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  1. WholeKitty

    Nicotine addiction, Cigarettes

    Thank you @ShannonM816 Those threads were helpful. I'm not going to wait until I quit to start the lifestyle change of an improved diet.
  2. Hi! I desperately want (need) to both change my diet AND quit smoking. In Food Freedom Forever it says to focus on quitting smoking first if you're still a smoker. The thing is, I relapse on cigarettes frequently (I've smoked for well over half my life) and I don't want to wait until I'm successfully quit to change my problematic eating behaviors and diet. I don't understand why this should be an either/or thing. I mean, isn't doing the Whole 30, even as a smoker, better than eating three bowls of cereal for dinner every night and still being a smoker on top of it? I'm weary of quitting smoking at the exact same time as starting my Whole 30 because I have a history of binging/food addiction, which I've even been in 12-step program for in the past. So needless to say, changing my diet is NOT easy for me. I'm afraid I'd be setting myself up for failure if I were to try both simultaneously. Thoughts? Should I go ahead and start, or wait until I'm quit for awhile?