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  1. I am officially halfway done with my first Whole30, on day 15 and lately, in the afternoons after lunch, I get what feels like a sugar crash? I just all of a sudden have no energy and have to sit down or lay down until it passes. I just feel like my body is a brick and my mind becomes foggy like before, when you needed to drink a coke. Maybe a problem with blood sugar levels? I am eating regularly breakfast, a cup of coffee, lunch with plenty of fats/proteins/veg in all the right ways, so I don't see where this problem is coming from?
  2. Craving sweets! Help!

    I haven't had that much fruit, but I'm just wondering what "sweet" options were. After reading everything, I didn't really see any type of foods (maybe the Larabars) to have something sweet. That's really only been my problem so far, I guess that's not too bad if it is. Thanks for the recs
  3. I'm on day 8 of my first whole30 and I'm craving sweets/chocolate. What is there that is acceptable besides fruit?
  4. Penzeys is a life saver.

    Well I just bought the Chicken to try, haven't used it yet. But Penzey's overall is a great place to get spices, but of course, yes, read the label.
  5. Aldi's Stores

    I just started Whole30 and when I did my shopping (on a budget) I went to Aldi and found more than half of what I needed on my list, they have a great source of produce and olives, vinegars, etc. So if you have an Aldi store near you, (I'm in Birmingham, Alabama) I urge you if you're on a budget to go check them out.
  6. Penzeys is a life saver.

    I just started Whole30 and as I was doing research and getting my spices at Penzeys I noticed they carried Soup Bases. I know it's better to make your own, but sometimes when you're in a pinch, those might work. It's very concentrated so for an 8oz cup, it just takes a little. Here's the link https://www.penzeys.com/search/#?q=broth Has anyone else seen these, they seem to be new to Penzeys. Thanks!
  7. Hello Whole30, On day 2!

    I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself and I'm a new member and started yesterday. So far it's going well and I've read both books and my house is stocked with the first week of meals. I also threw out all the "bad" stuff as well. I have chronic insomnia and no meds seem to help. Went to a sleep clinic and didn't really help, so I thought the only way to change how I feel is to change my lifestyle. I'm looking forward to feeling better and getting my body back on a good track where it needs to be. Here's to 28 more days! Christy, Birmingham, Alabama