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  1. Feeling bad

    I love that every one here is so supportive. It really makes be feel better that you guys agree that the behavior of some of the people in my life is not nice!! I will continue on and hopefully continue to feel better and better. Sugarcube- I think you are right about finding some new friends as well.
  2. Feeling bad

    I completed my Whole 30 2 weeks ago and have only reintroduced Almond Milk and Gluten Free oats. I enjoy eating this way but I find everyone is bringing me down!! It doesn't matter how I explain it, I constantly get asked - When are you going to be done? Why are you still doing this? See, I knew you were dieting! Let's go to the movies, we need popcorn! Well, if you aren't trying to lose weight why are you doing this??? Seriously? Everyone around me knows how much I have suffered with stomach issues. It really makes me feel like they don't care about me or my health., I don't understand it. Then I complain to hubby and he says "they mean well". What does that even mean? They know I am feeling better and are constantly trying to get me to stop, how does that translate to meaning well? Sorry to rant.
  3. ok, up my water, up my fat per meal. Starting FODMAP tomorrow and hoping to feel better soon. How much Kombucha should I drink per day? Thanks for all your help. You guys are awesome!
  4. oh sorry, water probably not enough. 4-6 16 oz glasses per day and yes I almost always add salt and pepper. I have been reading on the forum and was afraid you would mention FODMAP. I'm thinking I should extend my whole 30 until I figure out what is going on before I try to reintroduce anything. I will start the FODMAP list tomorrow, how long should I do it?
  5. I have been feeling ok throughout my whole 30, but the last few days not so. I thought maybe a bug or something, but strange how my symptoms are coming and going. Wondering if someone can have a look and offer advice. I am almost done my Whole 30, but still feel lack of energy, body pain and now my headaches are back Friday- M1- 3 scrambled eggs with mixed veggies ( mushrooms, onions and pepper) , sliced apple with cinnamon, 1tbsp of almond butter and sprinkled with pecans. 2 black coffee bathroom several times and stomach very upset all morning ate M2 regardless M2- 1 can of salmon mixed with 1 tbsp of olive oil, dill and a splash of lime juice over mixed greens and shredded carrot stomach still upset M3- roast chicken, large salad sprinkled with blueberries topped with mixed olive oil and apple cider vinegar, green tea Saturday am- belly feeling ok M1- leftover roast chicken fried in coconut oil with sweet potato and mixed veggies ( carrots, onions and green peppers), coffee M2- ate at a restaurant for the 1st time on my whole 30- asked for everything cooked in oil olive instead of other oil and they couldn't?? so I asked for it cooked without any oil or seasoning 4oz of steak, 2 good size shrimp, grilled veggies and a baked sweet potato. no fat at this meal, but they said they didn't have avocado.. within 30 mins of leaving the restaurant I was in the bathroom felt nauseous the rest of day and just couldn't eat. had a herbal tea in the evening Sunday am- belly feeling ok M1- 1 sausage, 2 eggs and mixed veggies( mush, onions, peppers) in coconut oil M2- felt nauseous again and had huge headache, took Advil and went for a nap M3- feeling a little better- had to eat as everyone here for Mothers Day BBQ- I had a beef patty topped with avocado & tomato, sweet potato and tossed salad topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar headache persisting all night Monday am- headache gone, belly still feels jittery M1- 1 sausage, 2 eggs and mixed veggies( mush, onions, peppers) in coconut oil headache returning and belly still doesn't feel right.
  6. Sodium ascorbate

    Is sodium ascorbate compliant?
  7. How are you feeling without the eggs? Has your joint pain reduced any?
  8. Lonely whole30

    I am doing it "alone". On day 27!! For me, the kids have moved out so just the hubby. He refuses to join as well, but as I do the shopping I only buy him treats that don't interest me. lol I wish I had someone to do it with as well, but everyone around me thinks it is impossible. It isn't!! I am doing great, looking better and absolutely feeling better! Was hoping to feel more relief from random body pain, but hopefully that will come in time. Hang in there!!
  9. Magnesium

    Thank you!
  10. Magnesium

    Here it is.
  11. Magnesium

    My picture didn't post
  12. Magnesium

    Is the product compliant?
  13. Heartburn

    I found this Kombucha at my local grocer but the bottle said it contained trace amount of alcohol. I didn't think it was complaint?
  14. Herbal Tea?

    SugarcubeOD- Thanks! Can't wait to start feeling better and willing to put in a few extra days to make sure I do it right.
  15. Herbal Tea?

    When I read this article, I get my answer. I don't want it, but I get it! Thank you!