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  1. You HAVE NOT FAILED!!! You just figured out a way not to do things when you start again. Very few of us nail this on the first go around. I am on my second whole 30 and when I started again this time, I continued to fail for an entire week. I ate complaint, but every night I still drank my wine. Clearly not whole30. BUT it helped me ease into my food changes for that week, and find some new recipes that I love. I wish I could help out on the mayo front, but I am a mayo hater in all forms. Maybe there is a different kind of spread you can make. I dunno. There are some great suggestions fro
  2. I give 2 thumbs up for the hubby making dinner. Sometime the best food you can eat is just made by someone other than yourself!!! I am glad you had some help on that front yesterday! And don't worry about not weighing yourself at the gym today. In my opinion, weighing can only go 2 ways. Really good or really bad. Not that bad would be necessarily bad, but maybe not what I want to see. You know? I think you have the important part of this journey nailed! Cheers to day 31!
  3. That is a clever way to think about it. My husband asked if I was excited to weigh myself. Honestly, no. The number on the scale is not going to match how I am feeling. I know this. I almost feel like I want to step on the scale and close my eyes, have him write it down, and then move on. I don't want to see the number. If I see it and I am disappointed, it will be easier to not stay with it even if that is not all this is about. If I don't know, I can logically say "I am still a work in progress, and I am not where I want to be yet." Is it wishful thinking? But then I do want to see. UG!
  4. Congrats my friend!!! It is amazing how much can really happen in 30 days, eh? I hope your congestion is just a little bit of allergies and not getting sick. You have been working like crazy the last few days, so I hope that things settle down a little soon. I understand being busy and forgetting to eat, but remember to take care of yourself! Especially if you are not feeling well. HAPPY DAY 30!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sleep, some time for yourself, and day 29!!!! I have really enjoyed your musings on your journey. You have said so many things the resonate with me over the last few weeks, and I am very appreciative. Every time I read a post I am yelling YES!, EXACTLY!, and ME TOO!. Keep it going! Cheers to day 29!
  6. Welcome! Even if you are not big into cooking, there are a lot of websites out there that have great whole30 recipes. My first time through, I swear I rotated maybe 5 meals. That was for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This time around I have definitely taken the time to look at different websites and find tasty recipes. I feel like the first time I figured it was like any other "diet" (even after I did all the reading), and I had to give up anything good. But this time, I have found some wonderful recipes that have helped me change my (and my husband's) mindset on the kinds of foods that are bo
  7. I KNOW!!! I was so irritated. I thought there was no way it could be bad, but it definitely was. And they were expensive, so that was another negative. Bleh!
  8. I have the same feeling about ending at 30. I WANT to keep feeling great, but I also want to have a glass of wine. I don't think that these 2 things are really accomplished at the same time. made these whole30 approved hotdogs, saurkraut, and roasted potatoes. It was the first time we tried the hot dogs (no buns obviously), and they were kinda gross. Very tough, and chewy. And I just kept thinking I can't wait until my options aren't so limited. Not a good thought going into the last few days. I think I need more time. I feel good and I am sure a dropped a little weight, but I think my
  9. That is so cool!!! Everyday when I read your posts I can see how far you have come over the last 25 days. I know you are gearing up for work/school etc, and you have a lot on your plate. Stay strong you are doing great. Can you believe where we were just a few weeks ago?? How are you feeling about coming up on day 30?
  10. I agree with this too Emma. My weight not only became a physical situation, but it stopped me from doing things period. When I started my whole30 this time, I was in a horrible place both mind and body. When I exercise now, I know that it is harder (both doing the exercise and on my body) because of all the weight I have gained in the last few years. My issue lies in the fact that I cannot gauge my own body, like ever! When I was 150, I thought I was still enormous. My journey continues to be both physical and mental. I honestly do not know how to rid myself of the negative self talk abo
  11. Thank for that perspective Amura! I actually would have never thought about it that way!!! I am definitely my own worst enemy with my body image.
  12. I feel the same way! I want someone to notice, but when they don't I am totally bummed. I shouldn't be I know, but I am. And unfortunately, it always ends up turning into a negative thing with me. Like, "Have I just been so huge that even when I do lose weight it isn't noticeable?". I swear sometimes I could beat the crap out of the negative voice in my head. You had a crazy busy day, and it seems like you have a lot on your plate in the immediate future. Just think of all the extra energy you have now, and how hard dealing with all of that would have been 24 days ago!!! Counting t
  13. Good God we might be living the exact same thing! I went to bed last night feeling good. Even after I wrote how I had been losing energy at night. But not last night! Then this morning I woke up and literally dragged myself outta bed. So, so, so tired. I have bounced back a little now (1030a), but still ug! Although I am getting more sleep then I was pre Whole30, I can't seem to get more than 6 hours. It's ok though! We've got this! And HELLO DAY19!!!! Keep kicking butt!
