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  1. UPDATE: Because of the goitrogenic veg problem, I went off the whole30 after 31 days ....and promptly gained back 6 of my 9 ponds lost! I was very upset about having to stop the regime. SO I talked to my Integrative Medicine Doc who laughed at my e-mail and said "I hear you were on the goitrogenic veg diet" He also asked about hypoglycemia but I always ate starchy veg, so he prescribed 200 mcg Selenium and 1000 mcg iodine to counter the veg and now I am going onto my second round! Hopefully works well and I can stay on it.
  2. Just to be clearer I also ate a couple pieces of fruit a day and plenty of protein and veg at every meal. I followed the plan exactly, cooked good meals as to the plan from the books and eat three meals a day that included all those veg most days. Really, there seems to be no other explanation aside from the thyroid issues.
  3. Firstly, I am under the care of a Doctor and my thyroid levels have been just fine for many years. If you read many Doctors and nutritionists, you will see that those vegetables and others like brussel Sprouts, many lettuces, and to a lesser extent sweet potatoes DO effect thyroid function. Some say cooking them lessens the extent of effect - some say by 30%, some do not specify and some say cooking does not change it. So I think if you are eating LARGE amounts of those veg as I was and you are hypothyroid you should just keep it in mind. I am just saying people might look at the amount of goitrogenic vegetables if they have problems on the diet and see if that might be the problem. And of course, you should check with your Doc although I doubt the average one would know much about goitrogenic veg since they know not a lot in detail about thyroid issues anyway. In a typical day, I would eat a large sweet potato, a large cauliflower, brussel sprouts, spinach , kale, and a lot of various types of lettuce (some are goitrogenic, some not). I would always eat a sweet potato omelet in the morning (delicious by the way) and often have carrots and the rest from lunch and later in the day. So now the sweet potato is out and there is no good opportunity for enough carbs anyway.
  4. I did the Whole30 eating lots of good cauliflower,cabbage,broccoli,spinach and kale and got more and more tired and cold. After I finished, I found out by accident that all those veg and more are goitrogenic vegetables -- they interfere with the thyroid so if you have low thyroid like I do and even if you are on medication for it, it, they can still make you hypothyroid. So now I am off whole30 I am feeling better. So be warned and look up goitrogenic online and find out what to avoid. I find that it makes the range of veg on Whole30 too limiting, so I am just not doing another.
  5. Asr

    HELP! Has my multivitamin ruined my Whole30?

    How much is just not important? I found a multivitamin that meets my med needs , not easy an just one of the many many vitamins says it is derived from rice starch. Should I start over,it must be a miniscule amount considering the number of things in the formulation.