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    Who's starting 1/1?

    I am ready to begin my W30 journey today! I did one in 2016 and I remember feeling so great after the 30 days that I continued for several months. I also journal, so my notes reflect a much more positive, energetic person during that time! A year ago today I had a big life change; I retired from my job position after 20 years. Adjusting to this new life screamed "freedom" in one sense, but unfortunately I took that as an excuse to fall back on some bad habits and push back the good eating habits I had built, and that included increased sugar intake, ugh... Now I need to put this new-found "freedom" to work in a better, healthier way. I am pre-diabetic and 66 years old. I need to get my blood sugar under control and I need to lose weight. To accomplish that, I need more energy from healthier eating. I will be so happy to get through this week to get the excess sugar out of my system! I remember also feeling much better not eating dairy or grains. Looking forward to less brain-fog and a looser waist-fit in my pants as well! It is good to have a group of people on the same path for support. Best to you all - let's do this!