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    Starting May 1!

    Hey yall! Excited we can be together in this journey! Please share here the great discoveries you make and favorite recipes. Does anyone have one of the Whole30 books as a reference for tips and recipes? I really love the original Whole30 guide! It has great recipes that are the base for anything else I eat or do. I also have Fast and Easy, but have not used it much. If you find a good recipe in that one,let me know! I also recommend finding Whole30 on Instagram. There is a new cook each month who shares tips and recipes.
  2. JoniScott

    Starting May 1!

    Hi Jordan! This will not be my first whole30, but I really need to do another one. It completely changed my life when I started two years ago. I still eat relatively Whole30 style. I had SEVERE digestive issues that dissipated within two weeks of the Whole30. I learned a whole new way to cook and eat. So, while I may not be new, I would like to do an "Official" Whole30 again in May to reset. Also, since it has been a while I look forward to learning new things and recipes along the way!