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    LO867 reacted to Amy_Michigan in Amy's Log for 2020   
    Thanks for the breakfast suggestion!  I love the idea of soup for breakfast, especially in Jan/Feb!
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    Both are suggestions. We recommend coffee with or after breakfast rather than before because it can be an appetite suppressant. It's recommended not to have it after noon because it can affect your sleep. You are free to ignore those recommendations. 
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    LO867 reacted to JenX in Day 16 - Cannot. Stop. Crying.   
    As a side note specifically related to depression, one thing I find really helps is to get outside for a gentle walk every morning (20-30 minutes). do not wear sunscreen and do not put on sunglasses - you want your body reacting with the lovely morning rays. The combination of gentle exercise and vit. D exposure really help.  
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    LO867 reacted to CrazyCow in Ann’s Struggles+Successes   
    Hi @Ann, just reading through your journal and...so great! I love your pictures and walk through of your days. But since you asked to be talked out of something, I'll give you my two pennies worth:
    Remember stepping on the scale...it is going to give you a number and then what? How will that help define how you feel right now? Remember there comes a point in W30 (and we are not too far off that point) where everything will feel tighter--you may feel bloated, etc. That's the shift we experience as our body adjusts to the way we are eating (the way we are treating ourselves!), but I imagine stepping on a scale then, too, could be damaging. Remember, it's only 30 days. You can do anything for 30 days. Put the scale out of sight and remember it doesn't define us, how we feel, or what success looks like. Change IS coming...! 
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    Hi Ann! I love people who are transparent on their journals, and I love your picture of your sauces! Good for you for making them yourself, I just went to Whole Foods and bought the packaged compliant ones. I started my second round today mostly because I don't have any NYE plans. Excited to support each other! 
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    Three days pre-W30.  Cleaned out fridge and pantry as best I could (my adult kids live with me so can’t really get rid of their non compliant stuff).   And went shopping to stock up on everything.   Made homemade ghee, mayonnaise, and Romesco sauce.   Any boring meal can be made better with one of these. 
    I feel like I’m ready NOW to go all in, except I have plans on NYE to play board games and drink bourbon with my neighbors, so it just makes sense to wait till Wednesday.  At least I know I’m prepared for day one, when I will probably be ....not in the mood to shop, and looking for something I can just grab and eat. 
    I mentioned this in my intro, but my 27 yr old daughter (who lives with me) is doing her own 30-day mission alongside mine: she is a vegetarian who will for 30 days eat 100% vegan, do daily yoga, and eliminate alcohol.  So although our meals will be different, we will be supporting each other.  I sure love her.  
    Tonight I am enjoying a glass of wine (well, two).   Maybe it tastes better knowing I will be giving it up soon.  But I’m also looking forward to committing to no alcohol for a month. I’m sure it is the biggest part of what makes me feel better when I do a W30.  I’m also hoping to be transparent on here with that part of my struggle, without feeling judged. 
    Okay.  Here’s to a successful W30!  

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    LO867 got a reaction from Tami828 in Day 1 today!   
    Hi Tami!
    I'm on Day 3. I went through the program 3 years ago... it made me think about food differently in a good way. Trying again!