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    quasiblondo reacted to nutmegananne in Changes in Menstrual Cycle   
    I had been gluten free prior to my first Whole 30 back in October, but it was my first dairy free trial. I'm on a second Whole 30 right now, and in the interim I've eaten very little dairy. My cycle is more regular, and even better...more normal instead of too heavy as it been previously. Something about avoiding dairy seems to balance my hormones.
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    quasiblondo reacted to SugarcubeOD in Cravings and Irritability in the 2nd week - please help!   
    Almost 100% of the time when someone is feeling like you are at this stage of the game, they are not eating enough.  If you would like to list out what youv'e been eating for the last couple of days including portion sizes related to the template (not oz or grams), specific veggies, fruit, fat, protein, fluid intake, workouts, pre and post workout foods... basically anything you feel would be relevant, then we can see if there's something that stands out.  It IS possible, given your own description of 'inordinate amount of stress' it's possible that it's that... also, as we realize that we aren't able to use our normal 'medications' like food and alcohol in order to numb our feelings, we end up having to feel them.. for some people, that's a first or at least a first in a VERY long time... it's something you just have to process and push through, developing alternate coping techniques (bath, jog, pet time, read a book, call a friend) that are more healthy and sustainable.