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  1. Start date 1/23/17

    Hi all, It's day 17 and I have to be honest, I'm struggling to stick it out until the end. Everyone around me keeps telling me that 17 days is so impressive and it's totally fine if I want to throw in the towel before day 30 and it's hard to fight that when it's coming from everyone I spend time with. Thankfully my husband is being extremely supportive and pushing me to stay the course. He's the only reason I haven't caved. I don't feel like I've seen anything very significant when it comes to positive side effects. I guess I was expecting that boundless energy and unexplainably happy demeanor I always read about but so far, no luck there. I'm very much struggling to keep up with the food prep (and dishes) that is required. Any encouragement is welcome.
  2. Start date 1/23/17

    I have a couple of NSV I would like to share! I still need my alarm (but I think that's only because I'm also trying to train myself to wake up 2 hours earlier than I've been used to) but I'm starting to find waking up easier! I'm so hesitant to be excited about this because it seems too good to be true! I've been trying to wake up earlier for months and I have never been able to successfully get it to stick. Today I'm planning to start implementing some healthy evening routines to help with sleep even more. I'll get off my phone earlier and read and drink some tea to wind down and then make it to bed at a good hour. I started working out on Tuesday. Nothing too fancy but Whole30 is motivating me to want to do other healthy things and I actually have the energy and confidence to feel like I can. (I still don't have amazing energy but I have noticed it improving) I'm still struggling with giving up certain foods and drinks. I ask myself daily if this is really worth it, but so far I haven't gone off plan and I'm very proud of myself for that.
  3. Start date 1/23/17

    Hey all! I started the 23rd also, mind if I jump in?? This past week was rough... Between wanting to sleep all day, kill of the things, eat all of the things, and a headache that made me go to bed at 6:30pm, I have desperately wanted to give up. But I haven't!! I keep reminding myself that this phase will pass quickly and I'll soon have much more energy than I've had in a very long time, I'll have a happier demeanor, I'll have self-control when it comes to food, and I'll feel healthier than I have in a very long time, maybe even the healthiest in my life! I've had one food dream and it wasn't too bad, mostly just weird... I was at my mom's church drinking a huge glass of straight tequila. And smoking. which was especially weird because I have never smoked and have no desire to... haha! Today I'm still leaning towards wanting to kill all of the things. I'm not super tired like I have been but I definitely don't have much energy. I believe the technical term is "feeling blah". For whatever reason I'm dreading making a new meal plan and going grocery shopping. I think I just feel a lack of motivation and I know all of my old comfort foods (as well as foods that I used to find repulsive but have suddenly become very desirable) will be calling my name. I kept this past week extremely simple with food. I loathe cooking and knew I would drop the Whole30 within hours if I felt I had to cook up elaborate meals every meal or even every night. This week felt manageable and I have decided I am going to add in one or two more elaborate dinners to excite my tastebuds. I believe the Chicken Cacciatore is calling my name. Question: Has anyone else struggled with feeling guilty if they enjoy a food? I feel silly but if I enjoy a cup of coffee, a stir fry, or an apple with some almond butter I feel guilty... I'm not consuming these things to satisfy my sugar dragon but I keep having thoughts that if I'm enjoying something I am somehow feeding that dragon and never going to successfully slay him. All of the Whole30 good vibes to you all!
  4. Whole30 with toddlers.

    @keightlynn Your post was very encouraging, thank you! You reminded me that toddlers are naturally picky eaters. Thank you for pointing out that even parents who feed their toddlers junk still struggling with them being "picky". I just had an entire conversation about picky toddlers with a group of moms (and I happen to know none of them feed their toddlers well) but I didn't really put two and two together. And the point about the food baggage was great. I hadn't really thought about it that way, but you are exactly right! I often feel bad that I'm denying them more enjoyable foods, but I think that more has to do with me and my food baggage. Thank you again.
  5. Whole30 with toddlers.

    I started Whole30 yesterday for myself along with my two toddlers, ages 4 and 2. So far, so good! My four year old told me yesterday he doesn't like the idea of big changes with our food but he's been hanging in there really well. My two year old hasn't seemed to notice yet. They are both pretty picky eaters but thankfully they both love eggs! And I'm SO thankful for compliant hotdogs (thank you Applegate!!). It's harder to balance their plates as they are picky but I'm hopeful they will grow more open to different foods over the next 30 days. I feel bad for them though. I can tell the symptoms of changing their diets are hitting them hard. I wish they could comprehend why they feel yucky but I'm hopeful it will pass quickly! We are all crabby and tired today; I think the next few days are going to be rough but I'm looking forward to the days when we all start feeling better and have more energy to have fun together! Who else out there is in the thick of tackling Whole30 with toddlers?? Any tips or advice from those who have successfully done this in the past??
  6. Started January 23rd!

    Hey @john.ty , I've been wanting foods I don't normally like too! haha It's crazy the phycological hold food has on us. I wrote down all of my reasons for doing this program and plan to read it over at least once daily as motivation. I also downloaded an audible version of It Starts With Food to listen to whenever I need some encouragement. Eating out so often would be very difficult! I'm thankful I don't have to face that obstacle on such a regular basis. Good luck on your Whole30!!
  7. Started January 23rd!

    I started my Whole30 yesterday and it's been harder than I had anticipated. I'm craving absolutely anything sweet which is throwing me off because I didn't think sugar was a huge problem for me! I've been good so far about staying away from anything that will appease my sugar dragon, no Larabars or fruit for me just yet. I went to bed pretty discouraged that I had no self-efficacy and I feel about the same this morning. It made me laugh that self-efficacy is the theme of the Whole30 daily today! ha! I woke up with a slight headache; not entirely sure if that's from my diet shift or getting my wisdom teeth out over the weekend but it's probably a combination of both. Why am I choosing to do a Whole30? Mostly for my mental health. I'm tired of feeling like I'm constantly in a "fog", I'm hoping for that "happier disposition" people report, I'm hoping to balance any out-of-whack hormones that might be contributing to how I feel. I need more energy! I have two toddlers (who are also doing Whole30) that I need to be able to wake up before and keep up with throughout the day. And lastly, I want to get more fit. I'm tired of not loving my body. Is there anyone else who can relate to these things who has a similar start date?? I could use the encouragement as I don't have much of a support system.
  8. Ingredient Question

    Thank you!!
  9. Ingredient Question

    Hi there, I'm 10 days into my Whole30 and as I was taking my supplements this morning, I realized I hadn't even considered reading the ingredients... With fingers crossed that they aren't sabotaging my Whole30 I searched Google to see if they are compliant and came up empty. Can anyone tell me if Magnesium Stearate and Vegetable Cellulose are compliant with the program? Thanks!