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    I called my brother to discuss Christmas presents. Usually he gets me a few bottles of wine. Since I’ve been on W30, I’ve realized I was drinking wine almost every night, and I had achy joints and felt sluggish. By day 16, I was feeling no aches (and had no reflux!). I’m sure wine was a main trigger. So I’ve decided to not drink for a long while (and then rarely). I asked him to consider getting me some art supplies or books on my Amazon wish list. 
    His response was that he’ll still get me the wine—“it really needs to age before you drink it anyway.” 
    I guess I can regift it. They are usually very nice bottles.
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    I don't have children, but after you have decided what to do, if it includes limiting what your son will be eating, you need to be clear with the church care providers, the MOPS people, and at his play dates, etc. well in advance. If you just suddenly spring a dietary limitation on someone right when they're going to be caring for your child, they'll feel ill-prepared and stressed out, and possibly won't be able to follow your requests. However, if you give them quite a bit of time to prepare, or send along snacks for him and tell them (include a simple list, it's easier to be able to refer to!) what he's not to have, you should be good. If they don't listen to you, reinforce with them why you're making these changes - for his health! If they still don't comply, it's maybe time to change care providers/play date homes.
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    clapping 1 by NoMore CrunchyCravings, on Flickr
    clapping 2 by NoMore CrunchyCravings, on Flickr
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    There, fixed that...
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    If that was me I'd ask if he'd get me to pick up a 6 pack of beer and a fifth of bourbon, if I was a recovering alcoholic, or if he would ask me to pick up a packet of cigarettes if he knew that I'd quit smoking - his answer would surely be 'no', so why ask me to pick up diet coke if he knows I'm steering clear of it?  unless he's one of those people who say, what's the harm in you buying it for me?  You're not consuming it.  That's the kind of person you really don't need as a friend during Whole 30.
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    Colleague:  Wow you always eat so healthily!
    Me: yeah, you should see what I eat at the weekends
    at breakfast with MIL
    MIL - what's this 'cashew butter?' looks a bit posh (ie expensive) - what's wrong with peanut butter?
    Me: - peanuts aren't allowed on Whole30
    MIL: but you're not doing Whole30 at the moment.
    "I know, but we like it, and there's some left, so we're eating it"
    "but you're not allergic to peanuts!"  (thanks for confirming that for me, I'd never have known! - I've never actually been tested, and I could be very slightly allergic, without knowing - that's what W30 is for right?  but she just 'knows' that I'm not allergic!  )
    ... she reads a bit of ISWF
    "You can't have alcohol on Whole30! - I'll take back that bottle of Limnocello that we just gave you then if you're not going to be able to drink it" (they're just back from a trip to Italy)
    "we're not doing Whole30 at the moment! we can have alcohol if we chose to" (didn't you see me sharing a bottle of wine with you at dinner only last night!?)
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    Hi folks!  I am new to husband and I are on day 2.  (Feel so blessed he is doing it along with me!)  I have been making my own Kimchi for a long time.  There are lots of easy recipes on Pinterest.  Instead of using sugar I puree half of a pear and half of an apple in a cup of filtered water and add it to the rest of the ingredients.  This greatly aids the fermentation process.    Hope this helps!!  (Sunja's from Whole Foods is also good, but as already mentioned, pricey.  Kimchi is SOOO good for your gut---full of healthy probiotics.
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    that makes sense, I was just curious. I have made Kimchee (when not on whole 30) and I believe that my recipe did call for just a tiny bit of sugar. I think it could easily just be left out without effecting the results much
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    No, it's not. I think because you can actually make kimchi without sugar, it's not necessary to the process, unlike kombucha where there must be sugar for it to ferment at all. 
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    I don't know this answer but would sugar in Kimchi be ok? kinda like in the first ferment of kombucha, It is fermented...
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    If you have any Farmer's markets or the like close by you could see if there are any local fermenter's with a stall. We're lucky enough to have a number of fermenter's here in Ireland and they tend to tour the markets selling their produce - kimchi, kraut, sourdough bread (not compliant obviously!), all kinds of fermented veg & kombucha. I buy kimchi from a Polish lady who has settled here - it's expensive, but I know there are no added nasties, and it has quite the kick!!
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    I found a random jar at my grocery store that was compliant, but don't remember the brand. Wild Brine makes some (not all varieties are compliant, but some were last time I looked) -- you might find those at a Whole Foods or Sprouts or a local health food store.
    It's not hard to make, but it does take time -- it'll need to ferment at least a couple of weeks, and if it's like sauerkraut, possibly a couple of months or longer. This blog has a couple of recipes, I haven't tried either of them, but I've tried others of her fermented recipes and found them easy to follow and tasty, so if I were going to do kimchi, I'd probably pick one of her recipes.
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    Am I doing this right?

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    Goose eggs?