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  1. Today I'm reintroducing dairy! Yay! I've been waiting for this one. I plan to have some yogurt with breakfast, a couple slices of cheese with lunch, and some sour cream with dinner. This is stuff I'd actually like to be able to eat. I love cheese, crackers, and salami when camping and backpacking. I'd like to be able to continue that tradition. However, I am noting that I need to check my mindset about eating "bad" stuff. I still find myself thinking that if I'm working that hard, I should be able to eat whatever I want. But that's really a mindset based in calorie-counting. I don't want
  2. Guh, it's Girl Scout Cookie season. And suddenly I find myself wondering what I learned from all of this. Because I just ordered six boxes of Caramel Delites and just can't find a reason why I shouldn't be able to eat an entire box as a reward to myself for being oh-so good during the last month and a half.... Yikes, I really need to read Food Freedom Forever and come up with a better strategy to deal with these Girl Scout Cookies!
  3. ROUND 2 REINTRODUCTION Day 10: Tuesday, January 15 Foods Reintroduced Today: gluten-free oats + quinoa + amaranth; yellow rice How I Felt: I ate a bowl of gluten-free instant oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast. It was unsweetened, but contained oats, quinoa, and amaranth. I immediately felt terrible. I had a stomach ache that did not feel better for a few hours. I wasn't on the verge of throwing up or not being able to work, but it was uncomfortable. Oatmeal definitely isn't worth it. I then had yellow rice with shawarma and baba ganoush for lunch and then leftovers for di
  4. Okay, I'm planning to reintroduce non-gluten grains today! I'm starting off with some unsweetened instant oatmeal this morning, which has oats, amaranth, and quinoa in it. Not ideal to reintroduce all three at once, but my options for instant oatmeal packets that I can eat at my desk that are gluten-free and sugar-free are limited! I will then have some shawarma with rice from my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant for both lunch and dinner. I may also try to get some corn in there somewhere, because I do like corn! More information to come! I honestly don't really feel like eating this s
  5. ROUND 2 REINTRODUCTION Day 7-8: Saturday, January 12 to Sunday, January 13 I did not end up reintroducing non-gluten grains over the weekend. Honestly, I just didn't feel like it. I preferred to eat Whole30. It feels pretty comfortable for me and I wanted the benefits of eating that way. I didn't want to deal with any more unpleasant side effects (even though it was only a couple of pimples). I also didn't want to mess with my cravings anymore, because I noticed a pretty significant increase in sugar cravings after that darned peanut butter! So, I ate Whole30 and it was delicious and sat
  6. ROUND 2 REINTRODUCTION Day 6: Friday, January 11 Foods Reintroduced Today: none How I Felt: I found another pimple on my forehead. So, either the garbanzo beans, peanut butter, or sugar in the peanut butter makes me break out. That's a bummer! I mean, it isn't severe, but I loved the clear skin I had... Sunday should reveal more as I reintroduce non-gluten breads and white rice (and maybe quinoa). For now, I'm back to Whole30 and even three meals a day! And you know what, it isn't even that hard.
  7. Yeah, I think it does some sort of conversion from steps to miles. As I said, I'm not sure how that works and for me, I don't really care. Perhaps some Googling will help! I use the watch in GPS mode and with an external Garmin heart rate monitor for almost all of my outdoor activities, including backpacking. I take a small, portable charging stick when we do three days or longer in the backcountry and that gives me what I need to keep the thing charged throughout the trip (of course I only keep it in GPS mode when we're actually hiking, not when we're setting up and milling about camp).
