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    This is great. Thank you for the suggestions. My grandson is a pretty healthy eater and I'm thinking even if he does it 75-80%, thats a win! Family of 7, boy oh boy, thats a lot of mouths to feed! Good luck. And I like the celery and almond butter snack.
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    I am new to Whole30. I have planned to do this for quite some time and finally am biting the bullet. I have been struggling with dairy and wheat for awhile and this seems to check all my boxes. As I was sharing this with my sister, my 10 year old grandson asked if he could do it too? I was pleasantly surprised as we have eliminated dairy from his diet. He has been having belly issues for awhile and after some thought, figured we would cut dairy out of his diet and lo and behold, his belly aches have gone away. I am wondering, has anyone tried to do this with younger children? My grandson lives with me so I could easily incorporate his meals also but is there any reason why a 10 year old should not do this? Honestly, I can't think of any but wanted to see if I am missing something? Thanks for any input. We plan to start tomorrow August 21 on Solar Eclipse Day. Sid will be packing his school lunches and wanting to make sure we do it right. If any of you have some fun things that we could put in his lunches, we are open for suggestions.