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  1. I did another mountain bike ride yesterday and I made it to the top in my fastest time ever, with my lowest max heart rate ever! I did it in 36:35 with a max heart rate of 176! My previous best was 37:48 with a max heart rate of 185! Woo, woo! It doesn't feel any easier! But my body says it is! This is why I do this. Because the time I get to spend in the mountains means everything to me. And I want to be able to enjoy the mountains with my own body until the day I die.
  2. @SchrodingersCat It's strange to feel so personally benefited by something so awful, isn't it? But I'm learning to hold multiple truths within me. I can mourn for the tragedy befalling so many people and also be personally happy at the impact it has had on my life. Those feelings don't take anything away from the other. I'm kind of personally hoping that this work from home will last forever. Honestly, if it doesn't, it might just force me to make a career change that is long overdue. I really don't think I could go back. Now that I have seen how incredible this lifestyle is, I don't wan
  3. Oh my goodness, I can totally relate to your recent post expressing concerns about life after Whole30. It reads as something I could have written myself. I'm also on my fifth Whole30 and I have fallen into fourth-grade-boy-left-alone-at-home bad eating habits in between each one. When will I learn? I've had Food Freedom Forever and also haven't read it. What could it possibly teach me that I don't already know?! LOL. Maybe it's time for me to read it too. I need this one to stick. I need this round to be the driver for a permanent lifestyle change. I feel so much better, so much more aligned,
  4. Oh wow, I most definitely laughed aloud reading this! I can definitely relate to eating like a fourth grader whose parents are out of town! Lucky Charms for dinner? Kraft Mac N Cheese for breakfast! Yes, please! Oh wait, no! Lol. I wish you the very best on your Whole30 journey! I hope you find the results you’re looking for and that the knee feels better!! We’re all here rooting for you!
  5. This round has really been a round for trying new recipes. And I love it! I recognize that the global pandemic is tragic and is adversely impacting people all over the world, but working from home has been an enormous blessing for me. I have so much more time and because I'm not bouncing around living in two different cities, I feel inspired to try new recipes on the regular. It's so much fun! For myself and for anyone else who reads this, I wanted to document three new favorites: Sweet Potato Soup (5 Stars): In N Out
  6. @SchrodingersCat Thank you! I appreciate you checking in to share your support! @ShadowInTheKitchen Thank you! I'm definitely finding that my spiritual re-awakening and taking better care of my body go hand in hand. It's a big part of the alignment that I am seeking! And I totally agree that discovery of self is really the start of becoming something new! I'm excited for the journey to continue on both fronts! Thank you for your support and best wishes to you on your journey!
  7. ROUND 5 RESULTS Alright, well, I'm officially done with my Whole30 so I thought I would log my scale- and non-scale victories! I'm also planning to continue for another month, so I've added measurements, which I will compare in another 30 days. I lost more weight than I thought this round, but it felt a lot harder to see and feel the difference. Probably because it's less easy to notice weight loss when you only wear sweats! LOL. Much easier to notice when you're actually wearing real clothing, like business pants! I still continue to be disappointed that I don't have more energy b
  8. Oh, I should also note that I ordered Michele Rosen's Paleo Baking at Home and once I get into the 170s, I fully plan to start incorporating healthy baking into my lifestyle. I expect that'll be another couple of months. It was delightful looking through the book and that fact is, I want sweet treats to be a part of my life. I just want to get to a reasonable weight first. And I'll need to set careful boundaries to help me with moderation, because I am most definitely an abstainer. I would say I'd read Food Freedom Forever, because I own it and it may have some helpful tips for me, but I have
  9. I still continue to love what I'm eating and I love the way I feel. I just feel healthy. Like, my insides feel good. I have an aura of good health surrounding me. It's lovely. And it makes me feel aligned. Aligned with the vision of myself that I hold in my heart. And aligned with the woman I want to be when I'm 80 years old - active and healthy, hiking some trail in a beautiful backcountry forest somewhere. That being said, I am still so very, very tired. I slept nearly 12 hours last night and I could have slept through the day. It continues to be difficult to get out of the bed in the
  10. @ShadowInTheKitchen Honestly, my comment about weightloss might not be entirely true. Every day is like groundhog day around here so it may just be that it feels slower. Alternatively, it could be that I've lost and re-gained the same weight so many times that my body is starting to resist... I'm honestly not sure, but I was definitely eating as poorly as I've ever eaten when I started this round so it wasn't that! Thank you for the encouragement! Best wishes to you as well! @Blueautumn Thank you for reading my entire journal! Wow! I'm glad you found some inspiration through my words and
  11. I'm currently doing my fifth Whole30. At first, I would do the slow-roll reintroduction and eventually discovered that that just doesn't work for me at all. It's too easy for me to be thoughtless about the foods I eat when I do the slow-roll. I like the structure and more "scientific method" type approach to the formal, scheduled reintroductions. I was very thoughtful about the foods I chose to reintroduce, based on the foods I wanted to incorporate into my long-term diet, and I planned everything out in advance. I then documented how each one made me feel and ended up with a list of foods I t
  12. @ShadowInTheKitchen This might just be the best sentence I've ever read on this forum: "I didn’t throw out food, I threw out some chemical experiments that are marketed and sold as food and just happen to taste good." So sad, but so true. Hahahaha....
