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  1. On a typical day I wake at 5:30 and get to the gym for cardio or hiit at 6. I'm back home just after 7 and busy getting my 4 kids ready for school by 8. On Tuesday and Thursday I teach insanity (group fitness hiit class) at 8:30 so I don't eat anything beforehand, and if I do, I try to keep it very small. I'm usually not home to eat until 10 or so. I like to eat lunch around 12:30, so I eat a small breakfast. I have lunch around 12:30, and dinner around 5:30. Once my kids are in bed, I usually go back to the gym for heavy lifting around 8:30-9:30. Once I'm home I usually go right to sleep since I try not to eat anything after dinner. My question is, do I really need a pre/post workout meal for each of these workouts? I'm 5'8 and usually 125-130 lbs, but with the holidays and taking a week long cruise, I'm up to 135-138. I would like to be back in the 120s again by the end of the 30 days, so I don't want to eat too much. Any suggestions?