  8. @hollysmokes Hmm... that's a good question. As I mentioned, I have the Garmin Fenix 5s, which is a pretty expensive watch. I use it for two things: Mostly, I have it to track my workouts. I have the separate heart rate monitor and I really like to have accurate data of my outdoor activities in order to track and gauge my overall fitness. I also I like it because I can track pretty much everything I do, including hiking, snowshoeing, paddleboarding, trail running, biking and even swimming with a ton of different data points. Secondarily, I use it to track my day-to-day activity. I l
  9. ROUND 2 REINTRODUCTION Day 5: Thursday, January 10 Foods Reintroduced Today: legumes (peanut butter) + sugar How I Felt: I ate several large spoonfuls of Skippy Naturals Extra Crunchy Peanut butter in the morning and several again in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the peanut butter also had some sugar. I didn't feel any discomfort or an negative side effects except that a new pimple appeared on my forehead. Considering I made it through my period and a some significant stress with out any at all, I think it's likely due to the hummus or peanut butter. I also had a hard time controlli
  10. @TEwhole30 Thank you for the feedback! I''ll definitely look into pairing the hummus with some Paleo crackers or bread in the future. I'm not quite ready to reintroduce those things yet, so I'll wait a bit, but that's a great idea! I did reintroduce hummus last night and I simply dipped my shawarma in it. It was wonderful and I didn't have any ill side effects. Also, note that I'm a complete hummus snob and only buy it from family-owned, hole-in-the-wall, Middle Eastern restaurants (preferably Lebanese). I don't buy any of that store bought garbage. So my hummus is pure and delicious! If
  11. ROUND 2 REINTRODUCTION Day 4: Wednesday, January 9 Foods Reintroduced Today: legumes (garbanzo beans) How I Felt: No symptoms. I ate a fairly sizable portion of hummus with my shawarma last night and I didn't have any negative side effects. It tasted delicious, I felt fine afterward and the next morning, and I did not feel overly full, despite the large meal. Thoughts/Reflections: I'm happy that I don't have any side effects from hummus, as it's something I really love. However, it definitely takes something away from it to not be able to pair it with some delicious Middle Eas
  12. ROUND 2 REINTRODUCTION Day 1: Sunday, January 6 Foods Reintroduced Today: "bread" (though no non-compliant ingredients) How I Felt: Great! I ate three large pieces of banana bread in lieu of dinner last night because I felt like it and I don't feel bad about it at all and I don't feel poorly in any way. Thoughts/Reflections: I officially ended my Whole41 today because I made banana bread. The ingredients were 100% compliant, but it's bread, so I can no longer claim to be continuing my Whole30. I feel good about my decision. Honestly, I'm kind of struggling to start reintr
  13. ROUND 2 Day 31-41: Wednesday, December 26 to Saturday, January 5 I continued Whole30 for another ten days. I didn't end up making hot chocolate or banana bread for our New Years camping trip. I stayed fully compliant and actually ate meals much closer to the meal template this time around. It was a proud moment for me. I'm also feeling more confident that I can sustain a healthy, whole food, Paleo based diet for the long term. I've learned how to pull together very quick meals. I've learned how to keep my house stocked with supplies that mean I can often try new recipes without hav
  14. Hi @hollysmokes! When I make the spiralized hashbrowns, I cook them just over medium heat (like between medium and medium-high) with the lid on for about five minutes, and then the rest of the time without to brown them up. The time with the lid on softens them up enough to be just perfect without requiring any sort of pre-cooking for the potatoes! Let me know if you have any other questions. I really love these hashbrowns and honestly prefer them over regular! :-)
  15. Though I'm officially done with my Whole30, I'm not sure exactly when I plan to start my reintroductions. I'm feeling good with Whole30 for now, so I plan to continue for at least a few more days. Regardless of the when, I do plan to do the formal, structured reintroduction as outlined in the book. I want to know how different foods affect me as I refine what I want my long-term eating to look like. Here's what I want to reintroduce to see how they affect me (i.e., these are the foods I'd be most inclined to eat on occasion): Legumes: garbanzo beans (because hummus), peanut butter
  16. @HappyPlace Thank you! I'm glad you've found some inspiration here! I wish you the very best! I'm not posting much right now because I'm still maintaining Whole30, but I definitely plan to thoroughly document my reintroductions, which I will do formally as recommended in the book. So more to come in reintros!
