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  1. Thanks @britgirlI am really happy I did this too and also appreciate the support. I am surprised to find myself wanting to continue albeit with a little more relaxed approach. Staying out of the biscuit tin would be a good thing this month. So I will slowly introduce and likely just the odd glass of wine for now. I have enough food and recipes to keep me on a roll. For now at least!
  2. Thank you @britgirlfor the great recipe. On the plan for tomorrow! Not sure what happened to feed either. Weirdly I don't crave any dairy but do want something crunchy and salty like a pretzel or my beloved Twiglets that I don't even think they make anymore. Wow @Rebecca001on getting the Christmas tree up. Epic.
  3. Way to go on all the progress and plans to continue. I will reintroduce slowly this time as before I have almost stayed too long and then resented the restrictions, which have then caused me to over compensate. So slow and steady is the plan. Thanksgiving here tomorrow and luckily easy to have an on program meal. Hope everyone is doing well.
  4. Mary -- I never have. I just use them fresh from the shop. Be sure to use Mel Joulwan's immersion blender method. Absolutely fool-proof and delicious!
  5. LOL, it's not my final weekend either, @Rebecca001. I can't count, or wishful thinking! Thank you for the recipe ideas, Here's what I ended up deciding to make this week: (using boneless chicken thighs)
  6. Happy final W30 weekend. All good but ready to be done, just because i crave things like oatmeal! But happy to be where I am and feeling better plus slept for six straight hours without waking so that is great progress. Hope everyone is doing well. Would welcome any recipes for the final ten day push as running out of ideas!
  7. Delighted to be at the halfway + point and hoping some of the tiger blood will kick in -- not to mention sleep! Still struggling in that department although has always been a constant challenge with or without W30. Food and exercise on point -- I lift heavy weights 3 x per week and do 12K + steps a day. Nut obsession is starting to lessen its grip and I find that I am not as hungry overall. Hoping for a good last half and hope everyone is doing well!
  8. Have a good weekend indeed and congrats on the job @Rebecca001! I'm waiting for tiger blood and sleep and to be able to manage a day without putting my hand in the nut jar. I'm not hungry, it's habit so the goal for day 13 onwards is to kick that to the curb. Meanwhile planning some great meals for the week like the pork chop one on the W30 recipe instagram feed, chicken marbella and shrimp/prawn curry. May also make a frittata as that is a good go to if hungry.
  9. Still plodding on but super hungry and definitely eating enough! @britgirlyou didn't stuff up. you're living your life. You have more information now about what feels good and onward! Now back to the nuts! So looking forward to having a sweetgreen salad tonight!
  10. You've got this @britgirl! I often find that restaurants, particularly posh ones, can be super accommodating if you give them a little advance notice. I used to feel embarrassed about making special requests but not anymore. We're the guests. There must be something about day 9 as I too am beyond hungry today. Really happy that I prepped food as otherwise I would have my beak into all sorts of non compliant things. But pressing on regardless. Looking forward to day 30!
  11. Made it to Day 9 and starting to feel better although sleep isn't great (in fairness, never is but I do hope for improvement when doing W30!). Cravings are OK although still feel urge to snack, which is definitely habit versus need and today when the urge bites I will have a drink instead. Trying the chicken biryani recipe in the W30 instagram feed for dinner. Sounds delish. Made the mistake of pre-making my cauliflower rice and now entire fridge has lovely sulphur odor. Does anyone have a hack for this?!
  12. All good so far. Hope all's well with everyone. Happy to be seven days in. Prepping food for next week - Ina Garten's roast chicken, Greek Chicken Skillet and Chicken Biryani. Hopefully husband won't notice constant chicken but not much imagination or energy right now to do something else! Making cod fajita bowls now which I just wing with roasted veggies and like..... Don't really crave sweets but challenged with snacking!
  13. Doing okay and no big cravings but definitely got into nuts for last two days. Not going to beat self up though because most important facet of this for me is not feeling like there's good and bad if that makes sense. If I am super hungry I will eat. Just made my favorite soup -- super easy - sauté a large sweet onion, add a bunch of sliced carrots and celery and let sweat until onion is translucent. Add 4 cups of shredded chicken and compliant chicken stock to your desire. I like more of a stew so probably use four cups. Once veggies are soft, add in a quarter cup of lime juice and a ha
  14. I'm not a moderator or expert but I do find that starchy vegetables do help a little with cravings. I love Japanese sweet potatoes the best as they're dense and not too sweet. You're so right to avoid the dried fruit et al. Such a slippery slope. I also find that making sure I am fully hydrated really helps. My go to is that I always have a batch of oven roasted veggies in the fridge that I can heat up or add to meals/salads.
  15. Happy to have day one in the bag. Today I had leftover veggies from the balsamic chicken bowls with two eggs and avocado for breakfast. Will have roasted veggies and chicken sausage for lunch and then marinated flank steak with mashed root veggies and green beans for my dinner. Prep and planning seem to be key for me. This round of W30 is very different as it's the first time I am not tracking what I am eating calorie-wise, a bad habit that I need to break in order to listen to what my body needs. Agree with @Rebecca001about exercise and getting in the habit. I change into my workout clot
  16. @britgirlhere you go. Obv omit the maple syrup!
  17. Does anyone know if this is compliant? It's a probiotic sparkling water. The label does not list any sugar but does say "concentrated fruit juices". Welcome any insights. Thank you!!
  18. Starting today - this is my first W30 in a while and I am really looking forward to a reset, getting more vegetables in my life, and reducing anxiety and inflammation overall. Kicked off with a great breakfast of shaved brussels sprouts sautéed with tandoori spice topped with two poached eggs and avocado. Will prep cook a bunch of meals this afternoon. On the menu are balsamic chicken bowls, marinated flank steak with mashed root veggies and nom nom paleo's amazing fajita chicken. I will roast up a bunch of veggies for lunches along with compliant chicken sausage.....