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    Karen_Suep got a reaction from Robin in Iowa in Whole30 and Five Guys   
    even bacon cured in sugar has 0g sugar listed so I wouldn't risk it
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    Karen_Suep got a reaction from firestorm531 in Starbucks Teas - Is "Infused" Compliant?   
    That tea isn't compliant. I think most of their flavored iced teas are not going to be ok, but a lot of their hot teas will be. You can always ask for a steeped hot tea and a large cup of ice and make your own iced tea
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    Karen_Suep got a reaction from SavvyMama in Anyone done a Whole30 with a large family?   
    Just be careful with the canned chicken. My Costco has non compliant:( but I've found compliant tuna! Just remember that because it seems like it should be compliant doesn't always make it so. Read labels for eeeeverything.
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    Karen_Suep got a reaction from praxisproject in Question for Type 2 Diabetics   
    I keep small boxes of juice for quick raises to blood sugar and then when I'm at a good level, I eat a snack/mini meal and then make a note of what I can change for future meals.