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  1. Just wanted to share that I've been TOTALLY enjoying this in the mornings with breakfast: I freeze brewed Crio Bru in =to cubes and pop it into chilled black coffee. As the cubes melt, the drink gets tastier and tastier! Aaaaahhhhhhh
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    Meal Planner App?

    Hi Caroline! Pardon my newbie ignorance -- Do you have to manually enter your recipes in Pepperplate? Thanks in advance
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    Started June 25

    So apparently I signed up for this forum the last time I started. (I totally forgot about that!). This time I feel much MUCH more ready. My niece, Meagan, didWhole 30 a while back with great results. I have been sick with Post Herpetic Neuralgia (what's left over after Shingles) for the last 2 years. Eating any kind of intentional plan has been challenging as I felt really sick pretty much every day no matter what. I still have unyielding nerve pain, but I only have rare days when I'm completely wiped out. I can exercise reasonably without being laid up for a couple days now too. Wooohooo! Winner winner! LOL I am 50 years old. When I was in my late 30s, I did the Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan program, which worked beautifully. I got down to ideal weight, I was CUT, and I kept both eh body and healthy mindset toward food for a couple years. Until my personal life blew up. I's been a decade of unparalleled struggle for me between being a victim of stalking and rape, separation and divorce, working 4 jobs at a time at one point, pmy mother's bouts with cancer, being a single parent and dangerously broke, getting my kid out of HS and off to college, my mother's death etc etc etc etc etc etc... It's been a big fat hairy mess, and so have I! On the good side --I'm engaged to be married to someone with whom I have a MUCH healthier relationship, the kid is half way through college, my worklife has stabilized so that now I ONLY work my private (therapy) practice, and as I mentioned, I'm finally healthy enough to work out and eat more intentionally. My fiancé is a 56 year old therapeutic personal trainer. He's never struggled with food before in his life, but the last few years have given him a whole different body that doesn't respond the way it used to. I'm gifting him the It Starts With Food book. I strongly suspect he will end up Whole 30'ing as well. I'm still forging ahead with or without him, but I do hope he will join me. He has a lot of issues that might be well addressed this way. One of the things that helped the most with the eating plan I did before was the online support group. I am STILL friends with those people, almost 20 years later. We shifted to FB, and I think only one of us still has the health some of us once had. And, they are an incredible group of humans whom I cherish.I hope to connect with some of the group members here in similar fashion. We're on this road together, right? I hope this will prove to be a Come As You Are party. I know I need that kind of candor for success, and I'm certainly willing to offer it. Positive thoughts toward all of you on your journey to better living! ~ tiffany, AKA quasiblondo