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  1. thanks for the news about the smoked salmon great stuff, I'll have to go looking. Thought the bacon would be OK, I've got pretty good at reading labels for sugar and gluten - just upping my game to look for sulphites, MSG etc now. Soon becomes a way of life, do it without thinking. I used to love the Fragata tinned lemon olives (supermarkets sell them) but have noticed they've got MSG in them have changed to the "Everyday" olives in little plastic pots at Tesco, not much in them but Olive
  2. I get my bacon from Tesco - their unsmoked bacon contains the following, which I'm reading as compliant? Pork (87%), water, salt, Preservatives (Sodium Nitrite, Potassium Nitrite) I never buy smoked, it's usually got the dreaded sugar in it, same with most smoked salmon over here - anyone know of any with no sugar in it??