  17. Alright, as I'm officially done, here are my results! Though I do plan to continue my Whole30 through the end of the week. I may then try reintroducing some legumes, or I may stay Whole30 a bit longer... Weight Loss: 15.0 lbs NSVs: Clearer, glowing skin with fewer blemishes Leaner appearance and flatter tummy Less painful joints Fewer sugar cravings Healthier relationship with food More nutrition in my diet Energy levels are slightly more stable throughout the day Learned new recipes and cooking skills (and tried new cooking gad
  18. ROUND 2 Day 23-31: Tuesday, December 18 to Thursday, December 27 Well, clearly I've been terrible at keeping a food log. But I'm still here and I'm still plugging along. I even stayed compliant through a camping/climbing trip in Bishop. It was hard. Really hard. I didn't realize how many food rituals I associated with camping. For example, we ALWAYS have salami, cheese and crackers. But I couldn't have that. And it was hard. I brought a lot of leftover soups and chilis in mason jars and ate a lot of that. I also skipped some meals entirely and even made up a meal with an RXBar, a me
  19. ROUND 2 Day 22: Monday, December 17 Sleep Last Night: 7 hours 47 minutes (0:45 deep; 4:21 light; 2:40 REM; 0:05 awake) Wakeup: 6:00 am Meal 1: none Meal 2 (12:30 pm): bowl of sweet and sour chicken with carrots, red bell pepper, and pineapple (Paleo Running Momma Sweet and Sour Chicken); large serving of steamed broccoli (equal to two small heads) Snack (5:30 pm): small bowl of chocolate chili (Mel Joulwan Chocolate Chili); small bowl of zucchini soup (Mel Joulwan Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup) Exercise (7:25-7:50 pm): 600-meter lap swim (118 average HR; 147 max
  20. Oh, and sadly, I think it is very probable that I ate some non-compliant food on Thursday. We went out to a restaurant, and while I ate from the gluten-free/dairy-free menu, and asked a number of questions about ingredients and added sugar, I'm sure something slipped through. Because I could have asked even more questions but I didn't want to be a complete nuisance (i.e,, asking specific ingredients in the spice blend and balsamic). This is why I don't eat out on Whole30. But we were celebrating a milestone for one of my team members and I was hosting and paying, so I went. Oh well.
  21. ROUND 2 Day 17-21: Thursday, December 13 to Sunday, December 16 And, once again, I was rather lazy with keeping a food log. So here's a quick summary. On most days (if not all of them), I did not eat three whole meals and I did not do a pre- or post-workout meal. In short, I haven't been eating enough. And I'm not eating in the morning pretty much at all. Most of my meals start around noon. But, eating has really just been a chore. I don't like the planning. I don't like the prep. I don't like the eating. And I don't like the cleanup. So yeah, not great for getting all the meals in
  22. ROUND 2 Day 17: Wednesday, December 12 Sleep Last Night: 8 hours 07 minutes (1:16 deep; 5:27 light; 1:24 REM; 0:04 awake) Wakeup: 6:15 am Meal 1: none Snack (9:30 am): Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night tea with 1.5 scoops collagen powder Meal 2 (12:30 pm): bowl of chicken soup with bone broth, celery, carrots, onion, and potatoes Snack (6:00 pm): Wild Zora Curry Turkey meat and veggie bar + snack pack of coconut butter Exercise (6:45-8:00 pm): indoor bouldering (completed a handful of V0-V2 climbs and then worked on a V3 boulder problem) (105 average HR;
  23. ROUND 2 Day 16: Tuesday, December 8 Sleep Last Night: 9 hours 42 minutes (0:52 deep; 5:52 light; 2:58 REM; 0:06 awake) Wakeup: 7:15 am Meal 1: none Snack (9:30 pm): Numi Organic Embrace tea with 1.5 scoops collagen powder Exercise (12:30-1:15 pm): 45-minute walk during my lunch break Meal 2 (1:15 pm): two round steaks cooked in canned whole tomatoes with salt and pepper; medium baked potato with ghee Meal 3 (7:30 pm): Blueberry RXBar Supplement(s): Primal Kitchen Collagen Peptides Water Intake: ~80 oz Steps: 10,929 Symptoms/NSVs: N
  24. ROUND 2 Day 15: Monday, December 7 Sleep Last Night: 7 hours 32 minutes (0:38 deep; 4:59 light; 1:55 REM; 0:29 awake) Wakeup: 5:30 am Meal 1: none Meal 2 (1:15 pm): bowl of chicken soup with bone broth, celery, carrots, onion, and potatoes; 1/2 snack pack of coconut butter Snack (5:45 pm): Blueberry RXBar Meal 3 (7:30 pm): two round steaks cooked in canned whole tomatoes with salt and pepper; medium baked potato with ghee; fresh herb salad with 1/3 orange bell pepper, 2/3 cucumber, and Primal Kitchen Caesar dressing Supplement(s): none Water Intake:
  25. ROUND 2 Day 12-14: Friday, December 7 to Sunday, December 9 I'm definitely being lazy about keeping a log... For food, I did pretty poorly this weekend. I skipped several meals (I know I only had two meals on Saturday and two on Sunday; I don't remember Friday), didn't eat very many vegetables, ate too much red meat, and relied heavily on white potatoes. But I stayed compliant so that's that. Three more days down. 15 to go. For exercise, I did great! I'm continuing to prioritize exercise over meal planning and prep, which doesn't bode well for eating more vegetables but I'm s