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  1. True Primal

    Whoop Recovery

    Bread and dairy are huge insulin/hunger drivers, so it's possible your overall calorie intake collapsed as you mentioned originally. You could try smoothies to just drink some extra calories, or dried fruit. Smoothies are historically discouraged a bit for exactly the reason that it's easier to drink calories than eat them.
  2. True Primal

    Whoop Recovery

    What did you have to eliminate from your diet in order to be Whole30?
  3. True Primal


    What are you doing with eggs - egg white protein shakes or something? In terms of nutrition, whole eggs aren't too far off from meat.
  4. True Primal

    Pre and post workout snack bars

    Epic seems pretty good on the humane meat question - why are you worried about them? Chomps is another good option - my favorite. Both are on: As per some other recent threads, probably not worth stressing too much over pre/post workout food.
  5. True Primal

    Paleo after Whole30?

    So... potato is allowed on Whole 30 - you're just supposed to stop with all the chips and fries: Once you start eating more real food, it seems pretty easy to stay on a mostly paleo track. If you're like most people you won't feel as good eating junk.
  6. True Primal

    Full Body vs. Split Routines - Which to Choose?

    It's probably worth considering that for almost everyone, the best workout is the one you will DO. So, if you enjoy a muscle-group split or always-full-body routine more, pick that one.
  7. True Primal

    Possible pre-workout meal option?

    If fitness is a hobby and you're not struggling to keep weight on, I'm not sure why you think you need a preworkout meal for running. Have you tried just eating after? Post-workout nutrition spike for recovery/rebuild seems more important there.
  8. True Primal

    Possible pre-workout meal option?

    You're saying you run in the morning before work, and then hit the gym in the evening after work? Are you struggling to get enough calories for the day?
  9. True Primal

    Pancakes/Trail food

    Chomps are definitely "power fuel" in my mind, also Nick's Sticks.
  10. True Primal

    Pancakes/Trail food

    Chomps are definitely great. Also That's It bars. Also the Paleo Traileo blog is all about eating paleo things while hiking/camping, and they reviewed True Primal soup here:
  11. True Primal

    Heavy legs and unable to run for anymore than 4Km

    Has your macronutrient intake changed dramatically?
  12. True Primal


    There was another thread about this recently, and I think this hits on my concern from that other thread. The OP mentions a training regimen that adds up to 11 hours a week. That sounds REALLY high, especially for someone that seems to not be an advanced high-level athlete. With that level of training you need all the calories you can get. You can't afford to skip pre-workout meals, or you're probably going to crash and burn. The new guidelines I think are trying to mitigate that. But it might be worthwhile to reconsider the total amount of intense exercise that requires that additional fuel.
  13. True Primal

    What do you drink?

    Smartwater Sparkling is pretty good also.
  14. I hope they add some caveats around the "why" of that. As mentioned above I'd concerned about recommending that level of high-intensity glycogen-depleting workout for Whole30 inductees. Surely at least some proportion of Whole30 inductees are new to fitness as well, and that level of training is (I suspect) not a great fit for many. Also as mentioned in the article they might want to consider other metabolic issues if they've come to Whole30 from years of processed sugar.
  15. True Primal

    Bacon Fat as Cooking Fat?

    Yes - hanging it from the oven racks is the new peak performance way. Baking it laid flat is so 30,000 BC. Or maybe reverse those two.