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  1. WholeTwentiesTaylor

    Starting April 17th!

    The cold beer thing is probably the hardest part for me! I stock up on La Croix and make other whole30-compliant cold drinks like a virgin pseudo bloody mary
  2. WholeTwentiesTaylor

    Today is the day to start! Diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    I'm happy to hear you were diagnosed! Sadly, ED is often missed because it disappears inside a Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Knowing why your body feels the way it does makes it much easier to give it what it needs to be in optimal health! That being said, I'm very sorry that you have to endure so much pain and discomfort daily. My mom has ED along with about 10 million other chronic pain issues and cancer. She did Whole30 and it completely changed her body! She has to be another diets now for cancer treatments but her initial success is what inspired me to do Whole30. When the going gets tough, keeping envisioning the relief you'll get when your body adjusts to the love you're giving it through whole30. Once you begin to feel better, it won't be anywhere near as hard! xoxo
  3. WholeTwentiesTaylor

    Beginning 4/7 for an anti-allergy reset

    This will be my first time doing the Whole30 program, although I already keep a gluten and dairy free diet most of the time. I need to take it to the next level. Here are my reasons for doing the program: I get frequent, severe sinus infections when I eat dairy. My under-the-tongue glands swell when I eat various grain-based foods. I thought it was just wheat and my symptoms were very mild for a few years but they've become severe in the last month. Within a few hours of eating/drinking anything grain-based, my glands are throbbing. I need to listen to my body and stop giving it things it doesn't want. My mom is battling cancer and in her journey, has learned the true value of caring for your body through food choices. I, too, have learned a lot about the effects of less-than-great food choices through watching her and observing myself. Thus, the only reason I still make bad choices is out of sugar addiction or self-destructive tendencies. My hope is that after completing my first Whole30, I'll be able to see a big enough difference that I will be motivated by the benefits of living a whole life, rather than being motivated by the pain/exhaustion of making less-than-healthy daily choices. I'm 23, about to graduate college, and I manage an office that must remain open 24/7 for student safety. My schedule is all over the place, I never get near enough sleep, and I'm surrounded by booze and peers who are as far from a whole30 lifestyle as can be. It won't be easy, but I'm tired of feeling horrid half the time from sugar, grains, and booze. There may never be a perfect time to do this, so no excuses from here on out. Now is as good a time as any, and this way I'll by happier and healthier by graduation:D
  4. WholeTwentiesTaylor

    Starting whole 30 on April 6th - Looking for buddies

    I'm starting today (April 7) It will be my first time doing the whole 30 program.
  5. WholeTwentiesTaylor

    First Timer - need a change!

    My lifelong chronic sinus issues stopped when I cut out dairy totally too! Good luck on your journey and don't lose site of all the benefits that are just around the corner. And btw I FEEL you an the wine thing... luckily it's not forever!