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  1. I was replying in another post that I am actually bad at portions, and I am going to start cataloging to keep track. I could try substituting nuts out with other things, but i'm not using them as a fat source, but rather a protein source. The hypoglycemia has actually gotten better, I feel more stable, but there are other things I'm worried about: stress, anxiety, lethargy, pain, aimless/listlessness...
  2. I don't know? Maybe I imagined that focus? What are you doing for nuts other than almonds? I turned to cashews, even though I know they're not the best choice. home-made cashew butter on apples for a snack has been helpful, but my body-type is stout, and I am used to having quick protein. I've also suffered from hypoglycemia and the quick sugar-protein combo I could get before the whole30 was important (and somehow still needing it while doing the program).
  3. Hey everyone. I've been doing the whole30 for 28 days, but this is my first time joining in the forum. I've had the most problems with finding alternatives to Almonds (milk, flour, bars, butter, etc.)! I am allergic to Almonds, and it was this reason that I looked to the whole30: my allergy appeared out of nowhere last June and sent me to the hospital; since then it's been no almonds for me, which has been very difficult since I used to be in the gym a lot and Almond-coconut milk was my go-to (and most available) for blending and recovery. In the w30, I've noticed there is a lot of Almond substituted in, and not having that available has not only been mentally frustrating, it's been distracting me from feeling accomplished, or like the resources I've got available to me are not the WHOLE set that are available for others, and that has been very discouraging. So I want to know, does anyone else suffer from specifically ALMOND ALLERGIES, and what have you done to get around it, or how has it been for you?