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  1. Hey Mark! I'm still here. Just literally going in a million different directions. We are in the process of buying a house. And if it's not one thing , it's 10 others. I am thankful to thinking clearly here on Whole30, but man, not being able to relax and have a drink or two at the end of the day or on the weekends is TOUGH for me. Joe's not doing Whole 30 with me. And I'm fine with that. It's my choice. But it's definitely harder when your partner isn't. Watching him "enjoy" the weekend was hard. Not sure why "enjoy" is synonymous with eat & drink, but it is. Trying to really evaluate and reshape my thinking. It's been 25 years of living that way. Not sure it's going to change. Maybe I can modify so I can still enjoy w/o totally throwing myself off track. Food-wise, I'm good. A little bored. But not terrible. Worked 12 hours yesterday and have another 12 hour day ahead today. Not a fan, but the work needs to be done. I also tend to overwork on Whole 30 b/c ..well, why not? I'm not sitting around having drinks and being lazy. Might as well keep my clients happy, get the work done and make money (aka pay for the house we're buying. Lol) still, I know it's not sustainable. All work and no play... I have been trying to up my workouts. It's tough when you work all the time. I will get at least 3, possibly 4 in this week. The girl I train with has read about Whole 30 and she said we should really start to see some positive results in this week. I guess she's referring to the elusive Tiger Blood. Lol I just want to lose about 10 lbs this month. Fingers crossed. I did on my other 2. That's where I'm at in a nutshell. Happy to be on the 2nd half. Contemplating just staying on until Thanksgiving. We see what kind of results I have at the end of 30 days. That will probably be my deciding factor. I completely agree it's about more than weight, NSV are great...but, well...Lol Hope you have a great day. I'll check in again soon. Anissa
  2. Morning everyone!! (aka Mark. Lol) Well...we're on to day 9. Almost a 1/3 of the way there. The next couple days will be challenging. Dinner out with Joe's family tonight b/c his brother's in town from Miami. (Joe's 49th birthday is Halloween - we are going to see a play at a theatre I work at and make a yummy Whole 30 meal on Friday. His brother's 50th birthday is Friday.) I plan to eat salad at the restaurant tonight and drink tea. I packed a bunch of extra food today so I won't be hungry at that time. Tomorrow is dinner at Joe's mom's. That will be even more of a struggle. They don't really even get Joe's good issues, but they try. I have to work late that day, so I'm hoping to just show up, hang for a bit, then go home and eat my own food. It's really about seeing family, not eating anyway. hopefully they will understand. Not everyone does, which can be frustrating. Anywho... positive thoughts. I haven't worked out much this week. Always busy with work, and just a little more tired than normal. Trying to listen to my body. The most important thing is Whole 30 at this point. I do have a session with my trainer friend Wednesday & Friday this week. Maybe I'll try and hit the gym with Joe this weekend. I love WhatsApp. My mom is in Spain right now and is sending me the coolest pics! Congrats on getting some runs in. I'm glad you're feeling good. Off to get ready for the day! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday. Anissa
  3. Mark: Happy Saturday! Hope you and the fam are having a wonderful weekend. Yesterday was chaos. My daughter got hurt in her post season soccer game, so we were off to the Dr. last night. But my son was there b/c he goes to college near by, so it actually ended up being a nice evening b/c we went out for dinner after. She's OK. Torn ligaments in her hip. She'll be out a week or more, so tournament next weekend, but life goes on. We're on the home stretch (she's a senior) & she's committed to a College for next year. We just need to get her there healthy. Lol the dinner place my son chose looked amazing. They had a GREAT meal! I had a side salad with avocado and lemons and a black coffee. I'd really like to go back after this Whole 30 is done. But I still had a great time with my kids, so it was totally worth going. I worked most of today. And I will do the same tomorrow. Partly b/c of just coming back from vacation, partly to stay, when I don't imbibe in alcohol on the weekends, I'm more clear headed to get things done. Plus, I do like my work, and like the money. Lol As far as eating goes...I can do this all the time, honestly. I'd ease up on the added sugar so things would be a little easier, but other than that, I love eating this way. It is expensive. When both my kids are home and they eat our Whole30 meals, I can spend $300+ week. Is that INSANE?!? That's probably my biggest complaint. And eating out. We have to eat out a couple times next week b/c we have family coming into town. I know it's possible, ask a lot of questions, but I just find that tedious. It ruins he experience for me. I'd rather just eat at home. Oh well. I'll manage. I do prefer to eat smaller meals several times throughout the day, but try to stick to the template and 3 meals a day. I end up eating my breakfast over a couple hours (while working - I know, not ideal, but that's my life). So it sort of feels like I'm snacking. Oh my G*D about your marathon injury. That's terrible! Anyway, enjoy your Sunday and I'm sure we'll touch base next week! Anissa
  4. Welcome Suzy72! I'm telling you...the hardest part is committing. Once you do, the rest will come. Take tomorrow to shop and meal prep and join us on Monday. You will be SOOOOOO glad you did. I'm 6 days in and feeling good. My skin is starting to look better...I actually slept through the night last night. And it will just keep getting better. But stay on this thread and share ur thoughts with us. We're here to answer any questions or offer support. You CAN DO IT!!! Anissa
