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  1. Almost done with day 6! I hope everyone is doing well. My joints already feel better and I don’t feel so bloated.
  2. You are so right!!! I need to continue on the forum after the 30 days!! The 30 days is the easy part!! Day 5 tomorrow!!
  3. Hi PaleoPatronus, Thank you for your words of wisdom!! And I totally agree with you. I do need to be more mindful when making my food choices when I am off Whole30. I am looking forward to starting Whole30 tomorrow so my joints and inflamed body can feel better!!
  4. I am starting Whole30 on Monday Sept 16th for the 4th or 5th time. I have not been eating well lately and I need to get back on track. Too many vacations and eating and drinking things that are not healthy. When I am on the Whole30, I don’t get the out of control cravings because I know I can only eat Whole30. I need to post this for accountability!!