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    Well, obviously I didn’t finish that second round back in January… In fact, I quit my second after six days. I stopped for a number of reasons, some of them valid, some of them not.
    Poor meal planning was a strong contributing factor. I found myself beginning my drive home at 7:00 pm with absolutely no plans for dinner and nothing available at home. I was facing a trip to the grocery store and cooking while I was really, really hungry. So, I went to the grocery store and bought a personal pizza for dinner.
    However, I also realized that this was just poor timing. My intent was for this one to stick. I wanted this round to lead to a permanent lifestyle change. But, I was going on a cruise on Day 37 and I had no intentions of not just eating whatever I wanted while on that particular vacation. So, it wasn’t going to be a permanent change. And so I did some soul searching in the grocery store parking lot and decided that this wasn’t the right time. I decided that I would do another Whole30 after the cruise.
    And so, here I am again! My goals remain the same… Overall long-term health is number one. I want to feel strong and confident in all the physical activities I want to pursue today. And someday, when I'm 70 years old, I want to still be active in the outdoors because my body has stayed strong and healthy. Increasing my energy levels and losing weight continue to be goals as well.
    And, lastly, I still want to do these things better this round:
    Eat more greens. Lots more. I want to eat at least a large salad every single day.  Eat more fats. I think I was light on fats my first round so I want to eat more of them, with more variety.  Eat more variety. I want to try new meats (like lamb) and more vegetables (like endive and rutabaga).  Invest more time in making interesting meals. I tended to wing my meals and they were simple. I would like to select more recipes and make nice, fancy meals to share with others.  Walk more. I’d like to get 15,000 steps every single day of my Whole30.