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  1. LydiaJo

    Breakfast Ideas

    On my first try at W30, it was suggested to stop thinking breakfast. lunch, dinner and think meal 1. meal 2. meal 3. I usually eat left overs from dinner.
  2. LydiaJo

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    Yes! We do. One meal at a time and planning. Off to do the shopping with list in hand.
  3. LydiaJo

    Newbie - Starting 7/23/2018

    @Raenstorm Don't forget your fats. They really will help keep you full. Keep something to drink where you can get to it.
  4. LydiaJo

    Starting the Whole30 on 7/23

    I will be starting Monday as well. Well, it's a restart, re commitment to me. WE CAN DO THIS!
  5. @A_banana, My first thought was that you could set your watch to your home time zone. It's what I've always done when I traveled. As for meals, think in terms of meal 1, meal 2 and meal 3 rather than breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tinned foods should be okay thru customs. Hope someone else has suggestions for you. Welcome aboard.
  6. LydiaJo

    Artificial Flavor in Coffee?

    I'm drinking much less coffee these days so I am buying more exotic coffee that I don't to add anything to. My gift list included coffee from small roasters.
  7. LydiaJo

    Breakfast sugestions?

    I have always eaten leftovers in the morning. Even as a child.
  8. LydiaJo

    Joining the community and starting on Jan. 1 2018

    Mireille, Good for you! I don't do fancy. Just meat/chicken and veggies plus healthy fats.
  9. LydiaJo

    Starting January 1, 2018

    Not on your own by a long shot. I'm starting the 1st as well.
  10. LydiaJo

    January 1st restart

    I keep restarting but I take at least a few of the good habits with me. A lot has changed in my mindset and I know I can do this. Lydia Jo
  11. LydiaJo

    Restart, Reset, Regain control

    @GabiPatricia I've gone down this road several times but seem to get derailed. Each time I learn more about myself. I've done away with the focus issue by having 6-10 pre cooked meals in the freezer. Because I often work from up to 16 hours, I always take 2 meals with me to work. You know the what to do, focus on the why.
  12. LydiaJo

    Underwhelmed and frustrated

    Wow, that is a lot of negative stuff. Maybe it's not about what you have left out of your diet but what you have added. Have you been eating new foods or larger amounts of some foods since going Whole 30?
  13. LydiaJo

    Woo Hoo! Day 30 is Here!

    Congratulations on the improved you. You and your family did a great job.
  14. LydiaJo

    starting over again

    @kirbz Thanks