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  1. In a breakfast rut!

    Great ideas @MeadowLily and @TryingOver! Making my grocery list now. Thanks!
  2. I have fallen into a horrible rut with breakfast, and one that isn't recommended at all. I've been eating a Lara bar and fruit almost every morning, mostly because I'm being lazy with prep for breakfasts. Trying to break my bad habit and eliminate Lara bars - I love them and I'm convinced they keep my sugar dragon lurking around . Any breakfast ideas that are quick and portable would be most helpful!
  3. Started my Whole 60 on 1/10

    Hi! I started on 1/16 and am planning on doing a W100. Glad to have some company on this extended journey! Hope all is going well and you guys are feeling great. Today is day 10 for me and the bloat is real . And the food dreams have begun. Last night it was caramel corn....not even one of my go to sweet treats! What will it be tonight???? Jill
  4. Starting Jan. 16th!

    I'm loving following along with everyone's journey! It's really awesome to see the recipes everyone has tried and the NSVs that are beginning to surface! My favorite foods this week were the stuffed bell peppers from The Whole30 (p. 222) and a quick salmon recipe I found online and modified. All you need are salmon filets and your favorite vegetable(s) - I usually use broccoli. Preheat oven to 450. In a cast iron skillet, sear salmon fillets seasoned with sea salt and pepper in ghee (skin side up) for 1 minute. Turn fillets skin side down and add vegetables to skillet. Add whatever seasonings you like to vegetables (I use sea salt and Cajun seasoning) and cook for 10-12 minutes in the oven depending upon the thickness of the filets. Super easy and delicious! Had it for breakfast this morning. One week down, y'all! Rock on!! Jill
  5. Starting Jan. 16th!

    Hi Everyone! I'm starting tomorrow, too. Wanted to get started on the 9th, but.....life . I did 2 extended rounds in 2016 and I feel so much better when I'm putting real food into my body. Good luck to everyone, you've got this!!
  6. Committing to January 9 Start Date

    Hi! I'm also starting another Whole30 round on January 9th. I did several rounds last year and feel so much healthier when I am putting real food into my body. I just turned 48 and I feel like I'm getting too old to be unhealthy. I've lost 30 pounds, but the NSVs are really where it's at. Better sleep, better skin, and the knowledge that I'm doing something good for myself. Looking forward to incorporating more exercise this round. Best of luck to you! Please update once you get started!
  7. Starting March 14

    I really enjoyed my 30 days! I've eaten some awesome food, I'm sleeping better, and I just feel so much better. I lost 10 pounds and the coolest thing is the drop in my resting heart rate. I've been wearing a Fitbit for about a year. When I look back at my resting HR it has literally been all over the place from one day to the next. Now it's steady at about 61 and doesn't change from day to day (except for getting lower). I LOVE craft beer and I haven't even missed it. I'm hanging in for another 60 days and incorporating more exercise. Glad to hear everyone's good reports!
  8. Starting March 14

    Excited to be 20 days in! Feeling great most of the time and learning so much about how my body reacts to the food I eat. Made a huge mistake today. Compliant, but wrong for me. Was out shopping and ate a couple of dates to hold me over until I could get lunch prepared. So sweet I checked the package multiple times for added sugar. Just couldn't believe something natural could be THAT sweet. Wow!! Lesson learned. Have felt sluggish all afternoon and now have a headache. Hope everyone is doing great. Just a few more days. How many of you are continuing after the initial 30 days?
  9. Day 6

    Hi! I also just finished Day 6. Feeling pretty good and getting more confident about what I can and can't eat. Also true to get a feel for where I can buy some of the ingredients I need for cooking. This week has been Spring Break for me, so it's been easy to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Next week will be much busier and I plan to do a lot of prep work tomorrow. Best of luck with your journey!!!
  10. Starting March 14

    Woke up this morning feeling like poo! The "kill all the things" is really a thing, apparently. Making some eggs and guacamole for breakfast hoping to get out of this slump. Happy Day 5 to all!!
  11. Shredded Chicken

    Thanks for the suggestions! Y'all rock!!
  12. Starting March 14

    Good Morning! I hope everyone is having an awesome Day 4! Is anyone else surprised how much better food tastes already?? Feels like I've been in the kitchen all week, but It's Spring Break for me and I can't think of a better way to spend it than getting healthier!
  13. Shredded Chicken

    Hi! I've got a ton of leftover shredded chicken (made it for chicken salad). What are your favorite recipes that include shredded chicken?
  14. Starting March 14

    Started today, too. Hope everyone had a great first day!