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  1. rudeandnotginger

    Kombucha without added sugar

    GT's is the brand but it's usually written pretty small on the label. This is what the bottles look like: It has to be refrigerated. I usually find it near the pre-cut fruit and veggies or store-made fruit juices (that's where it's been at Walmart. At Whole Foods it gets its own case!)
  2. rudeandnotginger

    Kombucha without added sugar

    Unfortunately, I think Deane's is based in Minneapolis and only sells in Minnesota! But from their website it looks like they're planning to sell in North Dakota, so eventually they might be available more widely! And hopefully cheap kombucha on tap will be a trend everywhere soon.
  3. rudeandnotginger

    Kombucha without added sugar

    What about Deane's Kombucha? The ingredients are listed on the website as: "kombucha culture, organic gunpowder green tea, organic cane sugar, and organic whole fruits/ herbs for individual flavors" BUT when I emailed the company, they said: "We add no sugar after fermentation, all the sugars are used during the fermentation. Our average sugar content for the bottled and kegged kombucha is 6 grams per 16 ounces, so not much. Some of that is residuals from the fermentation, and some from the whole organic fruits added mid-stream (which still ferment for 7 days)." A 16 oz. bottle of GT's Multi-Green has 4g of sugar, so is 6g per bottle alright as long as I limit my use and pay attention to my Sugar Dragon? This is important because they have Deane's on-tap at my health food store and a 16oz. bottle is $1.69 instead of $3.69 for GT's.