  14. I LOVE that your son picked out the dinner!!! It is easier to get my daughter onboard with the w30 dinners (she is 15), than it is my son (10). I was surprised last night because I made cauliflower vegetable fried rice, and when he asked what was for dinner and looked in the pan he wrinkled his nose and looked less than impressed. BUT when he ate it he said it was "pretty good" and even had a small second helping. It cracked me up because I thought it was just ok, but everyone else really liked it. Your daughter sounds a lot like my son. He does not like different things than he is used t
  15. You start with 1 package of active dry yeast. 1 cup of warm water (this is weird because if it is too hot the yeast won't prime or "wake-up") Mix them up a little and let it sit for about 5-7 minutes. It will look a little bubbly or more gel-like (sorry I don't know how to explain this one!). Then add 1 cup of flour and mix well. Once it is combined, add 2 Tablespoons of EVOO, and a 1/2 to 1 tsp of salt (I just use a little dash), and another 1.5 cups of flour. Mix everything together, set the bowl in a warm area covered by a towel, and let set to rise for 30-40 minutes. Then you can roll it
  16. Holy crap that is awesome!!! Plus, you are now officially over the half way point! You are such a trooper that the fam ate pizza and you kept it clean with your greens. I have a simple recipe for pizza crust if you want it. It has 5 ingredients. I used to make my own dough and pizza sauce all the time, but then I found some we liked at trader joe's and I gave in and started getting my dough and pizza sauce there. It was a time and ease thing. But in looking at it, the time it takes to make the dough and sauce that has no preservatives or anything nasty in it is worth it. It is easy to sa
  17. Sometimes the only thing that has kept me holding on is how much more hopeful I feel. The anxiety and depression have been with me for year, and this past year was just down right awful. The fact that I feel like I CAN get up and get going is a huge thing for me everyday. For that fact alone I am thankful for this process.
  18. I think squats are the devil's exercise. I mean they are great for your leg and butt, but holy hell they hurt when you start doing them again. Day 12!! Nice! The pizza parties are horrible. I do not envy you having to do that! I am sure my kids would love to have pizza, but I am not making it/buying it for this whole30 timeframe. I love my pizza. They will have to suffer for another 19 days. It sounds like you have a solid plan of attack for these outings, so you are ahead of the curve. Keep up the awesome work!
  19. I have done the Suja 3 day cleanse a few times. It is 3 juices a day, and then basically small vegan/vegetarian meals. No caffeine. I say that again, NO CAFFEINE!! I had a headache the entire time, and was starving. My husband could do the cleanse back to back for like 9 days and would lose like 15 pounds. I have no idea how. Plus side was at the end, I always lost 6-9 pound. Minus side of course it comes right back. The only reason I will do that now is if I just want to wash out my system. This process is way harder in that instant results are NOT going to happen. It is even more diffi
  20. Um, just YES! YES TO ALL OF THIS!!! I don't have arthritis (that must be so hard), but everything else here is totally me. It is funny even now when I look at the pictures after I finished my Tri, I think "Man, I look fat." But it was the smallest I had been since high school. I know logically I have not always been this overweight, but mentally I have hated my body since high school. At some point I have to mentally fix how I see myself, but that is easier said than done. Virtual swimming date would be great! And it is better on your joints and stuff right? With starting swimming again I thin
  21. CONGRATS on double digits. Maybe that sounds silly to some people, but to me it is a huge accomplishment!! Your struggles with the gym are definitely familiar. I have had a membership for 2 years and I haven't stepped foot in like 12 months. No matter how many times I have gone, or will go, if I have a long hiatus I always feel like people are judging me. That or I will make a total fool of myself. Yesterday I walked 3 miles. I used to be a runner so that feels so stupid to say, but it is better than nothing. Today I am trying to talk myself into going to the pool to swim laps. At one point,
  22. Yes, that was a horrible day. Then the weekend kicked in and I was a glorified chauffeur to kids sports, etc, and had no time to sit and write. Everytime I did, something else would come up. The sweet silence to reflect this morning was great. I am jealous that you can meditate. I have tried repeatedly, but my mind does not do well at being quiet at all!! I should keep trying.
  23. 8 does sound pretty amazing! I can't wait until tomorrow. There is something where I get past the 7 day mark where it feels like an accomplishment b/c it was a whole week!! The allergy situation must be crazy to deal with. I hope you figure out what was bothering you! Just think, tomorrow is your day 9 and then you are in.....**gasp**...DOUBLE DIGITS!! I am totally with you on leaving something in the oven, with the husband to watch, and then it getting ruined. You are much more gracious then I could have been!
  24. Don't hate me, but I laughed so hard at this. I do that ALL the time. Glad you had a good day 6!
  25. Oh man do I hear you on this one. I have ALWAYS had busy issues. I can't even pinpoint the why. Even when I was in my best shape ever, I could never recognize my body for all the hard work I put in. I can never actually gage what my body actually looks like. I walk around when I am out with my husband saying "Is that what my body looks like? How about that? Bigger, smaller, what?" For a while there, I though that I had made some peace with my body being what it is, but the sad truth is I more just gave up, and called it "I don't care what other people think." The energy will come! I have