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  1. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Carla, All things considered, I think you did great. Next time you go out with people or to places your not sure of, eat first. My Aunt was always a picky eater. If she didn't care for the food where we were eating, that's what she did. She could always order a chef salad or steamed veggies or coffee and enjoy the company.
  2. Tigers and Turtles - 2016

    HUGs. My daughter has a good friend that has had to evacuate. Stay safe and dry.
  3. #SeptemberWhole30

    I wish I could cook ahead. My freezer is on the small side. I have stocked up on frozen veggies. Hard boiled eggs. I did make spicy tuna cakes for work tomorrow and the next day dinner.
  4. I try to buy really good coffee and drink it black. I've found that I have no taste for the coffee at work.
  5. #SeptemberWhole30

    Thanks Shannon. For now I have other things that I need to spend my time on.
  6. #SeptemberWhole30

    Question: I am rereading It Starts With Food. Is it of value to read all of the books?
  7. Hi! I'm on day 9 but was hesitant to post!

    What a great way of looking at this way of eating.
  8. #SeptemberWhole30

    I've already started (21 Aug) but I will definitely follow along. Sept 30th I leave on a cruise
  9. Breakfast Ideas

    Where might I find these recipes? The hash sounds like something I can make ahead and reheat.
  10. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Sure is. This is probably my 4th attempt. I have more reasons for the why and a clear view of the how.
  11. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    Wow, in just 5 days my knees feel less achy. Today is day 6. After a good break fast, I'm camped out at the car dealership. I'm staying far away from the cookies and drinking water. I hope all have been having a great start to their weekend.
  12. Looking for an Over 50 Group to blog with

    I turn 65 in October. I'm unhealthy and not living my best life. I am changing that Whole 30 is one of the ways I am doing it (day 3) as well as meditation and working towards a life of intention. I work full time in healthcare, have a 16 1/2 yr old daughter. Teaching myself to sew. My Greatest challenge is my work schedule as in there isn't one. Some days I put in 3 hours and some days I put in 14. It makes for a crazy life but allows me to care for my daughter.
  13. Aug 21st start date

    I just wanted to help everyone find each other. I'll just go back to my corner and stop typing.
  14. Aug 21st start date

    I understand that they can get large but I've seen where they are so splintered that people cant find each other. Last time I was on 4 different groups of same day starters and got little from it except frustration.