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    I would like to provide some clarification on this after I did some further probing with customer service at Cava Grill. At first they gave me pretty much the exact answer listed above, but thankfully they were very patient with my many inquiries and corrections.
    They cook all their proteins in olive oil, which is also added to their harissa and I assume also their vinaigrette. All of the ingredients listed above are soy free on their website, so no concerns there.
    One thing I happened to catch on their website is that their grilled meatballs are not gluten free. When I asked about this, they said that they use some of their pita bread as a binding agent in the meatballs, but then proceeded to tell me that there were no grains. I politely let them know that if their pita bread contains wheat, then their grilled meatballs do indeed contain grains, which is an important distinction to make for future inquiries. After that, I asked about their spicy lamb meatballs, which they confirmed do not have the pita bread or any other grains.
    Bottom line, everything on the above list is good except the grilled meatballs. This will be one of my go-to options on the days I don't feel like cooking.