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  1. Wendy and Frankie

    I can't live without Splenda

    I agree, Shannon, I have done a few W30's. I was amazed after my first W30 that I could now drink unsweetened tea and LOVE it. I was always a Splenda-adder, or sometimes used real sugar as well. One thing that helped me with the unsweetened tea was that in addition to the black tea, I added a fruit-flavored herbal tea, such as Bigelow's red raspberry or perfect peach. It added just enough sweetness that I could tolerate the bitterness of the tea without sugar. Good luck! Wendy
  2. Wendy and Frankie

    coffee sweetener???

    I had the same issue with my Whole 30's. I didn't find that coconut or almond milk made it creamy or sweet enough for me, so I just gave it up for 30 days. Thankfully, I also like tea. This is what worked for me: I would put in an herbal fruit-flavored teabag in addition to the black tea. The fruit tea made it sweet enough for me. My favorites are the Celestial Seasonings peach and blueberry flavors, but I suppose any fruit flavored tea would work. Good luck! Wendy