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  1. I don't think I can drink coffee without creamer. It is too bitter, I think. My husband said I should try the almond or coconut milk creamers, but they always seem to separate in the coffee which looks totally gross to me.
  2. Day 31- Well I finished! I am happy, but also surprisingly numb. If I haven't mentioned it before, I am good at having a routine and guidelines. I feel like I am just floating around now without direction and it is only day 1 post whole30. It could be that I just came in from what felt like a hard run/walk, and I haven't eaten yet. I hope that is it. So this morning I was excited to get my coffee and creamer back. It was in a word, underwhelming. I had my regular 2 cups with less creamer than normal because any sugar after 30 days of no sugar tastes like too much. I took my kids to
  3. You HAVE NOT FAILED!!! You just figured out a way not to do things when you start again. Very few of us nail this on the first go around. I am on my second whole 30 and when I started again this time, I continued to fail for an entire week. I ate complaint, but every night I still drank my wine. Clearly not whole30. BUT it helped me ease into my food changes for that week, and find some new recipes that I love. I wish I could help out on the mayo front, but I am a mayo hater in all forms. Maybe there is a different kind of spread you can make. I dunno. There are some great suggestions fro
  4. I give 2 thumbs up for the hubby making dinner. Sometime the best food you can eat is just made by someone other than yourself!!! I am glad you had some help on that front yesterday! And don't worry about not weighing yourself at the gym today. In my opinion, weighing can only go 2 ways. Really good or really bad. Not that bad would be necessarily bad, but maybe not what I want to see. You know? I think you have the important part of this journey nailed! Cheers to day 31!
  5. Day 29 (evening edition)- I did get out and run/walk and swim today. My body felt sluggish, but after the bad sleep and having my period it is to be expected. I am glad I did it, but it took talking myself into it. I really, really didn't feel like cooking dinner tonight. I did drag myself to the grocery store and get things to make taco/cauliflower rice bowls. I was glad I did, but I didn't want to. But at least I now have the frame of mind even when I don't feel like cooking, to find a simple w30 recipe and get it done. Much better for us than ordering a pizza. So tomorrow i
  6. I think that in some way, shape, or form, I will continue on. But I know for a fact over labor day, and then again at the end of September (for a week) I am not going to be compliant. Labor day we are going to see friends we don't see very often, and then at the end of September the kids and I are doing a trip down the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) with my sis and her kids. That is going to be 1-crazy stressful and 2-crazy busy. I know that I love the way I am feeling right now, and want to keep feeling this way. The hubs wants to go through mid-November. We will see how things go. I am ho
  7. I am so happy for you! You made it! Keep us posted on your reintro!!! PS-Maybe sparkling apple juice?
  8. Day 29- Man, I tell ya, my body is definitely giving me a run for my money here at the end. So I finally actually got my period yesterday morning. It came with it's jerk friends cramps and bloating. I always have gotten some cramping at the very beginning, but since I had my second kid it has been minimal. Not this month however! First, it was less like I got my period and more like spotting yesterday. My first 2 days are ALWAY heavy, so I don't like this change from the norm. Plus, the cramps started, and stayed all day. I took an advil around dinner time and it got a little better. Then
  9. That is a clever way to think about it. My husband asked if I was excited to weigh myself. Honestly, no. The number on the scale is not going to match how I am feeling. I know this. I almost feel like I want to step on the scale and close my eyes, have him write it down, and then move on. I don't want to see the number. If I see it and I am disappointed, it will be easier to not stay with it even if that is not all this is about. If I don't know, I can logically say "I am still a work in progress, and I am not where I want to be yet." Is it wishful thinking? But then I do want to see. UG!
  10. I know right??? So many good recipes. I think some of the recipes I found on this round have really made a huge difference in making it easier to stick to. Happy Day 30 to you!!
  11. Congrats my friend!!! It is amazing how much can really happen in 30 days, eh? I hope your congestion is just a little bit of allergies and not getting sick. You have been working like crazy the last few days, so I hope that things settle down a little soon. I understand being busy and forgetting to eat, but remember to take care of yourself! Especially if you are not feeling well. HAPPY DAY 30!!!!!!!!!
  12. Sleep, some time for yourself, and day 29!!!! I have really enjoyed your musings on your journey. You have said so many things the resonate with me over the last few weeks, and I am very appreciative. Every time I read a post I am yelling YES!, EXACTLY!, and ME TOO!. Keep it going! Cheers to day 29!
  13. Welcome! Even if you are not big into cooking, there are a lot of websites out there that have great whole30 recipes. My first time through, I swear I rotated maybe 5 meals. That was for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This time around I have definitely taken the time to look at different websites and find tasty recipes. I feel like the first time I figured it was like any other "diet" (even after I did all the reading), and I had to give up anything good. But this time, I have found some wonderful recipes that have helped me change my (and my husband's) mindset on the kinds of foods that are bo
  14. THANKS! I feel mostly that my PMS mood is worse. I am still waiting for my actual period to start, but lord almighty the anger and irritation!!!! Here is the meatball recipe. Soooo good. There are a few expensive items: arrowroot powder, blanched almond flour, and the bone broth, BUT the powder and the flour you only use a bit, so you can have them on hand for the next time. There is no getting around the bone broth though. It is like $8 for a little container. PS-I used 2 lbs of meat and there were lots of leftovers which I loved!! Great job getting to day 29! You are rocking it! ht
  15. Day 27- Oh man. I woke up today with the freaking best of intentions, even if my back was a little sore. I woke up before the alarm I set for 730a, got dressed, fed the dogs, and went out for my 3 miles. Today was just walking because I have been tired and achy with the extra exercise. It was nice and cool mid 60's perfect time for a walk. Our game today wasn't until 11, so I figured I could walk, shower, and have enough time for a nice breakfast. The walk was fine. When I got back the dogs also wanted to walk. Ok, a little irritating on the timing, but let's do this, right? So I took 3 o