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  1. LO867

    squash seeds

    Oh good. Roasting a squash tonight, and I love roasting the seeds afterwards!
  2. LO867

    Amy's Log for 2020

    I started the same day as you did! I’ll follow this thread and post my things along with yours. How are you doing?
  3. LO867

    Coffee questions

    Maria, how are you doing now? What’s your coffee status?
  4. LO867

    Didn't kill anyone on Day 5

    I checked for the high oleic before I bought the Safflower oil. (I love having a smart phone handy!) Lesson learned with the EVOO. While I was making it, I wondered just how bad it could be!! I have compliant pickles in the fridge, so I'll have one even though it's kinda late. Those cramps are so strong they wake me up so I can rub my legs and take them for a walkabout. Disturbed sleep is the worst.
  5. Success! This morning I woke up tired but happy. Crazzzzzy!! I happily avoided leg cramps last night, but I think I was close to cramping when I woke up. Maybe I didn't cramp because I ate some sesame seeds on top of a banana earlier in the day! What's your secret to beating those leg cramps? I drank a ton of water today, salted my food, and had a few sesame seeds. No room in my tummy for a banana today. Also, my dream life has been vivid these past two nights, and usually I don't remember my dreams at all. It's pretty fun! I was dragging much of the day today, but I'm tired of my leftovers...... so to pull myself out of the dumps I decided to make Curry Cauliflower Soup for dinner. I found the recipe on Pinterest in the Whole30 folder. Ooooo, that was perfect on this cold night. It's a keeper! Afterwards I made a batch of mayo, and it turned out so good!!! I used Safflower oil since it was on sale, and I had read that it has a very light flavor. Ummmmm, now I understand why people talk about just eating it with a spoon. I might just make my own mayo for the rest of my life!! My mayo history: I did the Whole30 four years ago, and tried making the mayonnaise about four times. I read all the tips and blogs and some people never have a problem, but mine never came out. Two days ago I tried again just to see what would happen, and it emulsified but I had made it with EVOO, and it tasted truly awful.... but I was encouraged since I finally made a halfway successful batch. Reluctantly, because I hate wasting food, I tossed the olive oil batch since I knew I'd never use it. I'm so glad I tried again with safflower oil! Yaaaayy! So glad I didn't get angry at my friends or my favorite grocery store checker today! Time to drag myself to bed here soon. LO
  6. LO867

    On day 9 in snowy north

    Hi!! I'm so excited to report that I made mayonnaise tonight AND IT EMULSIFIED!! This is a first for me, made in my trusty old blender. Can't wait to try it again!! Hang in there, baby... hope you're feeling better! LO
  7. LO867

    Day 1 today!

    Hi Tami! I'm on Day 3. I went through the program 3 years ago... it made me think about food differently in a good way. Trying again! Lisa