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  1. Hello! Quick review of background and goals: I am on Day 7. I am a 43 year old woman who exercises 5 days per week (SPX Pilates, running, weights), travels extensively for client meetings and is doing Whole30 to control migraines, energy supply and regulate mood. I am 5'5" and weigh approximately 117 lbs. I would like to lose some additional body fat and gain lean muscle mass. Before the program, I had a headache every day. I have a noticed a reduction in my headaches. I also have started to pay attention to my sleep, aiming for 8-9 hours a night. This is a change in my routine. Prior to Whole30, I would have my "hungry days" and my "un-hungy days". I would at times go for 2-3 days without eating more than 400 calories per day due to not paying attention to my hunger signals. My work days can last (with travel) as much as 18-plus hours (though I am attempting to limit this, as lack of sleep does trigger my headaches). Drinking about 64 oz of water per day with 1 packet of Nature's Calm. Stopped all supplements for the Whole30. Meals/activity: 9 am - 8 oz black coffee, 3 hard boiled egg whites (yolks ok?), 1 medium banana, water 12:45 pm - 1 RX bar (blueberry), water (needed an emergency "on the go" snack 1:40 pm - SPX Pilates (50 minutes) 3 pm - 1/4 c raw almonds, water 6 pm - (at a restaurant) 2 c lettuces with peppers and 1 T EVOO, 4 oz rare tuna, 1/4 c avocado, club soda with lime, 1/2 c decaf coffee 8:30 pm (because I was starving) - 1/8 c raw almonds, green tea (organic), 1/2 sweet potato, water with Nature's Calm I am thinking I need to add veggies at breakfast and maybe more fats? Thank you in advance! P.S. Made the salmon cakes from the Whole30 book for dinner last night and they were AWESOME.
  2. Need food I can take on the plane

    Full transparency...I am a Whole30 Newbie and I am facing this same challenge as I travel weekly for my business. I have used the following (usually stopping by Trader Joe's or Whole Foods mid-week): raw veggies, organic baby food (this is a trip when I pull this out on the plane) - just make sure it is no sugar added, there are a number of flavors that work well, sweet potato, squash, etc., wild caught salmon in tins, (or the tuna), fruits/raw almonds/cashews (sparingly), and when in a real pinch, the compliant RX bars (discount code "Whole30" gets you 10% off). Hope this helps and if more experienced members see anything wrong with any of the above, please comment.
  3. Supplements Whole30 Compliant

    Thank you, Shannon! I searched the Forum but was not in the correct place, evidently. I had forgotten about Natural Calm and have that in my cabinet. Appreciate your taking the time to reply!
  4. Hi! I am new to Whole30. Right now, I want to take someone's head off, but that is a different story. Wondering if anyone has found a brand of supplements or vitamins that are Whole30 compliant? Almost every single one of my vitamins has soy or some form of sugar. I am directed by my doctor to be on Vitamin D and Magnesium, but I also take Acidophilus, Biotin, Folic Acid, B12 (this one appears to be compliant) and Omegas/Fish Oil. Help! The Vitamin D, Mag and Acidophilus are my biggest concerns. I could look into a multivitamin but need to watch the Vitamin A. Thank you in advance!