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  1. KimberlyW

    January Whole30 Prep

    Hi RandyW - I too am going to start again. I have tried a couple of times this past year and it seems much more difficult to do than it did the first time. Anyway, LadyShanny responded with a very helpful link for me, so hoping it will help you. It won't make it easier per se, but understanding that it is more difficult to do it again, and not just for me but for others too is important know. I feel like I am not alone, so I am hoping it will help me .... I am here for you, and I sure others will be too! As for me, one day at a time is how I have to look at it, and remind myself that I can do anything for 30 days!!! Kimberly
  2. KimberlyW

    January start!

    Thanks ladyshanny --- I did not realize this was common at all. So, I suppose this makes me feel a little better. Now to work through it and just do it!!! I am committed, although weight loss is important to me, I miss how good I felt. I did not realize it while I felt so good, but now that I don't, I really miss it. I will have to be more self-aware! It is funny, the first time around I was a bit upset I did not get the "tigers blood" energy everyone spoke about... or so I thought. Seems, it took me a week or so longer to get there, but even when I did, I did not realize it until my husband and friends mentioned that I was constantly moving (which was not the norm). So they noticed it before I did! Thank you! Kimberly
  3. KimberlyW

    January start!

    Also starting January 2nd. I did a Whole 30 year a couple of years ago and it was great. I lost weight, gained energy, and had no aches and pains. I slowly stopped focusing on me and the plan and though I eat 85% Whole 30 every day, it is not enough for my body. It seems I need to go for broke and consistently do it all the time. Plan, Plan Plan ... and Plan some more! Looking forward losing weight, no aches and pains, and having energy again. Not sure why it is so hard to start again when you have already done it, but I seem to be struggling with this for some reason. Hoping that by joining the forum and doing this alongside others, it will help motivate me to stick with it! Thank you in advance for all of you sharing your day to day ups and downs.
  4. Hi SharynF - Just wanted to check back with you to let you know I tried the avocado cucumber egg salad - Yum! I really liked it. Though, next time I will make a half a batch. It doesn't look too pretty after a couple days. But it was tasty! I put it on a bed of spinach and added other vegetables too. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I too struggle with eating so much meat and eggs. I am managing but I have eaten more meat and eggs in the past 10 days than I have the last few months! I have found that last week for me was easier as I ate mild fish for quite a few meals. Though not sure it is good to have fish so often. This week I am trying to have more meat, like pork, steak, chicken. I am definitely struggling and though I am eating it, I eat less than I probably should. Next week i will probably mix it up more so I have fish and meat. I am trying to leave the eggs for breakfast so I don't get sick of them.