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    Nicotine addiction, Cigarettes

    Thank you @ShannonM816 Those threads were helpful. I'm not going to wait until I quit to start the lifestyle change of an improved diet.
  2. Hi! I desperately want (need) to both change my diet AND quit smoking. In Food Freedom Forever it says to focus on quitting smoking first if you're still a smoker. The thing is, I relapse on cigarettes frequently (I've smoked for well over half my life) and I don't want to wait until I'm successfully quit to change my problematic eating behaviors and diet. I don't understand why this should be an either/or thing. I mean, isn't doing the Whole 30, even as a smoker, better than eating three bowls of cereal for dinner every night and still being a smoker on top of it? I'm weary of quitting smoking at the exact same time as starting my Whole 30 because I have a history of binging/food addiction, which I've even been in 12-step program for in the past. So needless to say, changing my diet is NOT easy for me. I'm afraid I'd be setting myself up for failure if I were to try both simultaneously. Thoughts? Should I go ahead and start, or wait until I'm quit for awhile?
  3. Any great recipes that people swear by? The simpler the better, because I'm a bad chef haha.
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    Whole 30 approved protein powders

    Have you been finding these collagen peptide supplements effective?? I want!!
  5. The Califia almond creamer I have is "unsweetened" and does not include any fruit or extracts. It does however have "locust bean gum"- does anyone know what this is?
  6. Today I timed my meals slightly wrong and after I worked out I felt RAVENOUS. It's about a 45 minute subway ride home and I ended up eating a soy-heavy protein bar from the bodega, and then thought "eff it I already screwed up" and ate half a chocolate bar also (the latter being totally a mental-fueled self-sabotage.) My question is, what can I eat immediately after I exercise on the subway ride home when I feel like I need instant protein? It has to be something that can sit in my gym bag for at least 2.5 hours. Thank you!!!!
  7. Hello! I started whole30 four days ago and lord I feel terrible. I mean, physically I don't feel any worse than I did before. Mentally and emotionally I'm a wreck. Yesterday I started crying and couldn't stop. Then I got very angry at a loved one. Today I feel depressed, hopeless, despondent. This, a mere four days, is the longest I've gone without the white stuff, or the fake white stuff, in probably over a decade! I am absolutely a sugar addict. Are my feelings part of withdrawal? In all fairness, I should mention that I've been eating a ton of whole fruit to "ease" the transition, as well as a daily RX bar. I'm ready now to improve my meal plans to end this crutch, but I'm so scared my mental state will get worse. Does anyone have experience with this?
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    Help! Can't stop the sugar!

    Gurrllllll I relate so hard!! I've been eating nut butters straight up with a spoon, partly because it feels naughty and rebellious and sorta desperate (why I would want to feel that way, I don't know.) I like what someone said about starving the sugar dragon. It reminds me of quitting smoking, where I had to choke off and starve all the nicotine receptors.
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    Is it supposed to be like this!?!? Is this normal???

    The second I read this I thought YES, I have probably been not eating ENOUGH. I'm so used to over-eating, that I haven't been paying much attention to the amount I'm eating, and truthfully it's sorta a s#!t show. Let's see if I can remember yesterday: I woke up and had an apple with almond butter, and a banana, later I had 2 scrambled eggs with olive oil and a mixed green salad with balsamic vinegar. Then about an hour later I started freaking out and felt frantic, like I was going to get hella effed up and I was thinking "screw it I'm going to go nuts" so instead of going off Whole30 I got dehydrated apple "crisps" (about 2 servings) then bawled and later went home and ate a compliant ice pop. It was at that time I realized how much I've been using these stupid compliant ice pops as a crutch, so I threw away the rest of the box. I made grilled chicken breast with coconut aminos, and mixed mini peppers/zucchini/yellow squash with more coconut aminos. I think later after dinner I might have eaten more fruit. My relationship with food is EXTREMELY comfort and emotion based, I'm not sure I even remember what it feels like to be "hungry" or crave something for the nutrients. I actually canceled concert plans with my boyfriend so that I could go home and eat my ice pop alone, that's how much I believed I "needed" the "comfort." I think it's time I sat down and did a real honest-to-God(dess) meal plan. I've been afraid to, because I'm afraid I won't stick to it or I'll feel deprived (emotionally, not physically.) But it's all head games. The vagueness, snacking, and extemporaneous eating keeps me enslaved to my abusive relationship with food. I just want simplicity, health, and freedom around food.