants" in a 12, and they're too small. One step at a time I know... I'm so discouraged
  8. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @halfpint_aggie oh good! I'll need ammo to fight back! Lolol
  9. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    One thing I've noticed is I still crave specialty coffees... a mocha or latte.... the foam, the mouthfeel, the sugary taste. Luckily or unluckily, DFW area has an extreme shortage of hipster (of which I am not) coffee shops with actual yummy beverages. Starbucks just doesn't cut it. Though prior to whole30, I woulda been there by now just to satisfy the craving. Every morning I want to add vanilla syrup or sugar to my coffee... and every morning, I just put almond milk in it. Funny that that's the thing I've been craving! I've had a chocolate cae on my counter for a week and had 0 of it. But a coffee... I'm there! Ive started to think ahead to my weekend away on CA central coast. That's a foodies dream! First real romantic getaway without kids since they've been born, in a place where my heart longs to get back to. Trying to decide if I go strict whole30 til then, eat what I desire without coming unhinged and get back on track....or if I loosen up a bit every few days to see how stuff reacts to me, so I know what to for sure avoid that weekend... if I eat compliant two meals a day and then dinner can be off plan.... what do you all suggest?
  10. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    @Betsie_n I think she knew something was up when I made my own mayo to make a burger, which I then ate on spinach and didn't have cheese....haha! She also asked if I could have wine last night or not... maybe she just wanted wine, I don't know. Im still sporting NSV st this point and the scale victory signs of you know, my clothes fitting.... not there. I am eating very similar things as last round, but I'm not breastfeeding. Instead of 3 eggs for breakfast, I now eat two...that seems completely plenty for me and some meals I can't even finish them. I think I'm eating less avocado/guac for fats, but the guac repulsed me this round for some reason and avocados are spendy... dinners and lunches seem to be the same... but despite being sick, I still have a lot of energy, my joints don't hurt, im just hoping to make 95% of my food whole30 for a long while to get the scale victories more confident because instead of lamenting that im sore and fat, I'm taking action to make a change and at least not sore.:-) good luck @halfpint_aggie on your road trip and camping weekend! Lauren
  11. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    My mom wanted Texas BBQ, so I opted for brisket on a baked potato, with no butter, cheese, sour cream, or BBQ sauce.... I'm guessing the potato had butter wrapped up in it because the foil seemed to be buttery, but the inside was most certainly dry. I'm not sure what the brisket is rubbed in, before it's smoked... but overall, I consider myself successful to have eaten at a BBQ place, without bread, beans, butter, or BBQ sauce... if there was butter in the spud, I suppose I will see how dairy responds to me... but I most certainly didn't eat as much as I would have wanted to. I thought she'd pick the deli counter/salad restaurant, where I know I can get compliant foods... but when in Texas, do as the Texans:-)
  12. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    You all are amazing!!! Like @halfpint_aggie said, it's back on antibiotics and steroids for me. I have a homeopathic nasal rinse/mucus solvent that spared me sinus surgery 10 years ago... I swear by it! But it's not cutting it this go around! @Betsie_n I'm intrigued by the oregano pills and if I can get out to Sprouts tomorrow, I'll look for them. Otherwise I check Amazon. I woke up fine yesterday and looked like death warmed over by evening. I went to urgent care again today. My husband is gone til Sunday but thankfully my mom is here til Friday to help with the kids. I hope to be amongst the living before then! She still doesn't know I'm doing whole30. All meals have been compliant obviously... minus that small glass of wine. (That I felt more than usual) I have found "my people" in you all... that heavy pour of one-- ok two-- glasses more regularly than I enjoyed writing down on an intake form for a new doc... and @halfpint_aggie I, too have been gaining like .5/week for the last 8 months or so... so I feel you! I didn't do weighing or measuring. I feel like nothing much has changed... but maaaaybe 4-5 lbs... a far cry from the 17 lbs I lost my first round. I shoulda lost that in just the sugar-in-coffee and wine, much less cheese, butter, and chocolate... I hope continuing on plan for another 10-15 days til my weekend getaway with my husband will help shed those lbs. I figure I have a total of 50 to lose , but would like to lose 10 before the weekend away. Maybe not being sick so much, and trying to be better about eating more fats, I might be successful. I still want to have another child in the next year or so, so my goal is to continue mostly on plan until pregnancy, and lose what I can and do my best during. Pregnancy and I don't get along so well so being sicker than a dog til 26 weeks doesn't really help much. But I always gained weight, obviously, so nausea never really treated. Maybe starting with a whole30 mindset maybe I would circumvent the nausea?? Who knows. Here's to continuing healthy eating options and making it work for us!
