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    Day 2 for me and hubby!

    Hello all! Day 25 and all is great! Hubby and I have done great! We are both feeling well, sleeping well and eating well! Don't know if we have lost any weight but our clothes feel looser! We both have lots of energy and tho we did give up coffee at first, we both wanted it again so since it is on plan we now drink just one cup in mornings with coconut milk...yummy! We are going on a little trip April 29-May 4th but will eat as we have been as closely as we can and when we get home, we shall start our 2nd whole30! How is everyone else doing? Keep looking forward! Barb
  2. Barb Meahan

    Going strong and loving it!

    Ok so I looked up the starchy and non starchy vegs and made a list..I had no idea of which were which really.. So if we don't measure then we just eyeball 1-3 cups I am guessing? And when you say our palm for meat size is that the depth of our Palm also and doesn't have to be exact I assume.. Just trying to make sure we are doing the amounts right and I will start making sure we have one of each of these vegs at a meal.. I do use olive oil to cook the meat and make our oil and vinegar salad dressing so there is our fat.. Doesn't avocado count as fat also? Sorry for all the questions but I just need a little help cause we both are having problems going potty...☺️ Thank you, Barb
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    Going strong and loving it!

    We have had mostly omelette' with 2 eggs and sausage in it and a fruit like strawberries for breakfast. Yesterday we had Italian chicken from crockpot for lunch with roasted Brussels and a baked potato, both from the night before. Last night we had a piece of salmon with an avocado salas and fresh green beans for dinner We have had either a banana or a couple of tangerines for snacks.. A couple nights ago I made turkey burgers and we had baked sweet potatoes for dinner and lunch next day.. I always try to make enough from dinner for lunch, so I don't have to worry with lunch and we eat a couple fruits a day.. We both drink lots of water, our cups are 28 oz and we refill at least 5 times a day. Portion sizes for me are 4 oz of meat and I would say a couples of cups of vegs and my hubby gets 4-6 oz meat with 2-3 cups of vegs.
  4. Barb Meahan

    Going strong and loving it!

    This is day 7 for hubby and I and we are doing great! We love this way of eating and no coffee! That is a biggie for us! We both have more energy and feel better and our clothes are already fitting looser.. I read some that have no energy and don't feel well and I guess it affects everyone different, but so far we are doing good.. Now our problem is we are going "potty" enough...not a great subject but just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? We are drinking decaf hot tea in the mornings and I have started using some benifiber in it to see if this helps.. So any ideas please let me know or if this is natural for a while? Thanks!! Barb
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    Day 2 for me and hubby!

    So day three is good, I didn't sleep at all last night but it's due too I had both knees completely replacement last May so isn't a year yet and they told me it would take over a year to heal all the way..but most of the time now it doesn't bother me much but last night my right one which was my worst one ached all night. Anyway like I said we were strict vegan and it never seemed to help me at all, I was always tired and moody and foggy headed...anyone else ever do vegan and have this? Well my foggy head has cleared! Thank God and Whole30!! Even after only two days.. My hubby has been kind of apprehensitive about whole30 due to we I always study what we are going to do as far as eating and we both watched some films on why you should not eat now we are eating meat and using the oil that we were told is so bad for us..I myself am confused also but I do know how I felt eating vegan and people would always tell me you don't look hubby didn't lose the weight he has been trying so hard to lose..I lost weight after my surgery due to pain pills and I couldn't eat! My cholesterol never got right, my good was always way low and bad way high and triglycerides are real high! My dr has let me get away without meds but keeps telling me to eat better and ect..he also has been doing my blood work every three months, so May I will have it done again and I am excited to see what happens.. I don't know but getting rid of wheat, grains, alcohol, which I only drank a glass of red wine at night, and coffee is gone, I already feel better! We shall see what the next 27 days shall bring! Keep looking forward! Barb
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    Day 2 for me and hubby!

    Yes Jenny, we were meat free for over a year and I had so many problems and never got healthy, but everyone is different. I was always tired and run down, foggy headed and just never felt right, my cholesterol never went down and believe me we ate just as Dr McDougal and all of them said too. Beans, corn, lots of vegs, potatoes, but we also always had whole grain breads and whole grain pizzas, I used wheat flour all the time.. I am starting to believe this is what done it, then on top of it I been having tummy problems since Dec and don't mean to sound bad here but could never go potty without help...So we actually started this half day on Monday and now we are at Wednesday and I have went by myself and my foggy head is clear and my tummy hasn't hurt... So we will see what the next 28 days bring, because if it's good then we are Whole the rest of our life's! Just look up great recipes for your party and eat only your food, you will do great! Let us know how it goes! Keep looking forward! Barb
  7. Barb Meahan

    Day 2 for me and hubby!

    You can do this rexielion, keep your chin high and away from those sweets. Make sure they are not in your home. I know I have a thing for salty and I cannot keep them in the house, or they will be in my tummy! Just tell yourself one day at a time and that you will not give in to anything, say this every morning. My hubby has a thing for sweets also and so I am giving him some fruit to help him a long the way..I may look up some recipes for things we can have and give it a try! Keep looking forward! Barb
  8. Barb Meahan

    Week one

    Can I ask where is the recipe for bbq sauce please?
  9. Barb Meahan

    Miracles do happen

    Stay AMAZING!!! It works!
  10. Barb Meahan

    We got 'er done!

    Hi and congrats! This gives me big hope, due to I am 61 years and I only need to lose about 8 pounds now but I have had terrible tummy issues for months now. My hubby and I just started this and it is our 2nd day of round one and we are happy we decided to do this. So wish us luck and in 28 days I will be pouring our story out as well! Great for you both!
  11. Barb Meahan

    We just kept going...

    Very good!!! Stories I love to hear! Keep it up!
  12. Barb Meahan

    Why this is the only program I'll stick with

    That's what I want to hear! Congrats and I am sure I will be right beside you, but today is round one day two! But as you I also have done many different things and never been happy or stayed with but this one even my hubby loves which makes it easier! So forward we go! Thanks! Happy Spring if it ever gets here lol
  13. Barb Meahan

    Day 2 for me and hubby!

    So for over a year we went Plant based only, no meat, dairy or oils.. Well it went ok and we did lose some weight but I never felt good at all.. So we stopped and started adding things back in but I have had this terrible disabling acid re flux with stomach pain for months now. Had all test run there was some inflammation but no problems they said so take your pills and go on..well my son and wife said they found this Whole30 and I should read up and maybe try it cause she also has bad re flux. So I jumped right in and read and read and read...then cleaned out my kitchen, went to the market and here we are! Honestly we gave up coffee also cold turkey because of my re flux and hubby said he would do it also. Yesterday was a big headache for us both but today so far no headache and actually feeling pretty good! But it is only day 2 and I have read that the first week or so is the hardest, but really neither one of us had a bad sugar addiction. But then again I never knew how much sugar was in some things!! wowwers!!! Oh and no tummy pain or much re flux since yesterday, keeping fingers crossed!! Would love to hear from other newbies as to how it is going and how you feel. looking forward! Barb