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  1. Century Ride

    I also started cycling because of Team in Training and completed the Lake Tahoe Century! That was in 2005. I don't do too many centuries anymore but I racing is my thing. As for eating on the bike, since I finished my Whole30, I found there are some very good squeezable baby foods out there. I get the organic flavors such as banana and sweet potato. I have also used dates and in my bottles coconut water is good.
  2. Restaurant Help in Dallas area

    I ended up eating at Twisted Root Burgers, Start, and Company Cafe. Company cafe was wonderful. Most things compliant although they did have dairy in some items like cauliflower mash and sweet potato hash. It was a very good dinner and I loved the place. I did my Whole 30 in January and have not reintroduced any gluten, dairy or sugar until eating at Company cafe. They had amazing Gluten Free cakes but of course they still had sugars and some had dairy. I found that even though I never crave sugar, I could not control the dragon once I took a bite!! I ended up eating way too much and of course felt horrible the following day. Certainly not worth how I felt the next day. I'm glad to be home and back to my routine.
  3. I am going to be in the Dallas TX area over Easter weekend and wondered if anyone has any recommendations for compliant restaurants. Thanks for any help you can give! Kelly
  4. Grouchy Spouse along for the ride

    When my boyfriend and I started the W30, he also didn't read. Just relied on me for info. He continued to eat peanuts, and snacked more than recommended and mostly on nuts, which also affected his bowels. He also had larabars daily. I let him go. Sometimes if he had issues (like his bowels) I would look up information on this forum and copy it in an email for him to read. That seemed to have more credibility than me just telling him. I think he eventually stopped eating peanuts but continued with alot of nuts. I would use leftovers for our lunches and he would often complain that he was tired of eating the same thing over and over. Really? This coming from a man who ate the same lunchmeat sandwich every day for lunch prior to W30! Plus I was making all kinds of new recipes so we were not eating the same things over and over by any means. I also heard him say several times that "this diet wasn't doing anything for him." When we completed our 30 days on January 30, he did have results. He lost weight and was leaner. And the funny thing is that he has not went back to eating his lunchmeat sandwiches daily and continues to take leftovers!!!
  5. Game On !!!

    Good luck! Be sure to keep us posted on all the results!
  6. Anyone have a good mayo recipe?

    I have been making this one. It is so easy and fast!
  7. What do you all do with your full fat coconut milk?

    I use it in my coffee ALOT. I also cook with it. Some brands seem to be thicker than others. Whole Foods 365 doesn't seem to be as thick as Thai.
  8. Kombucha For Beginners

    I like GTs original flavor.
  9. "This is a choice. Day-by-day, I can choose to make different decisions, but I am currently choosing amazing meats, colorful veggies, and yummy oils." (Nico) When I am asked if "I am allowed to have" something my response is: "I can have what I want, I just choose not to"
  10. Day 46 and dinner out

    I hear ya. I usually drink Cabernet, which I don't think is typically sweet. But it sure tasted sweet. I also had wine this past weekend. It still seemed pretty sweet but then I just didn't feel good the next day after just one glass. I know others that didn't have any issues at all when they reintroduced it. Congratulations on making it through the 30 days! (almost). Let me know how you enjoy your wine.
  11. I started with W30 and felt so good I decided to continue on. So on day 46, I went to dinner for the first time and had my first glass of wine. I noticed several things about my evening out that I would like to share. I had a compliant dinner. I called the restaurant ahead of time and found out how things were prepared and made my decision before going. I even took my own salad dressing. I had a steak, salad and sauteed veggies. I also had a glass of cabernet. When I finished my dinner, I noticed that I was not at all satisfied. I was not hungry but didn't feel that I was done. I don't know if it was because the veggie serving was significantly smaller than I would have at home or what. The wine tasted VERY sweet and I was so surprised at how it woke my sugar dragon!!! I didn't think my dragon was that strong because he had not shown himself at all in 45 days!!! Given the fact that I didn't feel satisfied after dinner and had a horrible sweet tooth when I got home I ate at least 6 dates (maybe more) with home made pecan butter! I could have kept going! I could not believe how out of control I was. I had to get ready for bed in order to stop eating. I'm thankful that I didn't have anything in the house such as chocolate but boy do I feel kind of icky this morning. I don't think my sleep was as restful as it normally is and I am not hungry this morning. I'm really not sure that it was worth all of that to have that glass of wine.
  12. Non-egg breakfast

    Sure, it is from Well Fed and it is yummy!
  13. Non-egg breakfast

    I love leftover chocolate chili on top of sauteed spinach or kale, maybe some sweet potato!
  14. Stupid Hard Boiled Eggs

    I was having the same issue. I couldn't peel an egg no matter what. I got the Cuisinart Egg cooker and LOVE it!! They peel beautifully now. I have even been eating alot of soft boiled ones from the cooker.
  15. how will i live without gum?

    I was a chain gum chewer. That and wine were my biggest fears. I am on day 45 and still have not went back to my gum chewing. I haven't even had a glass of wine yet! Hang in there!