  13. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    It's Halloween and I'm sick AGAIN! This cold just will not go away! I was feeling so great on antibiotics, finished them, and 3 days later sick again. Meh!!! Besides the small glass of wine I had, my meals have all been compliant. My husband just thought I'd go have tacos tonight... um no... im home passing out treats while my mom and husband take the girls out. I'm making myself a compliant meal while they're out so I will have eaten before tacos. I didn't weigh or measure myself, but my clothes don't feel any better or fit at all for that matter so that's a bummer! I lost 17lb the first time... oh well. I'll keep on keeping on for now! Happy Halloween!
  14. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    I've read through everyone's posts and man! We are all bad asses!! We have navigated reunions, tailgates, Girl's weekend, crushing parties, illnesses, and life's curveballs! We made it y'all! I had a small glass of wine with my otherwise-compliant prime rib dinner. First alcohol in 33 days. I thought the histamines were getting to me, but I think I'm just getting sick AGAIN! I haven't had any cake or frosting, and have just seemingly made whole30 my brain shift. i want it to continue!!! My mom has been here for two days and still doesn't know I'm doing whole30. She has such a negative self body image that I just cringe when she brings it up (for herself).... i don't need her judging how "successful" my whole30 has been based on what I look like. i don't think I dropped anything... but I feel better and feel empowered to take care of me and to make healthier choices even if those around me aren't! Hwres to you amazing people who have navigated this road with me!!
  15. First Whole 30- Starting 10/2!

    I've survived a weekend with my best friend... lol no,really! I thought between my daughter's birthday and my friend's visit, I'd have had wine or the cake I made for my daughter. We went to a street fair/festival and it was so hard to find compliant food. I don't care about the corn dogs or funnel cakes--- those things are gross-- but surrounding restaurants had limited menus and no desire for modifications. I kinda forced it and had turkey on a salad with just olive oil-- no avocado to be had. All in all, a fun weekend was had and my LO enjoyed the festival and her birthday. Tiger blood is gone it seems. Then again, I know I didn't have enough protein or fats for lunch and so maybe that's really my issue. Up ridiculously early to take friend to airport and then home and back up to the airport later this afternoon to pick my mom up. She will be here 3-4 days and doesn't know I'm doing whole30. Can probably hide it well, minus the wine. I have a big prime rib roast to make while she's here, so that will be my meal on day 31 so I can have the wine:-) she's trying to be "low carb" so she doesn't want me cooking pastas anyway, so protein and veggies, here it is! @TerriNthat weekend away sounds amazing! We are planning one to central coast of CA in November too, and I want to do wine tasting and see our old haunts there too so... makes me reevaluate the reintroduction phase for me... I don't want to do whole30 strictly then, but could try to stick to mostly paleo, but also don't want to "mess up" the gut healing components of whole30. I feel, in general, so much better being on whole30. I still haven't. Priced a huge difference physically. Some times of the day my ring is looser than others, but otherwise my clothes are fitting the same:-/ NSV are it for me it seems. Which I'm thankful for, but when I have weight to lose and a history of having lost weight the first round last spring... kinda a bummer!!!