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  1. I'll try those suggestions - I wouldn't be surprised if my adjusting hormone levels are causing everything. Thank you
  2. not soy - using coconut secret organic coconut aminos. I would need to force down more food in order to complete whole30 according to the template. I weigh 100 pounds normally, and I cannot physically consume 2000 calories/day. Is it healthy to forcibly eat more calories when I am not hungry? I agree that I could use more fat in my diet. Suggestions?
  3. My diet before this has been fairly healthy. I am 100% gluten free due to celiacs, and I am not a snacker. Breakfast: Hard Boiled eggs (2) Grapefruit Lunch: Grass fed beef - grill Green beans - steamed baked potato - with ghee portabello mushroom - grill Dinner: Romain lettuce grass fed beef - coconut oil Cashews Water chestnuts green onion Liquid aminos sweet potato hash - coconut oil garlic I could definitely be drinking more water - but my water intake hasn't changed. I do not believe that this could be the cause of my increase inflammation from beginning of whole 30 since I was drinking the same amount of water previously.
  4. I am on day 16 with whole30 and I am more inflamed than I have been in the last 6 years. I have celiacs, and when I went gluten free in 2010 I reduced my inflammation greatly. I had less menstrual cramping, and less acne. I used to have ganglion cysts in my hands. Now all of these symptoms are back. I have ganglions in my hands, my menstrual cramps are terrible, I am breaking out all over my face (little raised bumps on my cheeks), as well as white heads on my forehead and chin. Has anyone else experience this? Is this a "gets worse before it gets better" scenario? I'm ready to give up.