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  1. LydiaJo

    Mentally blah/ depressed

    My daughter and I have go-to depression busters. get out of bed take a shower put on make up/ or moisturizer eat protein meal then if need be, go back to bed and start over LOL
  2. LydiaJo

    I'm not hungry!

    For me, I find that if I have a large portion of fat with my first meal that I am not hungry until after 2 or 3. I do try to east a small meal at by 230. YMMV
  3. LydiaJo

    Still Living In Crazy Town

    Day 4 I managed to sleep in again so meal 1 wasn't until 1145. Off to shop for veggies at the market. Then prep for the work week. Stayed complete but only had 2 meals and a CHOMPS stick before going to the club. I feel like I made a success of a weird day.
  4. LydiaJo

    Still Living In Crazy Town

    Day 3 and all is on track. All 3 meals on plan. Went to the office for cart reviews. Decluttered papers. Didn't finish the laundry or kitchen but I feel like it was a productive day. Got up late today so it will be bed time at 9. Monday I will be beck to work.
  5. I've evicted the circus. Now I'm working on evicting the clutter, both physical and mental. Got thru the holidays with my family. Started Whole 30 yesterday. Day 1: on plan although my last meal was close to bed time. Day 2: Meal 1done started laundry cleaning kitchen shopping Meal 2 still working on laundry listening to podcasts Meal 3 Didn't get all the laundry done but what I did is put away I can see the counters in the kitchen and the bottom of the sink Stayed on plan and making progress with the clean up. Today, I like me!
  6. LydiaJo

    Bone Broth

    Thanks Shannon. I actually like plain water so I do get about 3 liters a day.
  7. LydiaJo

    Bone Broth

    I drink bone broth through out the day. Where does it fit into the plan?
  8. LydiaJo

    Starting January! New mommy

    Good for you. I hope you get that large family. Enjoy your baby as they grow so fast. My baby is 19 today.
  9. LydiaJo

    Been lost for a while..........

    I think it’s a good thing that we can do a reset on our life. It gives me the ability to keep trying to be a better me. Good health in the new year.
  10. LydiaJo

    #January start

    I’m Lydia. 67 yr old mom to a 19 yr old, full time healthcare provider and a work in progress. I’ve been able to complete one round but need to get back on track.
  11. I'm having the same problem to some extent. I do tend to be a night owl but am ready for sleep by midnight. Now I can't sleep and then I have trouble waking up.
  12. LydiaJo

    Whole30 and Egg Donation

    The biggest effect with anesthesia is that a lot of times patients are given dexamethasone to prevent nausea. It is a steroid and will increase your blood sugar for a day. It's not something that has to be given. Bless you.
  13. LydiaJo

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Tomorrow will be a real test. It's going to be a work day. I've already packed some basics. After dinner I will pack up the leftovers.
  14. LydiaJo

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Day 3 and all is mostly well. I find that I am not hungry for meal 3. I'm on plan but eating a very small meal at night.
  15. LydiaJo

    Who's starting 1/1?

    Try building a new association. A special iced tea or other drink.