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    Running,yoga,lifting,reading and my chihuahua Lilly

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  1. Vanessa Sellers

    Starting 9/29

    Thank you i have tried a few times before but i feel like this time i can do it..I have a half-marathon and a wedding for my daughter in November..also i was in such a depression the last time i started..i feel so much better and ready to commit to this new lifestyle
  2. Vanessa Sellers

    Starting 9/29

    Hello everyone.. Well here i am ready to commit. I even signed up for the newsletter and bought both books. It starts with food and Food Freedom Forever. I will do it this time
  3. Vanessa Sellers

    New here...starting June 13th

    Count me in too. I tried back in March and failed..i had too much going on..i know it's just an excuse if i had really wanted to i could have found a was just easier to stop i guess. I am so tired of looking in the mirror and hating myself. I am not that overweight but i just turned 50 on New Years Day and with menopause it seems all the weight is in my hips and tummy. There are a few races i would love to do in the next few months so here i am again...wish me lick
  4. Vanessa Sellers

    Starting March 21. Anyone else?

    Hi, Can i join in too. I also picked the 21st as my start date. I have thought about starting a few times but now i know this is something i need to do.. Thanks for all the ideas on meals..i feel a bit overwhelmed..
  5. Vanessa Sellers

    Daily emails

    Thanks ..i was on the fence about the emails but i am going to sign up now
  6. Vanessa Sellers

    Starting Today, 9/10

    Hi, I am also starting today and i am an emotional eater . Good Luck