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  1. KJay290

    Day 29 Whole 30 Period Probs!

    My question was about my period, not about my meal plan! Any tips on that?
  2. KJay290

    Day 29 Whole 30 Period Probs!

    Okay, I did say that I am eating 2 eggs with each breakfast, please re-read what I posted. I am following the portion suggestions and cooking with fats in response to your meal templates comment.
  3. KJay290

    Day 29 Whole 30 Period Probs!

    Also, I drink roughly a glass of water with each meal and I live in NYC so I walk approximately 3-4 miles daily. I am also a dancer, so I am active.
  4. KJay290

    Day 29 Whole 30 Period Probs!

    Thanks! Thats super helpful, really appreciate it. These 2 days are pretty typical for me- Day 27- Breakfast- 2 eggs over easy, 1/2 avocado, banana Lunch- spaghetti squash with ground turkey and an apple Dinner-pulled chicken with homemade tomato sauce over spinach Day 28- Breakfast- 2 eggs over easy, 1/2 avocado, banana Lunch-Chicken w/ spinach, beets, artichokes, and sunflower seeds Dinner-Steak and spaghetti squash and an apple
  5. Hey guys, So I am on my Day 29 of my 1st Whole 30. I got my period about 2 weeks late and have been having really abnormal symptoms for my body so far. I have been lightly spotting and experiencing intense cramps and feeling bloated pretty much every day for the past week. Before I started the Whole 30, I had irregular periods, some months it would come, some months it would not, and barely would ever feel sore from them, but this one has been really really painful daily. I am feeling super bloated and not Tiger-Bloodish at all in my last week. I am afraid that when I take a look at my results from the beginning to the end of my journey they will not be accurate because how I am feeling now. Also, I am afraid my bloat will throw off my "flat belly" result and my weight loss total on Day 31. I know it's not about scale victories only, but I do want to get an accurate Day 1 > Day 30 comparison! Help!
  6. KJay290

    Chia Pudding?

    How does the Whole30 program feel about Chia Pudding? Is this okay? Is it a fake-cheat food?