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    Thanks! I would agree, just tried my first one today and definitely just a hint of tea not as much tea flavor as I would have preferred. Not bad though, another beverage to add to the list :-)
  2. bblanke28


    Anyone tried this brand of iced teas and have feedback? Good? Not so much? Definitely look compliant and thought it might be a nice change from my water/Lacroix/Bubly bevs.
  3. bblanke28

    Tessemae too much of a good thing?

    While I definitely enjoy it, no anxiety and haven't resorted to shots of it...yet Thank you so much for the reply and support!
  4. I'm fairly obsessed with all the Tessemae Whole30 approved dressings to the point where I'm wondering if I'm overdoing it? If it were regular salad dressing with all the sugar, I'd wouldn't be using it the way I am now (ie. salads, dip raw veggies, little drizzles over my meat/eggs/stuffed peppers). Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting it on everything but on a good portion of things because I just love the flavor. Is this considered problematic on Whole30?