  13. @BabyBear Of course! You're welcome! She is a recent discovery for me so it's been fun to experiment! My previous go-to bloggers have been Paleo Running Momma and Mel Joulwan. Her Chic-fil-A sauce is something else! I might just drink it as soup sometime! LOL. I don't normally like making my own condiments (I normally buy) but that one is definitely worth it. I can't wait to try her P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps because I love, love, love those!
  14. Day 22. I feel really happy with how I'm eating. It feels totally do-able (though working from home sure helps) and I've been finding all sorts of delicious new recipes. I truly and genuinely like eating this way. I'm eating food that nourishes my body. It feels good. My body feels good. My knee pain is virtually gone and I'm feeling leaner. Though the weight loss seems to be happening more slowly than in previous rounds. My skin is super clear. I have very few cravings. I'm good. I'm feeling good. I could probably still eat more greens and drink more water. I'll try to monitor that mor
  15. Oh. My. Goodness. How were those In N Out burgers!? I looked up her recipe after seeing your reference here and they look amazing! Please, please tell me they are! LOL. I also saw that she has a recreation of P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps! I am so making those this week too! It sounds like you're doing great! Keep up the good work. I love seeing your list of NSVs each day!
  16. It's also super useful to make homemade plantain chips... :-)
  17. I'm on Day 18 of my fifth round, so I'm a bit ahead of you but I'm happy to cheer you along and swap stories! :-) I also reverted to pretty poor food choices recently, so this is a kickstart to get back to eating in alignment with the woman I want to be!
  18. Oh it is sooo good! I couldn't even tell that it wasn't ricotta cheese! And the whole things really tasted like lasagna, though you knew that it wasn't pasta... I definitely recommend using a mandolin though. I just don't think you'd be able to cut the zucchini thin enough without one! Let me know how you like it! P.S. I love your new focus. I used to focus on having the "perfect Whole30" and now I focus on sustainability. How can I make this simple and enjoyable?
  19. Here are some of my favorites: Whole30 Chicken Nuggets: Lemon Butter Scallops: Sesame Chicken: Salmon Cakes: Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup (I love this as veggies for breakfast): And these two are definitely complicated and take a little bit o
  20. @ShadowInTheKitchen Hi there! I hope you don't mind me popping in on your food log. I saw that you were looking for some gravy recommendations. I have two for you if you're interested! (the gravy recipe included here is the best gravy recipe I have ever had in my whole life. so good.) (this gravy is also delightful and delicious) In general, if you are looking for new recipes, my very favorite food bloggers are Paleo Running Mom
  21. Oh, and I purchased an entire gallon of pickle juice so I can make Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets as often as I want, which may be something along the lines of every other day...
  22. Day 15 today. Still going strong, though still struggling with energy. I've been eating three meals every day, which was a bit inconsistent in the past but isn't so much now that I work from home every day. I eat fat with every meal, though I do rely very heavily on ghee and bacon. I'm swapping out some bacon for avocado every other morning to see how that does. I'm eating lots of potatoes, at least one meal a day and oftentimes two. I may try swapping out white and sweet potatoes for some other carb-dense vegetables. Maybe some beets and some winter squashes. I'm not really sure what else to
  23. Welcome back! I'm currently on Round 5 and also suffer from an impressive ability to revert to poor eating habits, driven by laziness and convenience! I actually don't mind eating Whole30. I love the food and I love the way it makes me feel. But dang, it is so much work (I mean really, how can a single woman produce so many dishes!?) and I just cannot get into Whole30-approved convenience foods... But, we're here! We keep trying so we deserve some credit for that! I wish you the very best and hope your vertigo is cured once again!
  24. @mazzystarslight Thank you for sharing a bit of your story and I wish you the very best of luck! It sounds like you're staying true and strong, despite your struggles. Congratulations! I don't personally have any experience with mental health disorders so I cannot offer you any insights, but I can say that I see you and hear you. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you the best! The easiest way to search the forum is simply to do a Google search (i.e., type "Whole 30 bipolar disorder" into Google). The first results are usually all from the Forum so you can click through those. Here
  25. I just wanted to share this magical recipe with the whole world because it is oh-so-amazing! If you've been craving some delicious, flavorful chicken nuggets with some truly incredible dipping sauce, here you are! Go forth and enjoy!