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    EmerOD got a reaction from coachmandiep in Freezer Meals   
    I don't have many freezer whole meals that I do, but I always have a freezer full of W30 elements that I can put together for a meal, for example:
    I batch cook and freeze the following:
    W30 compliant chicken goujons (almond flour & spices)
    Pork patties / chicken meatballs
    Salmon cakes
    Beef meatballs and marinara/veg sauce
    Pulled pork
    Then all of the above can be added to a salad, or with cauli rice, or baked potato etc
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    EmerOD got a reaction from coachmandiep in Vegetables for Breakfast   
    My current favourite veggie for breakfast is Brussel Sprouts, something I used to hate as a kid!! I roast up a large tray of sprouts, butternut squash and red onion, and eat with whatever protein I have available. It's so good, so easy and handy to prep ahead for a few days' breakfasts. I've used frozen sprouts & squash too so I've often got the ingredients in the freezer. 
    Just don't bring it in to the office and microwave them or you'll stink the office out ;) 
    Other than that I find a veggie packed omelette/fritatta great for getting in the veg, dice up everything small add in potato, bacon etc and you won't really feel like you're eating a plate of veggies for breakfast!