  5. Welcome Cathy! I honestly don't have a big sweet tooth. Sorry. I do really like raw cashews. So hard to find roasted nuts that don't use peanut oil. I like seedless clementines from time to time. And if I'm REALLY jonesing for a sweet (which is pretty rare), I like a frozen banana sprinkled with 100% cacao powder. I DO, however, DEFINITELY miss a drink in the evening. Or on the weekend with friends/watching football, etc. But obviously, I've done that too much, or I wouldn't be where I'm at. Lol Glad to have another person on this thread. Was just Irishboy and I for awhile there. Although I do enjoy his comraderie!! Good luck this weekend and hope to hear how you are doing soon!! Anissa
  6. Guess not. I hear crickets. Lol Long day. Just heading to bed. A little tough watching football tonight and not having a drink. Chamomile tea's not the same. What was your diet like before Whole30? They say the "worse" it was, the more you suffer the 1st few days. I've never really felt a lot of the things on the timeline, although I'm not gonna lie...I am pretty gassy the last couple days. Lol. (TMI - I know.) Hope its my gut digestion getting back on track. And I'm always moody, ask my teens. Hahahha. My boyfriend is sensitive to gluten, dairy, eggs and peanuts, so as a general rule, we steer clear of most of that stuff. Well...he does totally. I do mostly out of solidarity and b/c I generally eat lower carb b/c of my family's genetic predisposition to diabetes. Have you ever run a full marathon before? I've done 2. I think I'm done. I just don't have it in my to run that far anymore. I've considered triathlons in the past. I have a bike, but haven't ridden in years, and I'm not a strong swimmer. Plus, I loathe cold water. Lol. But it honestly does sound intriguing. I run with a group of 6-8 women. We do all sorts of stuff together. If ONE of them would do it with me, I'd try...once. 7 of us run this race each year called Seneca7. It's a 77.7 mile relay race around Seneca Lake. It take about 12 hours. It's a crazy day, but super fun. We plan to do it 7x, each of us taking a different leg each time. That way we will all have effectively run around the entire lake ourselves. This April will be our 5th time. Anyway, I'm rambling. Off to bed. Hope you have a good day tomorrow. With NO headache! Day 4 done. Onward we go! Nissa
  7. That's great, Irishboy! Love it when it all works out. Day 3 is in the books. I'm feeling good. Worked out with a personal trainer today (good friend of mine), and went shopping for a few home gym things b/t clients. I love her and she's teaching me great stuff, but I won't do it forever. Just need to get a solid foundation for lifting and strength training. I've really only ever run before this, and I know I need to do more with strength, especially as I age. Plus, I just don't have it in me to train for a marathon anymore. Love all the food I'm eating. No more meal prep or cleaning them normal, honestly, with all of Joe's dietary restrictions. It does get expensive, though. Which is frustrating. Why is the most healthy food to put into our bodies also the most expensive?? It makes it almost inaccessible to those on a budget, or who don't prioritize it (although that's not always true.) Anyway, rant over. Still not sleeping amazing, though I rarely do. So turn my head off at night. But hopefully that will come. I definitely feel less "puffy", especially since coming back from vacation and all the eating/drinking shenanigans that went on there. Lol Glad to be getting back on track and looking forward to a very busy (work mostly) yet smooth Whole 30 weekend. Hope everyone is doing well in their first week. Would love to hear how everyone's making out! G'night!!
  8. Good morning, Irishboy! Your omelette sounds delicious. Isn't that always the way?! Lol I'm sure you'll be fine on the 9th. Hell....we'll be 1/2 way through by that point. I feel like it gets easier once you have a little more time invested to say no to temptations. Good luck at work today & hopefully they have some good choices at dinner. How's everyone else doing on here?? Welcome to Day 2, folks!!
  9. Hope everyone had a wonderful day 1! Sitting here with a cup of chamomile tea, watching the Patriots SPANK the Jets (neither are my team) and getting ready to head to bed. The week back after vacation is always exhausting. Gonna make sure I take extra care of myself this week. G'night everyone!!
  10. Same for me. And I agree, nights and weekends are definitely way harder. Welcome Irishboy!! My go-to Whole30 breakfast is 1/2 a sweet potato, 2-3 ounces of steak or ground pork, sauteed kale, 2 eggs over easy and 1/2 andavocado. That keeps me going all day until I can get to lunch. So delicious!!
  11. OK, folks! I'm back, I'm prepped, and I'm ready to go!! I hope this thread gets going... we're doing this tomorrow, and I need all the help/motivation/support I can get! Let's DO this. I want to hear from everyone on this thread tomorrow. Sweet dreams!!! Anissa
  12. Hello! I also starting on the 21st. My name is Anissa. My boyfriend and I are currently in the Dominican having an AMAZING time, but I can already tell I need a reset when I get home. Joe has done a Whole30 with my before. He's choosing not to this time, and I'm OK with that. He is still super supportive. He has a lot of dietary restrictions anyway, which is why he did one before. So we eat fairly "Whole30" anyway. This will be my 3rd Whole30. Always resets my body and my thinking. I've never actually done the reintroduction portion. Which seems kind of nuts. I don't think I have many (if any) food restrictions. I stay away from "carbs" as a general rule as I come from a family of raging diabetics. But so far, my blood sugars have been OK. I could lose weight. 30 lbs in a perfect world, probably 20lbs realistically. I am a 44 year old mother of 2 (17 & 19). I've run 2 full marathons and countless 1/2 marathons (not fast. Lol) I definitely drink more alcohol than I should. Whole30 is always a perfect reset for me. We'll by home on Sunday (NY) and I will head out to do my shopping and meal prep. Until then, I will continue to enjoy these last few amazing days in paradise! I look forward to having a support group on the forum. I've always read, but never really contributed. Figured since I'm going this one alone, it would be a good time to connect with people. Cheers!! Aniss