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  1. @ladyshanny Thanks for the advice. I will motivate and make an appointment with a doctor. I'm feeling great otherwise, so hopefully it turns out to be nothing. I'm not starving myself, and I do have the energy to exercise, so maybe it is just taking longer than normal for my hormone levels to recover after 20 years on the pill!
  2. I stopped taking birth control pills during my Whole 30 back in March. Not trying to get pregnant, but my husband got a vasectomy, and I was looking forward to having a normal hormonal cycle again after being on the pill for many years. Also looking forward to no more headaches at the end of each month due to hormone withdrawal. I had a very light, spotting period right after stopping the pill. It is now the end of August, and I haven't had my period since mid-March. While it is kind of nice not to have to deal with my period, I'm getting worried from a health perspective. It's ap