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    madness got a reaction from Abby MacDougall in Casey's really doing it again   
    Oh Casey!!! **hugs** I'm on Day 30 of my second successful whole30. I tried several times over the last year to do it but never got more than a week in. This time was different for a lot of reasons. One of those reasons was my mom making all sorts of comments about my weight. :(((( I know how it feels! But now, let's focus on the positive! You know how good this will make you feel. Congratulations on starting again!
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    madness got a reaction from SharynF in Having a hard time with this much animal protein   
    I'm glad this thread came back up. Last time I posted, I was on day 8 and struggling with this much meat. But I had also grown sick of eggs! I'm still on the program, Day 43, and things have changed a lot. I have enjoyed a lot of the meat I've eaten. New cuts, new recipes, new animals even. I thought I would be the last person to say this, but your taste buds (with regards to meat) - and your attitudes - are likely to change during the Whole30. I now eat meat 2 or 3 meals a day instead of the 1 meal in the beginning.