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  1. We lived in Fort McMurray, AB for 6.5 years and relocated 5 years ago. I have a lot of friends and colleagues there and I just want to wish everyone who is affected all the best. Love to you all xoxo
  2. Awesome thank you! I didn't know this existed
  3. Thank you for the support. I feel a bit guilty that I came here and let my emotions get the better of me. Each one of your words means so much to me, truly. I am so thankful for any well wishes and support possible. You are all an inspiration to me with what you and your children have come through and are challenged with. It's nice to not feel alone.
  4. Murphy's Law right? I come on here just a couple of days ago and whine about not wanting to eat my reheated Chicken Thai Soup and having to eat snap peas when I'm missing the texture of bread... but really if I had known two days ago that this day would be even worse for far different reasons, I would never have ever complained. Stress is the #1 trigger for me to want to eat. Today, I packed a snack for what I thought would be a half day at the Children's hospital for my daughter. Of course, it was a full day, morning til evening, and I ran out of salad and strawberries hours before, have zero protein in my bag and not a single moment to run to the cafeteria in search of something between the doctors and nurses that came in and out of our room in revolving door fashion. I wanted to hop off the bandwagon and sink my teeth into the next thing that walked by looking like something edible. Didn't care what it was, I needed to eat and gosh darnit was I angry that my options were "limited" to protein, veggies and fat. Until, we were told that my 10 year old daughter will spend the next 60 days on a liquid diet in a last ditch effort to enforce her insides to seek remission before we roll in the heavy duty humira injections. Crohn's disease. I hate it and I'm so mad at it for attacking my daughter. Therefore, I will never.ever.ever complain again when my options for a meal are steak and sweet potatoes. This Whole30 isn't hard, being 10 and going to birthday parties with a can of Ensure and passing on the party food is hard. Watching people walk out of your favorite pizza joint when you are walking out of the grocery store with a week's worth of Ensure is hard. Being 10 and trying to understand that you don't have a choice, is hard. I started doing this diet for my daughter so that I could learn to master how to eat to promote anti-inflammation. I wish I started a year ago so that she would have been on it and hopefully without inflammation. This diet is no longer hard. I feel like a jerk for ever complaining that it was
  5. Miserable Melissa - why!?

    Thank you SugarCubeOD. Yesterday was something else, that's for sure. I'm so glad I have this board to vent to because I think it's the only thing that helped push me through that wall. I took your advice about eating "old favorites" and pretended I was having spaghetti. I have to say, I thought for sure zucchini noodles wouldn't cut it but I was pleasantly surprised. My afternoon ended much better, supper was zucchini noodles with leftover chili on them, some sweet potato, pepper strips and avocado and I turned into a happy camper again. I don't think I'm 100% out of the woods yet but you hit the nail on the head, I think part of me feels since I'm cooking all the time I'm making meals that I wouldn't necessarily make and are so far removed from my old eating habits. I will homemake mayo-it-up!! Thank you!
  6. Miserable Melissa - why!?

    It's Day 6 and it can be summed up as: Miserable Melissa. Miserable might be an understatement. I am raging in my head today. Suddenly my house is too messy, there is too much to do, and I'm hungry but I don't want to eat. I don't miss the taste of things like bread as much I'm missing the texture of them. My ancestral-Viking side of me is being ridiculously stubborn and saying "Fine, if I don't get to eat that crap then I'll eat nothing at all!" and Willpower Warrior is okay with that, because at least I'm avoiding the leftover lunch makings that are strewn all over the kitchen counter. I swallowed scrambled eggs whole, gagged on leftover ratatouille so didn't eat it. I feel like a baby in a highchair. I want to push the spoon away from my mouth, dump the bowl on the floor and blow razzberries just to emphasize my thoughts and feelings about this whole idea. I went to have a nap, fell asleep dreaming of pizza hoping to wake with renewed energy to eat leftover soup and find the energy to get on with cleaning. Instead, I was woken to one of my kids asking if they could please have some popcorn. ARGH!!! So here I am, sitting on the computer griping to you guys about it after I angrily grabbed stupid snap peas from the fridge, tossed some boring old almonds in a bowl and reheated thai chicken soup. The peas are popping in my mouth no problem but my Viking self is still whining about the soup..... What can I do to entice myself to want to eat!?
  7. First W30 complete - including 10 day reintroduction!

    Firstly, I LOVE your forum name, PaisleyPumpkin. That's adorable and what got me to read this post. Secondly, I'm SUPER glad I read your post!! I have PCOs too, and I was put on metformin a year ago and only lasted a month on it because I thought it was horrible. Anyways, I have questions for you about your results with PCOs now post-Whole30....
  8. Started yesterday - April 17

    wow that's inspiring! I decided to take this week to focus on the food and restart exercising next week. This was day 1 for me today and I'm starving....
  9. Starting on Friday!

    Good for you!! I started the Whole30 today, for the first time so I'm certainly not an expert on the recipes but so far the coconut salmon was excellent, for supper I made the chicken meatballs and dipped them in sunshine sauce, delish. Have to say, I have been VERY hungry today! I just meal planned for the whole week, it seems a bit daunting to me at the moment but I'm hoping it becomes a piece of cake in regards to meal prep. Good luck !
  10. I stumbled upon The Whole 30 by chance and I'm extremely excited and nervous - I want to cry sad and happy tears at the same time! I have participated in thousands of diets and I've been successful in some and quit from others. I stopped "dieting" three years ago and have managed to maintain my weight - which is still considered to be overweight - and be pretty happy with myself in a size 12 (I was a size 20 before). However, I know there's a slimmer me in here somewhere and I'm not as happy with myself as I once was. My friends are all losing weight, some through drastic measures, and some through conventional measures but I have been eating well and changed my lifestyle but I seem stuck. I think the Whole30 will be challenging, but realistic. I have stomach issues all the time, undiagnosed, and am looking forward to seeing if I can figure out my own triggers by eliminating some things. I'm happy to have the support and knowledge of tons of other people behind me. 6 days til transformation....
  11. Started yesterday - April 17

    How was your first day? I am planning on starting April 25 and I'm very excited/nervous.